Chronicle of the Eternal: Chapter 5

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis,
Author’s notes: There is more CotE coming.
– Chapter length from her onwards will vary between 2,000 and 4,000 words. (so far they have all been about 4,000 words)
– Size/distance measurements have been changed from yards to feet. Except gun and alchemy range. Some internet searches showed me that bullet range is usually measured in yards. I consider alchemy skill to be the same range measurement and bullet range.
– Size of Grand City Theore changed. Was 30 miles wide, and 47 floors tall at 100 yards each. Big proportionate change to 20 miles wide, and 47 floors tall at 3,000 feet each. These proportions fits in my imagination better for the city/tower that seems to pierce the heavens.
– A party of players is no longer called a “party”. This has been changed to “squad”, which suits my gun, steam and alchemy theme better.
There is no chapter plan for this chapter on my Patreon at the moment. There will be a single release on what changed between planned and written for all chapters posted today later. Editing, sleeping, and writing to do first.
Editor’s notes:

Chapter 5 – Theft

Without school to attend or any other duties, Regal spends the entire weekend practicing his alchemy and martial skills at the Training Hall. The communal training center is much busier during the weekend as other students from Regal’s, and other nearby schools also stop by to practice from time to time. Many of them seeRegal, but no one knows who he is and none  take the initiative to approach him.

In his solitude, Regal diligently creates ‘Ice Bullets’, casts ‘Stone Skin’ thenstarts to practice his marksmanship and knife skills. He even begins to get used to using ‘Curve’, managing to hit the target two times out of ten while standing sixty feet away.

His comprehension of his skills takes its first step forward during this time. It appears in the corner of his mind, in the form of a small spark that could vanish at any moment. Despite finally starting to comprehend the two skills, his speed of understanding is only half that of the other students who lack talent in these alchemical skills.

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End Online: Chapter 36

Editors: genericIntent, Templar, Jack Vanatis, Johnist, Scott
Author’s notes: The first chapter of Volume 6! All the editors pitched in for this chapter, which was a nice surprise. Chapter 37 hasn’t been written yet. But writing will start in 2 days, and hopefully be done within 5 or 6 days from now.
There is no chapter plan for this chapter on my Patreon as this chapter and chapter 37 are a part of the same plan. To avoid spoilers, it will be released with the next chapter.
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Editor’s notes:

Chapter 36: Kano City


Grey mist completely surrounds me upon entering the teleportation circle in Grael’s Lair. It gradually begins to clear, revealing a bustling square within a city of timber and stone houses no more than two or three stories tall. The sounds of players bartering and forming parties fill the air, along with what seems to be several flocks of birds cawing in the distance.

I’m surrounded by other players and NPCs; most of them have perky cat ears atop their heads and tails that sway as they walk. The remaining players are mainly humans, but I occasionally see a few other races.

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