Eternal Anime War: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The First Spirit

[System analysed this world and concluded the majority of the inhabitants are ordinary people. As such, ordinary people shall fit in this world.]

As the sphere of destruction is expanding, Justice was left dumbstruck by system’s words.

“System, EVERY anime has ordinary people. What defines a world is its upper strength!”

[System appreciates your feedback and will potentially take it into future consideration]

The cartoon teddy bear gave his final announcement before disappearing back into the hammock and pretending to be asleep.

“That it? You’re just going to ignore it now?” Justice asked in irritation, but System simply didn’t respond further.

Justice sighed before placing the phone into his pocket. He wanted to place it in his Dimensional Storage as it is more convenient if he must fight, but it refuses to go in, most likely due to System.

The sphere of destruction continued to grow, and storm winds began billowing across the area, causing Justice and the other players to guard against the gale with their arms. Some of the surrounding buildings cracked under the pressure and rained down large blocks of concrete, causing a few players to constantly avoid them.

Recalling the plot, Justice understands that every player here has the plans of interacting with Yatagami Tohka while she’s still completely innocent to try and make her their girlfriend. Although there are some who probably want to be able to manipulate her strength. For this desire, they are even willing to risk their lives.

‘Far too naïve,’ Justice sneered at the actions of these players. ‘But then again. This is an anime world, the logic of girls in anime is somewhat twisted. I will instead make her mine.’

Justice looked toward where Itsuka Shido fell down and noticed him missing. He isn’t surprised though, he recalled from the anime that Ratatoskr’s airship Fraxinus has a teleporter on board and after the fight between Yatagami Tohka and Tobiichi Origama he is teleported up there by his little sister.

It is most likely that Ratatoskr is already watching these players. Justice imagined that they are probably extremely confused right now, wondering what all these people who didn’t head to the evacuation shelter are doing. There is also most likely a furious Itsuka Kotori sitting in the command seat far above them.

Justice hid from the wind behind the wall and looked up at the sky, but the Fraxinus is completely camouflaged and impossible to see with the naked eye. Justice is unclear on the specifics of the Realizer unit on board the ship that hides it, but he suspects a thermal detector will find it.

The sphere of destruction finally stopped expanding about fifty feet from Justice’s location before vanishing like a ripple in a lake. Everyone seemed to estimate the distance accurately as no one was enveloped by the space quake.

Once the space quake completely vanished, all that was left was a large crater along with a few pieces of rubble that had rolled in. In the center of the crater was a bronze throne and a devastatingly beautiful girl.

The girl of course is Yatogami Tohka, the Princess. She has long violet hair and matching eyes, wearing a deep purple battledress with a black corset and an iridescent light-purple double-layered skirt made from what appears to be pure energy. She also has a pair of matching deep purple gauntlets.

Ten male players took the lead and rushed forward to be the first to talk to her, but Justice knows this is just a delusion. He understands Tohka had been feeling like a cornered beast constantly under attack and is ready to strike at anyone near her. Shidou only survived in the anime as he was by himself and was unarmed.

“Yatogami Tohka!” One of the players called out loudly with infatuation, “I will make you mine!”

Yatogami Tohka drew her two-handed great sword from her throne, Sandalphon, in hostility and slashed it at the incoming players without mercy. Several blades of iridescent light-purple energy fire from the sword blade and sweep though the incoming players.

These players are completely ordinary humans, there was simply no method for them to evade even if they wanted to.

Bodies were immediately split in two. The lucky ones had the Tohka’s spirit mana sweep through their bodies and instantly turn them to ash, while the unlucky ones could only wail in pain as they slowly died on the ground looking at their own hewn bodies and overflowing innards.

Yatagami Tohka looked at the sight with sorrow before transferring her gaze toward the remaining 40 players in the surrounding area.

“Are you here to kill me too?” She asks sadly toward the surrounding people, each and every one of them feeling cold sweat beading on their foreheads.

Justice secretly moved further away during the first confrontation between the players and Tohka. The sight of the slaughter before caused his blood to boil in excitement like how he used to feel when he was still fighting anyone he could, only much more intense. It only increased in strength when one of the energy blade brushed past him and utterly destroyed a nearby apartment building. The thrill of such danger passing so close to him seemed to invigorate every cell of his body.

Justice grinned to himself and pulled his Desert Eagle out from his belt as a truly insidious idea pervaded his mind. Before the second group of players attempt to approach Tohka and try to put out a treaty, he aimed his gun at one of the players near Tohka and pulled the trigger


The sharp gunshot broke the silence, startling everyone and reinciting the hostility of Tohka. The bullet hits the player on the shoulder and blood pours out of the wound followed by a sob of pain. This is only the beginning as everyone rushes for cover in a panic. Justice isn’t willing to let things be done with that however and before the other players can find cover, fires the gun until the clip is empty.

An intense gunfight erupted next as everyone became paranoid of the other players and started trying to kill each other not only for the points but to remove a hidden knife at their back. Not a single bullet was shot at Tohka though. Even though 500 G-coins was a massive amount, they firstly wanted her for lust or greed for power, but more importantly everyone understood that as ordinary humans, fighting a spirit in her Astral Dress was suicide.

The first person Justice shot managed to hide behind a large piece of rubble, while two more suffered fatal bullet wounds in the chest and died. Justice also received two surprising messages which left him more than pleased.

[Killed player#003. Awarded 20 G-coins and inherited 1m3 of Dimensional Storage.]

