Eternal Anime War: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Eternal Anime War

April 1st 11am

“Justice, you might know that business has been bad lately. Our costs keep increasing without earning enough so I need to make some changes in how we operate. One such change is I have decided to cut back on employee hours. As you were only in a casual position, I am sorry to tell you that I will no longer be employing you here.”

Justice Stuart stared at his Boss, Margaret Reyn, dumbfounded. He had been working at Reyn Confectionaries for the past 2 years. He had been an excellent worker during that time and even the customers enjoyed talking with him and bringing in the local gossip. It’s only a small town of several thousand people so the chatter of the town constitutes a large part of many people’s lives.

Despite being more than capable of taking on a full-time role, Margaret maintained Justice as a casual employee position considering she often needed him to quickly cover a shift of one of her ‘treasured’ girl employees who couldn’t come in for whatever reason. Of course, she refused to cut back their hours and give more work to the ‘reliable’ employee.

Justice kept a calm façade on the outside, but inside a fire was raging.

‘Fuck, this is that bitch Regina’s fault! She definitely been saying shit about me again!’

Justice only shouts this in his head and tries to calmly say, “I understand”, but before he can get the chance to Margaret says indifferently, “You’re shift’s over now so don’t leave anything behind.”

‘This is definitely because of Regina! Just because I turned he down one time she’s been spiteful to me ever since!’

Just as Justice complains to himself, Margaret lifts her obese body up out of the chair and walks over to the front of the shop to check on stock. Justice forcefully supresses his anger and collects his phone, wallet and keys before walking out. Along the way, he sees Regina who gives him a condoling smile, appearing apologetic over him losing his job.

Regina Cage is considerably good looking. She’s tall, well developed breasts and a curvey figure that most men would lust for. Justice simply doesn’t favour how she puts too make make-up on which destroys any natural elegance she would have and gives her a ‘plastic’ appearance. She idolizes the big city girls on reality tv and constantly tries to look like them, which was the main reason for Justice turning her down last month.

Justice left the store and entered the small town’s main commercial street before his expression rapidly became colder as his inner rage boiled over. He stormed toward his car which was in a nearby parking lot which was the town mayor’s idea of ‘urbanization’ and keeping modern. Justice’s car is an old ford that constantly leaves small puddles of oil wherever he parks and is in need of replacing, but he simply never had enough money to do so.

Before he could get to his car, an expensive Mercedes parked next his car which was a truly highlighted how poor his car was, started up and recklessly reversed out of the parking spot. Justice barely had time to react let along evade and was knocked down by the reversing car.

“Fuck!” Justice shouted out in pain as he fell to the asphalt.

The Mercedes slammed on the breaks and a man in his early thirties wearing a suit rapidly jumped out of the car to check if Justice was alright. Of course, the thing he was most concerned about was whether he had to pay for Justice to go to the hospital or not.

“Hey bro, are you okay? It was only a small bump,” The man said rapidly while helping Justice up and checking him for injuries.

“Yes, I’m fine-” Justice began before rapidly stopping as he pulled out a crushed Motorola phone from his pocket. The phone had taken most of the force, being crushed as the car reversed into him.

“FUCK!” Justice shouted out louder than ever, startling the man who owned the Mercedes.

“It’s alright bro, I’m a phone salesman. I have a few newtype iPhone’s available. I’ll give you one to replace the phone that broke. I’m really sorry for this.”

Justice was ready to spit fire from all the stress building up. He used to be constantly getting into fights so turning violent and beating the driver to the ground wouldn’t have been out of his character.

However, a year ago after finishing school and looking for full time work in his small town, he found his reputation was like dirt from all the people he beat up and nobody wanted him to work for them. The only employer he had was his current one at the time who had enough prejudices of her own to care about him having a violent disposition. At that time, he realized how such actions affected his life and worked hard to clean himself up and be a more respectable person.

Justice decided to accept the man’s offer in the end as he wasn’t injured and only lost a phone. Not to mention the owner of the Mercedes is giving him a brand-new top of the line phone as a replacement.

The man opened his boot and withdrew a small box with a picture of the latest iPhoneX on it. Justice had seen this new phone on the morning talk show on tv. The iPhoneX is supposed to be revolutionary compared to every other previously made cell phone.

Justice and the man, much to the latter’s relief, part ways and put the incident behind them.

While considering the value of his new phone, Justice also has a sudden realization.

“That bitch didn’t pay me!”

Justice storms back to Reyn Confectionaries in a rage and after a heated argument with the boss in the front of the shop, he finally got paid a closing fee of seventy percent of what he is owed, the rest being used to “Cover the losses of the shop”, and no matter how much he argued, Margaret refused to pay Justice the full amount.

Justice leaves once more and returns to his car with an extra $630 in his wallet. Silently clenching his fists, he considered falling back into his old ways and looking for someone to fight. Today had potentially been the unluckiest and most infuriating day he ever had.

The drive home was fuelled by anger and Justice sped most of the way. He doesn’t live far, residing in an old rundown house he rents with two other friends from school who are almost never there.

Inside, Justice looks at himself in a mirror and takes note of his features.

Almost 20 years old, Justice has sandy blond hair, neither long nor short but somewhere in the middle. It is slightly messy, but his face is cleanly shaven and his features distinct. He stands at 6’1, slightly taller than the average man and can be considered quite attractive.

Moving over to the living room and salvaging his sim card out of the ‘corpse’ of his old phone, Justice put it into his new iPhoneX and turns it on. His first intention is to contact the state officiaries and make an official complaint about discrimination in the confectionary store. If that fails, his secondary plan is to go there in the middle of the night and smash all their windows.

The iPhoneX turned on and displays a big black ‘X’ on the screen while makes a light jive before fully loading the home page. As soon as it turns on though a widget opens up on his screen saying:

[Congratulation! You are one of the lucky individuals selected to join the Eternal Anime War. Click ‘Yes’ if you would like to accept this invitation!]

Justice looks at the phone screen with a frown before lightly saying, “But there’s only a yes button. I don’t have a choice but to click it?”

Justice tried but elsewhere on the screen but it is inactive and produces no response, meaning the only thing he can click on is the ‘Yes’ button.

“Is this supposed to be some kind of phone prank?” Justice checked the time on his phone, 11:58am, before continuing. “Well, it’s still before midday so April Fool’s still counts. Let’s see what this one is.”

Helpless to the situation, Justice clicked ‘Yes’ before a loading bar popped up and finished completing almost instantly. Surprised and confused, Justice watched as a cartoon teddy bear avatar climbed onto his cell phone from the side as if the edge of the screen on the iPhoneX was some kind of platform.

The bear then stood on the bottom of the screen, seemingly happy with its stable footing before saying in a friendly voice:

[Hello registered user, I am System, your personal assistant, guide, and general council]

“My what?” Justice was surprised, speaking to the phone as if it the bear could hear him.

In fact, it could hear through the phone, and instantly replied with confirmation of its name and role. This only made Justice more confused, as he had never seen something as sophisticated as this before.

[I wanted to give you the beginners guide to the Eternal Anime War, but you were too late in turning on your phone.]

“What do you mean?” Justice replied, intending on testing the level of this avatar’s intelligence.

[No time! 2, 1, transport!]

Just as the cartoon teddy bear, System, finished talking he raised one stuffed paw up as if reaching for something and a bright light instantly engulfed Justice, swallowing both his body and soul before vanishing and leaving behind an empty room.

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  1. ‘This is definitely because of Regina! Just because I turned he down one time she’s been spiteful to me ever since!’

    Should be.

    ‘This is definitely because of Regina! Just because I turned her down one time she’s been spiteful to me ever since!’



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