Eternal Anime War: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The First World is Wrong!

All Justice felt after being swallowed in the light was the pain of being torn into thousands of tiny pieces and then being forced back together again like Humpty Dumpty. He wanted to scream in pain, yet there was no way such small fragments of himself could make any noise.

Once his body was put back together, the light surrounding him dissipated and revealed him to suddenly be sitting down on the sidewalk in a foreign country. The buildings around him are modern, like that of a modern metropolis, only not so tightly packed and with much more greenery around.

This is a main shopping district with people walking east and west along the road. Justice couldn’t tell what nationality they were. They appeared to be western, yet at the same time not.

[Hello, congratulations on successfully initializing your dimensional body.]

System’s voice sang from Justice’s phone.

[Welcome to the Date A Live world. Here is your world status and the current world rewards.]

[Position: Innocent Bystander(Common)]

[Survival: 2000 G-coins]

[Kill a Spirit: 500 G-coins]

[Kill a Player: 20 G-coins]

[Kill a human: 2 G-coins]

“Wait!” Justice shouted at System, confused and afraid. “What do you mean Date A Live world and world rewards? And killing people?!?”

The cartoon teddy bear on the phone screen suddenly pulled a hammock out of nowhere and tied it up across the screen before climbing in it to rest.

“Hey, I’m taking to you!”

People walking down the street gave Justice strange glances while he is sitting down on the pavement shouting at his phone. Anyone sitting on the ground and shouting at their phone would without a doubt receive the same treatment. Many of the people looking at him definitely thought he may be mentally deficient and gave him a wide berth when walking around him.

System poked his head up from the hammock and said.

[Oh, I forgot, you were late in opening your phone and missed the initial explanation.]

“That was barely minutes ago! Do you have the memory of a goldfish?!” Justice felt that everything happening to him today was meant to cause his heart to burst from anger.

[Whelp, please don’t insult System or System will insult you!]

“Just get to the explanation already!”

[You have been selected to participate in the Eternal Anime War. At 12pm on the first day of every month, 100 players will be automatically transported to a random anime world upon my choosing.]

[System offers a store in which you can use your G-coins to purchase anything and everything. You may access this store by opening the [Store] app on your homepage. G-coins are gained from completing world rewards and hidden quests. Surviving until the end of a world is always the easiest way to earn G-coins, and higher-level worlds will reward more.]

[Hidden quests are an easy way to collect G-coins, but know one knows what the quest is or how to complete it. Well, I do, but I won’t tell you about the quest unless you complete one of them.]

[Your body will be transformed at a molecular level into that of a dimensional body, which will allow you to gain and train in any skills of the current anime world you are in. The quality of your body is quantifiable and can be displayed by opening the [Stats] app on your phone homepage. As for the rest, go figure it out on your own.]

Justice felt like it was far too much to take in at once. Under normal circumstances, he would take it as a joke and ignore it, but he had already been thrown into this strange world.

‘So there are 99 more people in this world,’ Justice silently thought to himself, standing up from the ground and having a look around.

He noticed a young man about his age down the street playing on an iPhoneX and instantly identified him as a player. At first Justice was going to approach him, but quickly thought about the world rewards for the current anime world and felt a cold chill run up his back.

‘Shit, people are getting these G-coins for killing people. I’ve read novels about stuff like this. What if a few of them are complete psychopaths? This isn’t our world, there’s no telling what people will do.’

Justice calmly hid his phone in his pocket and joined the rest of the shoppers while walking away from the area.

“If this is an anime world set in japan, can I even use my money? It’s in USD so I’m not sure. What about this world, Date a Live sounds familiar, but I haven’t watched anime in a long time,” Justice mumbled to himself as he’s walking before finding a quite alley with no one around before taking out his phone and opening the [Stats] app.

Player#: 27
Nationality: America
Name: Justice Stuart
Gender: M
Age: 20
Health: Healthy

Phyical: 12
Mental: 10
Stamina: 10
Immunity: 9

Attack:  4
Defence: 2

G-Coins: 100

Casual clothing [+1 Def]

Unique Skills/Powers:
Dimension Storage [1m3]

The first thing he noted was under his Unique Skills/Powers section, he had a 1 cubic meter [Dimension Storage]. He understood what this was as if it was instinct and could feel an empty space of the same size within his body that he can easily reach into and out with his mind.

The second point of interest was that he had 100 G-coins which may be some beginner’s bonus, he realized that the young man he saw earlier is most likely going through the [Store] app to spend his G-coins. Considering that it’s a good idea, Justice also opened up the ‘[Store] and browsed through it.

