Recruiting an Editor

Before I move on to post chapter 19, this post must come first.

With the sad disappearance of weakwithwords, I am in need of a new editor to join me and Vincent. There is only one requirement I wish for that person, and it is to be a grammer nazi. While stuff makes complete sense to me, I am Australian and it is often mentioned between my friends that I speak “Lazy English”.

When selecting an editor, I would like to know how you can:

Grammer Nazi
An individual who is highly skilled and contains critical judgement
in all aspects of the English language. Often known to feel insulted
when faced with improper grammar.

Level: 172

- Fix grammatical errors. Placing comma's and full stops in the
correct places. Breaking some sentences into two where need be.
- Pick up when I have accidentally used past tense instead of present
tense and vice versa.
- Mark sentences that could do with rewording/restructuring (your 
suggestions will also be welcome)

Also, anyone who can write a good blurb for the volumes will have
an advantage!!! ^.^

There are lots of things that are of benefit to my writing but these are the main ones. Also, I will accept anyone under level 172 who has adequate stats. ^.^

I don’t expect you to do the hard work for nothing. And it can be hard, I often doze off while writting and parts of my rough draft can become gibberish. I will offer you a few small incentives.

I will give you the pdf’s of all my volumes already released and to be released as they are compiled. And you get your commendation at the top of each chapter along with being able to leave any header notes as well. Heck, you can even say rude things! I will just censor you. ^.^

I also offer 15% of royalties from any volumes of EO that you edit the entirety of. But do not just do this for money. As royalties for the books do not come until 2 months after the end of month total is calculated, so you wouldn’t be getting paid for a while at the start. Payments will be made through paypal as well, unless you are in Australia and wish for a bank transfer.

Unfortunately, I can’t offer you more as I rely on the payments myself.

I want someone that would enjoy working with me and does in fact enjoy the story. I am rather easy to work with and I give consideration to all suggestions, unless they affect the story as a whole. I am recruiting an editor and not another thought machine.

The test will be a piece of text (approximitely 20% – 1600 words) from one of the chapters in volume 1. Comment below or email me and I will create a google doc to share with you! I will need your email though.

You can comment below or email me at Up to you!

Thank you for your time. ^.^


  1. Hi, this will be the first time I actually comment on your site since the time I found it. It was by accident but nevertheless I was very glad that I had found it 😀

    I would love to help you but do not feel capable to do so. Even though I really had considered the possibility I ended up deciding not to. English is not my native language like it is not for many others here but I feel kind of confident since I aced the FCE exams. And I am kind of a grammar nazi in all languages :D. But the main reason would be me wanting to start a series of my own when I finish highschool (about 3 weeks from now), the reason being the 4 month holiday I am going to have before enrolling in university. Not sure if I would write in my native language (czech – a wonderful and difficult one I must say :D) or in english or maybe both.

    I wanted this comment to serve mainly as a confession, which my conscience made me write, because I won’t be applying for your offered job. Before commenting I had thought about asking you about any advices on how to manage a web like this if you could spare some :3 Feel free to contact me via e-mail ( if you feel generous enough to share them 😉



    1. No worries, I will send through a few tips and pointers that I manage this site. But don’t be too disappointed if it is much simpler than you thought it would be ^.^



  2. Hello! I’d love to apply as an editor(even though I’ve never done it before). Mainly because I’m a huge fan when it comes to game related light novels and manga’s. I think I would be capable enough to help you since English is my most familiar language. Though I’m still in high school so I might not be able to help when you need me, but here’s my email in case you think i’ll be able to help.



  3. I sent you an email yesterday but didn’t receive a response with a link to the google doc. Normally I’d wait a touch longer, but it seems like you’ll be reviewing the edits today. Could you forward a link to me? My email address is in the details.



  4. Hello Mr. Wolfin! I’m fairly interested in becoming an editor for you chapter releases. Partly because I enjoy the story and also because I happen to be thinking about several stories I intend to create. However, I feel like I should familiarize myself with the entire process first.



  5. Should you still require an editor, feel free to email me. I don’t receive notice of replies, as that tends to clutter an already full mailbox, but I do respond to emails fairly quickly.



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