Volume 3 is out!

Volume 3 Cover 1 EmbossedRGB

Volume 3 is now released on amazon! You can fine it by following this link

Now, I know you are all wondering where chapter 19 is. And I did press the post button. Honestly, I did.

But at the same time I received a notification on my screen that said the following.


It is... unfair. You don't... support the people... who 
purchase... your book.
I am forced... to take matters... into my own hand.
Chapter 19 has been... scheduled for... Friday 2:00am GMT.
At least I... support the... people who purchase... your

- Fen

As you can see. Fen felt I need to show a little more support to the people who purchase my book and delayed my post of chapter 19 to allow those people to purchase the book to read it first ^.^

Ironic how she scheduled it for the time that I used to, when I could provide regular, weekly updates.

Anyway, thank you to all the supporters who purchase my books from me, and hopefully volume 4 won’t take as long to write as volume 3 did!

I will be looking over all the editing trials tonight to see how you went, don’t forget to check back on them as I will leave comments on most of the editing suggestions you made. Don’t worry about being perfect, I don’t expect it to be. Just better than my horrible grammer currently is. ^.^

I will add in volume 3 along with the DRM-free version via paypal in the ‘Purchase the Book’ section tonight (GMT + 11). For now, I am going to be late for work if I don’t hurry up!


  1. That reminded me though. Why does Fen talk like this? Is it hard for her to speak? To desrcibe her thoughts? Or is she just lazy and doesn’t want to talk faster?



      1. Haha, well, if you’re still looking for an editor once in a while, let me know. I have some experience, just not always enough time. I’m Canadian, so I’m pretty used to the different ‘spellings’ out there -_^



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