[Killed player#072. Awarded 20 G-coins and inherited 1m3 of Dimensional Storage.]

With forty G-coins earned from killing two players, Justice’s value is back up to 70 G-coins. That is enough for a considerable piece of defensive equipment or some other enhancement. He still hasn’t looked in the other item categories, but he doesn’t think any of them would be lacking.

There was no chance someone as strong as Tohka didn’t notice the instigator of the event. Several other players did too and were biting their teeth wanting to shoot him, but Justice had positioned himself at an excellent location where he can vanish and leave the battleground while everyone else must keep an eye on one another to avoid a bullet in the back.

Tohka, who was suddenly left out of the fight, felt out of place. She continued to look toward Justice across the crossfire when she saw the latter start making strange signs with his hands to her.

Justice wanted to both convey a message, and catch Tohka’s interest. He is extremely interested in both her strength and her beauty. He feels a fiery passion to have someone like her by his side.

First Justice puts on finger over his lip to indicate, “be silent.”

Next, he makes a walking and hopping action with both hands.

He then follows up with some random hand signs that even he is not sure whether they are real or not.

Lastly, he indicates for her to come over to where he is.

Tohka’s interest is truly caught, and with her absolute superiority in strength, felt no fear toward the players and their guns as she walked through the middle of the gunfight. These guns are like small toys compared to the weapons of the Anti-Spirit Team (AST) that she is used to, and even they can’t hurt her.

One truly passionate player jumped out from cover to try and stop Tohka from leaving, but several bullets find his back not long after. Until the fight is over, everyone is restraining each other and no one has the chance to leave.

“Who are you?” Tohka asked coldly when standing in front of Justice.

“You can call me Justice. For now, we need to leave this place,” Justice grins and inclines for Tohka to follow him, showing her his back in the process.

Tohka had been fighting with her instincts this whole time. The only problem with that, is that she is an anime natural airhead and in reality, can’t detect killing intent. If she could, she wouldn’t have slaughtered those first ten players. Justice simply decided to treat her instinct as the primitive type and showed her his vulnerability, since she won’t simply attack him for no reason. That’s under the assumption she isn’t offended by his words of course.


“Well, those people who always come and attack you. Yes, those ones. They are currently on their way here, so we need to leave.”

“So, you are here to kill me too!”

Tohka instantly brandished her sword and swung it down upon Justice, releasing a terrifying blade of energy. Justice recognized the action as soon as she raised her sword and moved aside to avoid the blow before instantly closing the distance between him and Tohka.

The thrill of a fight excited him, even if he had no chance of winning, but Justice wasn’t planning on fighting Tohka.

Justice quickly wrapped one arm around Tohka’s supple waist, pulling her close to his body so she couldn’t swing her sword down upon him and gently said in her ear, “Miss Tohka, I want you to be mine. I won’t deny your existence, I shall cherish you instead and give you a place to stand by my side from now till the rest of eternity. That lonely sadness of yours, allow me to erase it for you.”

These words said in the real world would without a doubt be fruitless, perhaps even incite some ridicule, but in terms of this beautiful girl, it struck a cord deep within her heart.

Tohka first blushed furiously, letting out her gentle side for the first time. She then hardened her gaze and wrapped one arm around Justice while the other held her great sword against the back of his neck and said, “D-do you really mean it?”

“Really,” Even Justice felt a bit of cold sweat from the great sword resting against the back of his neck. The strength of the girl holding it, even with one hand, was not to be scoffed at.

“Really, really?”

“Really, really.”

“Really, really, really?”

“Really, really, really. Do I have to do this all day with you?”

“T-t-then prove that you mean it!”

Tohka looked dizzy and didn’t know what to say, but she still clung onto Justice and didn’t let him go. Some of the other players saw this and felt their livers turn green with envy. In their view, not only was Tohka taken away by someone else, but it all happened so quick too!

“Very well. This is a pledge of my words, one which forever cannot be broken.”

Justice placed one hand on the side of her face, feeling her soft tender skin before running his fingers through her violet hair and placing his lips over hers. The moment their lips pressed on one another, Justice could taste cherry and deeply indulged himself in the kiss. He didn’t stick his tongue in her mouth though as that’s something that can wait until later.

Tohka’s great sword was slowly released from the back of Justice’s neck as she too became infatuated with the kiss, holding him tighter and making Justice feel like his back is about to break.

[Congratulations on completing Hidden Quest: Capture Yatogami Tohka’s Heart.]

[Reward: 500 G-coins]

System’s cheerful voice rang from Justice’s pocket at this moment, causing Justice to pull his phone out and look at the cartoon teddy bear, System, letting off party poppers on his screen. Happy at the reward but also not wanting to deal with System momentarily.

“Who’s Yatogami Tohka? You also called me Miss Tohka, Justice,” Tohka asked in confusion.

Justice smiled helplessly to this and simply replied to her, “You are Yatogami Tohka. That is your name.”

“My name?!”

“Don’t dwell on it too much, you will understand more in the future. For now, shall we get going?”


Justice wasn’t sure how spirits returned to the other dimension, but he does recall that many of them stay in the world permanently, so staying should be a voluntary choice for the spirits. With that thought over, Justice lead Tohka away from ground zero of the spatial quake with the sound of gunfire still sounding in the background. He is aware that the Fraxinus high up in the sky will have their sensors locked onto the two of them, but they’re not an organization that is hostile to the spirits and wanted to protect them instead. The only problem is Itsuka Kotori who is without a doubt angry about her brother Shidou’s matter and may take unreasonable actions.

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