The store was broken down into six categories, these were [Weapons, Defensive Items, Accessories, Techniques, Support Items, Modification Items, Miscellaneous Items]

First Justice opened up the [Weapons] category and was shocked by what was inside.


Bullet (Any calibre) – 1 G
Arrow (Any size) – 1 G
Baseball Bat – 2 G
Crowbar – 3 G
Iron Sword – 5 G
Iron Spear – 5 G
Iron Axe – 5 G
Short Bow – 5 G
Steel Sword – 7 G
Colt .45 Revolver – 40 G
Baretta 96A1 – 40 G
Glock G17 – 40 G
Desert Eagle – 50 G

Justice wasn’t naïve, anything could happen in this world. Especially when there is a reward for killing other players.

He nervously purchased a Desert Eagle along with 18 bullets, enough for two magazines. The gun itself came with a full magazine so Justice had to purchase two more magazine clips for 2 G-coins in order to have them ready prepared.

The phone shone out a white light and the Desert Eagle along with the ammo materialized in it. Justice felt his hand sink slightly under the weight of the gun and quickly tucked it in his belt and hid it with his shirt. The spare ammo was instead placed in his dimensional storage to hide it. If a common passer-by saw him with it in his hand, they would without a doubt panic and call the authorities.

Justice quickly prepared the two extra magazines in his dimensional storage when a loud air siren began resounding throughout the city. A city-wide evacuation announcement about to signs of an incoming spatial quake and evacuation order followed shortly after.

Justice checked his phone and saw it was just after 12pm. He assumed that this must be the start of the anime plot, but despite how familiar it feels, he can’t quite remember the anime.

All the civilians were evacuating to specialised shelters while Justice kept a calm outlook on things from the alley. He noticed several other people doing the same and assumed they are players just like him.

Some of the other players took notice of him as well, but they just continued to look around with fiery gazes as if looking for a priceless treasure.

After half an hour of waiting around, all the civilians had finished evacuating and about fifty players had conglomerated and spread out in the general area. Everyone was wary of each other, both nervous that someone would shoot them for G-coins and at the same time contemplating doing it themselves. Just 20 G-coins more than everyone else this early in the game could give someone a strong advantage over the others

The crowd was made up of nearly all men aged between 18 and 30, but two or three of them were girls. Justice suspected that everyone gathered here are those who know the anime and its events while the rest must have followed the evacuation order or are lost somewhere else. The ratio of people knowing the anime made him question whether knowing the anime was one of the criteria for selecting players. Its possible the other players are aware of it too and are instead hiding or making other plans.

At this time, a young boy about 16 years old with blue hair came running down the street in a panic shouting, “Kotori!”.

One of the other players, a young male, stepped in front of him, blocking his path and giving him a scrutinizing gaze before saying, “Itsuka Shidou, I won’t have you stealing my future wife. This isn’t the place for you, turn back the other way.”

“Who are you?! Don’t get in my way! I need to quickly go to Kotori!”

Itsuka Shidou knocked the player aside and rushed past, at which time the player angrily pulled out a gun, much like the one Justice has, and shot Shidou in the back.


Shidou stopped running and looked down at his chest overflowing with blood in disbelief. He then takes a few steps before crumpling down onto the ground, seemingly dead.

The player’s hands were still shaking after shooting Itsuka Shidou, “I did it! I actually did it! Hahahaha!”

Another player approached him with one hand on his gun menacingly and said, “Calm down would you, you’re going to alert Ratatoskr. They should find him soon, but he has the healing flames so it should be alright regardless. Don’t cause trouble for us all.”

Justice watched all this from the entrance of the alley he is hiding in, both shocked and excited. The novels he had read previously were correct, these types of settings can cause people to turn crazy for one reason or another.

‘Even I’m feeling the thrill. This world, is awesome!’

Suddenly a large section of space barely three hundred feet from justice started to twist and malform. The space soon reached a critical point soon and a pitch-black ultraviolet sphere of pure destruction began to expand, swallowing everything in its path.

Recalling the name Itsuka Shido and seeing this scene, Justice recognized the anime and finally remembered the plot of Date a Live.

“Fuck! System you arsehole!” Justice took out his phone and shouted at it, causing the cartoon teddy bear to poke it’s head out of the hammock with anime’esque throbbing veins on its forehead

[Whelp, please refrain from insulting System or System will insult you.]

“I don’t care right now! I’ve read novels of setting such as these, going into anime worlds and such. But fuck! Isn’t the difficulty of this first world too high? Fuck! System, the first world you chose is wrong!”

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