Eternal Anime War: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Meeting

Tohka refused to release Justice the next morning. Only the top of her head was visible as she clung onto him like a koala. The worst part was she has the strength the crush buildings and collapse bridges hidden in that voluptuous body of hers. If she doesn’t want to let go, there’s really nothing Justice can do.

Justice couldn’t understand why she suddenly started acting this way, but it most likely is related to last night at the warehouse.

“Tohka, you need to let go so we can get up,” Justice tried to implore her.

“No!” Tohka shouted from his chest, her voice muffled as a result.

“What’s wrong, Tohka?”

“Justice, will you ever leave me?”

“Of course not.”



“Really, really?”

“Really, really.”

“Really, really, really?”

Justice sighed at the familiar exchange of these words and repeated once more, “Really, really, really,” as he stroked her hair.

Tohka raised her head and finally looked at Justice.

“Is this enough?” Justice queried.

Tohka nodded her head and hummed, “Mmm,” before finally releasing him.

‘Could it be she likes me too much now? While I can’t say I dislike it, this development seems to completely defy logic. As expected from an anime I suppose,’ Justice thought to himself as he turned on the tv.

The morning news report greatly surprised Justice and made Tohka nervous. The report was on the incident at the warehouse last night.

A newscaster attended the site in the morning where dozens of police cars and a few ambulances had surrounded the factory’s large roller door. Several intact corpses were moved out in body bags while the reporter recounted the incident how a gunfight between local gangs broke out and led to several fatalities.

Justice was there, while Tohka the culprit. What happened last night and what are being shown on the news this morning are two vastly different things.

“Justice, what’s going on?” Tohka asked in confusion.

“Someone has covered up the incident for us. How interesting.”

Justice led Tohka out of the Hotel for somewhere they can buy breakfast as Tohka had already eaten all the food in his dimensional storage. They found a small coffee house in a quiet corner which offers western style food, much to Justice’s liking. With last night’s income, he helped himself to a coffee while Tohka wrinkled her nose at the black beverage and instead chose a sweet milk tea along with a plethora of pastries.

“The second spirit should be coming in around a month by my estimate, are you prepared?”

“Don’t worry, I will kill her for you,”

“There may be no need to kill her, it will depend on the circumstance.”


As Justice and Tohka were enjoying their breakfast when a man dressed in jeans and a casual white shirt sat down at their table.

“Justice, surname unknown, and Yatogami Tohka, also known by the codename Princess. I have a proposition I would like you to hear.”

Justice sized the man up and said, “So, you were behind covering up last night’s incident. However, its polite to at least name yourself before asking for something,”

The man fell silent for a while and after a brief glance up into the sky, said, “Indeed, such is one of the benefits of working for us. You may call me Major General Fushimi.”

The man’s identity greatly surprised Justice. Tohka may not be aware of the significance, but this man is an upper echelon of the JGSDF, which the AST belongs to. Not only that, but they are an organization which will go to all lengths to eliminate the spirits. For such a high ranked member to discreetly appear before them is completely out of character. If Justice was told to guess the identity of the man, he would without a doubt assume him to be someone from DEM, not the JGSDF

“And what may the Major General Fushimi want with us. Let me guess, it’s Tohka you actually want?” Justice smirked and casually leaned on an elbow.

Tohka instantly released a strong killing intent toward the general, making his heart palpitate. How could he not be aware of how strong she is as a spirit. However, she should be safe as long as no hostility is displayed based on the information the JGSDF has hold of. The only reason for differences would be changes brought about by the man known as Justice.

“I must say, your abilities in guiding people is truly superb. Our information on Yatogami Tohka describes her personality differently. To alter so much in such a short time, I know a few instructors who would be interested in sharing ideas with you.”

“Guiding an individual and training a squad are vastly different things. So, what are you here for then? Perhaps to recruit us into the JGSDF?”

“It is precisely as you think. Recent information has caused us to alter our approach regarding the spirits.”

“I assume this information comes from us otherworlders?”

“Yes, five individuals were apprehended the other day at the location of the space quake. They have been under lock and key since.”

Justice’s eyes lit up at this point and he asked, “Naturally if you want us to join your faction, you must have prepared some compensation, right?”

Major General Fushimi took out two short stacks of paper and handed Justice and Tohka one each before saying, “This contract stipulates what we require from you and how you will recompense you. In addition, should you agree to all the terms within, our current five prisoners will no longer hold any value to use and you may dispose of them at your discretion.”

Justice wasn’t about to simply agree and carefully read the contract one page at a time. Tohka tried to imitate Justice and read through her copy as well, but couldn’t understand anything due to the contract’s legislative termenology.

As per the contract, Justice and Tohka would be directly recruited into the base level of JGSDF officer rank, Second Lieutenants. Of course, this rank was mainly honorary as they haven’t gone through the JGSDF official officer training regime and are additionally not required to perform the usual duties of an officer either.

Justice and Tohka were required to work undercover as students at Raizen High School and maintain a close watch on Itsuka Shidou, who had the ability to seal the powers of spirits. They were to provide aid in secret for sealing any spirits that are classified as dangerous, while interfering with the sealing of those the JGSDF consider of interest in bringing into their influence. This meant that spirit, codename Hermit, was to not have her powers sealed and recruited by the army.

The JGSDF will provide accommodation and a source of funds for Justice and Tohka, a designated butler will also be provided for them to take care of daily matters. All identification papers shall also be provided by them.

Major General Fushimi was extremely patient waiting for Justice to read through the contract and even ordered a black coffee himself.

“You should understand codename Hermit is not suited to fighting on the front line, given that you can bring her to your side. Her disposition is naturally suited for protecting rather than attacking,” Justice pointed out after consideration.

“We understand that. But you have shown promise in guiding of said indivuals,” Major General Fushimi glanced toward Tohka. “If you could provide guidance in codename Hermit’s growth, naturally the remuneration will be more than generous. Is there anything else?”

“There are two adjustments I want to add,” Justice spoke calmly.

“What are your proposals?”

“First, I am aware of your capabilities in construction and repairs. I would like a training field installed underneath our accommodation. Second, I need some military supplies.”

Justice took out one of the bullets for the Desert Eagle and placed it on the table in front of Major General Fushimi and said, “As someone who prefers to fight with his fists, I don’t have any over the top requests, but some circumstances can be variable. I just hope you can provide a large quantity of these size bullets for me, the more the better. Secondly, I require a <C C C> Anti-Spirit Rifle and related ammunition.”

“Very well, they shall be prepared for you and moved to your new accommodation. Now, Second Lieutenant Justice and Second Lieutenant Yatogami, if you two would follow me back to the base,” Major General Fushimi smiled and took the contracts back after Justice and Tohka both signed them. He then stood up and lead them toward a car not far away.

[Congratulations on completing Hidden Quest: Join the JGSDF.]

[Reward: 100 G-coins]

“We are quite curious as to how Second Lieutenant Yatogami evaded our detection,” Fushimi probed the two new officers.

Justice helplessly shrugged and explained, “A sensor requires a signal or stimulus to detect. As long as said source stops transmitting, naturally the sensor stops detecting. As for the exact process, you will have to ask Tohka, but don’t expect an answer you can understand.”

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