Eternal Anime War: Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Joining the Faction

“Theodore! What is the meaning of this?!” Itsuka Kotori shouted in anger upon seeing Yatogami Tohka and Justice sitting at a small coffee house having breakfast with a stranger. “Didn’t you say she would leave and reappear in Raizen High School?”

Theo looked at this on the monitor and frowned lightly, “She should have returned to the other dimension when her spirit mana signature vanished. I would have suggested she snuck back into the without causing a space quake, which the spirits are capable of, but the current scenario shows that she has instead remained within the world and has a method of concealing her spirit mana.”

Kotori bit down on the lollipop in her mouth, cracking it in two.

“What about this man, is he a civilian? Do we know who he is?”

“No idea, I don’t recognize his face,” Theo shrugged helplessly, the original plot of the anime and novels was moving increasingly away from what it should be. “Based on a preliminary guess, he should be an agent on behalf of DEM. Can we zoom in on the paperwork placed in front of those two? No? Well, the only two major influences they could be are the JGSDF and DEM, the former will never reason with a spirit while the later are much more of a danger.”

“What do you recommend we do?” Reine spoke up from the side and asked.

“Make an opportunity for Itsuka Shidou to interact with Yatogami Tohka and this person. Tohka originally fell in love with Shidou and his caring disposition. You saw her mood levels fluctuate during breakfast. If Shidou can stabilize her mood, it is possible he can pull her away from that otherworlder. Other than that, we need to prepare for the next spirit, Hermit.”

Both Reine and Kotori nod their head in agreement, Theo’s plan a more reasonable approach than anyone else aboard the Fraxinus can produce.

“How is Shidou doing with his training?” Theo asked casually.

“Shidou has come to an understanding about the spirits and wants to save them. His fear of being shot has already passed and is determined to move on,” Reine explains before transferring the monitor to a hidden camera in Raizen High School where Shidou was wooing his homeroom teacher, Kozue Minowa, as a form of training.

A hidden microphone was in his ear in the dating ‘specialists’ aboard the Fraxinus would cross reference multiple choice answers for the best reply before feeding that into Shidou’s ear for him to repeat. Theo shook his head in not knowing whether to laugh or cry at some of the lines Shidou was forced to say.

Theo grabbed the microphone and said directly into it, “Itsuka Shidou, repeat after me ‘I’m really serious about you. I want to marry you.’”

Shidou repeated what Theo said and Kozue directly became obsessively infatuated and started talking about their future lives together and number of kids they will have. Shidou was instantly frightened off and ran away in a panic only to collide with and knock over Tobiichi Origami.

“Hmm, that was the most effective line on a single 29-year-old woman. Perhaps it was a little too effective,” Reine calmly analysed before Kotori took the microphone from Theo and said, “Perfect timing, Shidou. Let’s get her involved in your training. You need to date people your age.”

“Commander!” Kannazuki cried out in alarm, “We’ve lost the vehicle transporting Yatogami Tohka and that man.”


Justice sat in the back of the car while Tohka rested her head on his shoulder. Major General Fushimi drove the car in silence until they reached a tunnel and calmly said.

“While the lower rankings soldiers and warrant officer may not be aware, the JGSDF is naturally aware of Ratatoskr and the presence of the airship Fraxinus in the sky. It appears as a massive heat spot in the sky despite being optically invisible after all. As such, there are several secret routes available to avoid their eyes when necessary.”

Fushimi suddenly swerved the car in the tunnel and a section of the wall opened up, allowing the car to vanish from the tunnel before closing again. The secret passage was dead silent with only the echo of Major General Fushimi’s car driving away.

A while later, the car arrived at an underground parking space within the JGSDF HQ. Justice and Tohka followed Fushimi into a large office. Outside the window in the room they could see a large area full of military compounds and soldiers patrolling or training.

Several high-ranking personnel follow into the room and bring a high definition camera and other props. They move with discipline and work extremely efficiently. Justice stood in front of a white screen and had several photo’s taken before he signed his signature on an electronic pad. Tohka repeated this process but had a lot of trouble with her signature. After several failed attempts causing her to stomp her foot on the ground in frustration and nearly causing the floor to shatter, she finally produced a satisfactory result.

