I want your opinion!

DOUBLE EDIT: A second poll has been added in regards to whether you would prefer the novel to have explicit descriptions or suggestive descriptions in which case description will be insinuation and partial descriptions, but no explicit details. Please do vote, the more people vote the closer we get to a general consensus.


EDIT: My new novel, Eternal Anime War will be moved over to the site to keep it all together due to majority vote. It will also be posted to patreon with bonus chapters. (I’m ahead of the releases). The current update schedule for this novel is 7 chapters/week. The poll will remain for now so you are still free to vote. If you want it to stay, vote for such, and if you don’t wish for it to be here, vote for such. Should the votes balance the other way, or get close, the novel will be moved back to another corner of the internet.

CotE Vol. 2 is nearly done and will be published this evening, becoming live on amazon most likely tomorrow.


This post is very simple. As mentioned in my earlier update, I have a third novel (side hobby) that I started writing just to get me back through the door of writing as it has been incredibly difficult to jump back in where I was after such a long absence.

A quick rundown on what this novel is. It is actually a fanfiction containing many anime worlds (So copyright and I am not permitted to sell it unless I get an explicit contract from ALL related parties) similar to other works such as Maiden’s Grand Summoning, Illimitable Until Death and Unlimited Anime Works, the last of which was executed very, very poorly to my great distress.

In some ways it can also be related to litRPG because it does have a “system” and stats, they are just used less than mainstream litRPG and have less affect on the overall story.

I do not wish to keep it on Endonline.net for the sole reason is that I have designated it as R18 for strong language, gore and most importantly descriptive sex scenes (After spending so long reading other’s work that are stipulated by publisher’s policies I’m so sick of getting zero action that you won’t believe.)

At the same time I do want to keep it together with my other work, which was why I was thinking of publishing it on Patreon, with a few less chapters on the discreet blog in a nondescript location of the internet for those truly determined.

I want to hear your opinion on whether it should go on Patreon, stay off it, or “fck it, put it on endonline and patreon, the more content there is together the happier we are, let us decide if we are 18+ or not.”

I made a poll so please do vote which of the three options you want and/or include a comment down below. (I don’t know how to insert it into the post so here is a link)


I’ll let you all decide! Just like how I used to ^.^


  1. I don’t read literature with “descriptive sex scenes”. I feel like an emotional bond can be described without describing how many times and in what matter a penis was used to do something to a vagina, etc. That may be others cups of tea, but it’s not mine.

    And while CotE is interesting, I’m here to read End Online and would prefer that you refocus on that instead of CotE.



    1. Indeed, and that is a valid point I aimed toward in both End Online and CotE, as descriptiveness isn’t required and can just be insinuated. It’s just a different type of story I’m writing and is the type people either like or don’t, but I can’t force someone to read it or not to read it. The general survey consensus shows most people want it here, regardless as to whether they will read it or not, so I will go with that for now.

      End Online shall be the focus very, very soon. CotE Vol. 2 should be getting published later today + waiting time on Amazon’s approval, after which I will spend a week of silence rereading EO and finding where I was at, before focusing on that. The end goal is to get back to posting a chapter a week, or at least writing one. This new side project of mine is only a morning or late night before bed project so it doesn’t get in the way of writing other things.



          1. I’m sorry, but I’ve had to unsubscribe from further posts on this website. I don’t follow x-rated websites.

            You have had some good stories, and I wish you the best of luck in your future writing career! 🙂


          2. That is perfectly fine and thank you. I would recommend checking back in a month from now and seeing how it is going, should I decide it is otherwise or we have more feedback, the novel will be removed to a different location.

            For now, any chapters with explicit content, particularly the next one, will be posted blank so it does not appear in anyone’s email address and given a content warning at the top of said chapter.

            I may also simply rewrite segments and change the novel to “strongly suggestive” but contain no detailed events.


  2. Here is my idea:

    “”Clothes off…

    Explicit scene

    Next day…””

    Those that want to read the scene would read it and those that don’t like explicit scenes will skip it. And that would pacify both parties. My opinion only.
    PS – I like the explicit ones
    PSS – I really like ”Eternal Anime War”



  3. Hears about something he doesn’t like/is offended by, is under no obligation to read, and isn’t hurt in any way by its existence. Boycotts entire website because of it. I get it, his right, but damned if it doesn’t make sense to me.

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