Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 on Amazon

It took me long enough to get back into writing, despite all my failed attempts. And I have spend nearly the last 24 hours on amazon preparing everything. First of all. Chronicle of the Eternal Volume 2 is now available for everyone. Let you friends know, let your enemies know, heck, let your pets know. You can click on the image or follow the link, whichever is easier. (It turns out wordpress has decided to incorporate auto previews with links (☞゚ヮ゚)☞   ) Edit: or not!


CotE Vol 2 Cover full


A second piece of news is KDP has included their own paperback on demand. Despite all the time I spent making the files pass their system which has sergeant-class requirements on precision, Chronicle of the Eternal Volume 1 will be available on paperback shortly as well.

For now, other than the casual chapter of EAW each day, I shall go silent on writing as I go back and reread End Online before getting started on Volume 7.

D out  ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


    1. Yes, I can fix that. I will be back at my computer shorty and will update the file. It should take a while to come effective but should also update for everyone who already updated the book unless it’s in an offline mode.



    2. I also noticed the side story title was out of format and not appearing in the ToC, my bad! All fixed now. Updates are in review but once it clears and your device/app syncs with amazon, it should update. Let me know if it doesn’t ^.^



  1. Wolfin I bought the book on amazon. Back cover has some errors.

    Should be “What the real world is”
    Should be “are the last of their problems”

    Thanks man.



    1. Thanks, it has been uploaded and is in review, should update within the next 12h.

      A little different from the your proposal but fixed the synopsis issues you noted:
      Departing Grand Theore, Regal and his squad venture out to experience the world. A world where the Immortalis rule through either power or deceit. True intentions are hidden behind a smiling facade and the bandits that riddle the trading routes are the least of their problems.

      But damn, any future corrections can go in a list and be fixed all at once T.T



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