“While all the necessary documents are being prepared, come along and have a look at the prisoners,” Fushimi said while he walked with apprehension on the cracked floor. If Tohka had stomped carelessly at full strength, the entire building would have without a doubt crumbled to pieces and buried everyone.

Justice and Tohka followed Fushimi to an underground area where there was a row of iron cells, five of which contained players. There were four men and a single woman, each one injured to various degrees.

The oldest was a man in his late 30’s, while the youngest was the woman in her early 20’s. Justice walked up to the first cell and a man with long dark hair looked up at him. Upon seeing him, the man roared in fury, “You bastard! Fuck you! this is all your fucking fault!”

Justice laughed cruelly before he drew his Desert Eagle out and shot the man in the head. While he wasn’t an expert shooter, the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist did give him superb hand-eye coordination.

[Killed player#022. Awarded 20 G-coins and inherited 7m3 of dimensional storage.]

The second player also cursed Justice before being killed without mercy. The third begged for mercy while the fourth went back to cursing angrily. Tohka stood beside Justice the entire time and didn’t blink an eye in the face of the coldblooded murder.

[Killed player#004. Awarded 20 G-coins and inherited 12m3 of dimensional storage.]

[Killed player#100. Awarded 20 G-coins and inherited 5m3 of dimensional storage.]

[Killed player#059. Awarded 20 G-coins and inherited 11m3 of dimensional storage.]

Justice looked at the fifth player, the young woman. She had long flaxen hair strewn about in a mess. Her clothes were intact, but her skin was covered in bruises and a faint trace of blood could be seen on the edge of her mouth. She had clearly been beaten quite badly during interrogation. She had a good figure with an average chest, but she would still be described as being neither good looking nor bad looking, falling somewhere in the middle instead.

The woman took a different approach upon seeing Justice compared with the men before. She didn’t curse nor beg for her life, she merely closed her eyes in silence and accepted her death. She appeared to be in so much pain it may have been a release for her instead.

Justice was about to shoot her when he changed his mind and lowered his gun.

“How large is your dimensional storage?” Justice asked calmly.

The woman opened her eyes briefly before she dropped her head again and said, “You’ll know when you kill me, won’t you?”

“That wasn’t the answer my question,” Justice shot a bullet over the woman’s shoulder and into the wall, yet despite the buzzing in her ear, she didn’t even flinch.

“13m3,” The woman finally said.

“Not bad, much more impressive than the others. What’s your name?”


“Do you know how to cook, Jenny?”


“Your life now belongs to me, Jenny. Do you wish to live?”

Jenny looked up again in surprise and said, “Don’t we all?”

“Don’t answer with another question, do you want to live?” Justice pointed his gun at her head and coldly asked.


“Good,” Justice signalled for someone to bring Jenny her iPhoneX and release her. “How many G-coins do you have?”

“227 G-coins,” Jenny said after opening her [Stats] app.

“Save them. When we get to our new accommodation, buy some healing ointment and internal medicine to recover. Fushimi, I found my own butler.”

Jenny silently bore through the pain of her body and followed behind Justice, Tohka, and Major General Fushimi away from the military jail.

Justice smirked before stating, “Of course, you’re welcome to try kill me, or simply just escape, but I would recommend them both in that order if you’re going to do it.”

Jenny secretly had an uncertain look, as if what Justice said spoke her inner mind.

“Don’t you get generous rewards for killing other otherworlders?” Major General Fushimi said uncertainly. “Are you sure you want to leave a hidden blade at your back?”

“I deemed her more useful to me alive. The reward isn’t bad, but it’s not the be all end all. I’m much more interested in killing a spirit. As for danger, I live for it.”

“Most people go for extreme sports.”

“That’s them,” Justice shrugged.

“Just try not to kill Hermit.”

“It will depend on the circumstance. If her loyalty is not with a person or faction not the JGSDF you don’t mind right?”

“Our viewpoint stands with they are either with us or against us. Either way, you and Princess are currently of our faction.”

“Yes sir!” Justice gives a salute with an evil grin.

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