Eternal Anime War: Chapter 4

Author Note: For those curious, rules about revealing information on the future or player status will be restricted as of the next world.

Chapter 4: Theodore Flint

Fraxinus Command Center

“Commander, Princess’ mood meter has instantly maxed out!” Vice Commander Kyouhei Kannazuki said to Kotori, who was currently wearing black ribbons to tie her red hair into twin-tails.

“I can see that, idiot!” Kotori bit down on her lollipop and said in frustration.

“He’s a true master!” Dimension Breaker Nakatsugawa passionately cried out.

“How’s Shidou’s condition?” Kotori ignored Nakatsugawa and turned to a long and unkempt, pale-blue haired woman who despite having dark circles under eyes, still maintained a beautiful appearance

Analysis Officer Murasame Reine stated lazily, “Itsuka Shidou’s condition has stabalized and shall wake up shortly.”

“Good, what about that other person we picked up? The one who said he wanted to join Ratatoskr. Where is he?”

Reine hesitated momentarily at this point and replied, “He should be wandering around the Fraxinus at this point.”

“Commander, if you like, I shall go get him!” Kannazuki said passionately, flaunting his long blond hair and natural handsome looks.

“Shut up!” Kotori threw a punch into his solar plexus, warranting a strange “Thank you” from Kannazuki before he collapsed backwards in defeat.

It was at this time that the man who wanted to join Ratatoskr also walked into the command center of the Fraxinus. If Justice was present, he would recognize the man as the player who warned the player who shot Shidou not to go too far. Clearly, he spoke up then carried Shidou off with the purpose of joining Ratatoskr.

The man had blond hair much like Kannazuki, only much shorter. He wore a pair of black rimmed glasses and had a face that would be considered quite handsome. He wore a loose grey shirt with a logo unknown to everyone on the Fraxinus and deep blue jeans.

“My name is Theodore Flint, but you can just call me Theo. As for who I am, I am Murusame Reine’s husband,” Theo stated passionately before moving closer to Rein and dragging her into his embrace, despite her protests, while ignoring the befuddled and shocked gazes of the rest of the crew.

“I don’t recall having a husband such as you,” Reine struggled in Theo’s grasp but is incapable of resisting and is forced to sit on his lap once he takes a chair. “I must ask you to release me.”

“My dear Reine, do relax.”

“Do you believe I can’t get away?” Reine gave her standard half-asleep gaze at Theo and calmly asked.

Theo gave her a devious grin in response that made Reine feel slightly uneasy before moving closer and whispering into her ear, “I have no doubt that you can get away, but if you do so, you risk exposing the fact that you’re not human.”

Reine’s expression changes for the first time and she seemed to wake up slightly as she gave Theo a sharp glance, but that quickly changed back to the usual countenance after which she asked, “I don’t know what you mean. What else would I be?”

Theo’s gaze turned cold as he said, “Now now, you don’t need to play innocent with me. You are willing to sacrifice everything for your goal but not yourself? Your desire has already been derailed by our appearance. It is doomed for failure. I know far more than those other idiots who are chasing Yatogami Tohka around like a bunch of animals in heat and even they should be able to tell you that much.”

Theo then released his arms from around Reine, leaving her to sit on his lap there without restrain. Despite not being held down anymore, Reine still remains sitting there.

“What are you doing Reine, and Theodore? Are you done playing around?” Kotori scolded from her commander’s position.

Reine looked at her innocently and finally gets up off Theo before saying, “I believe Theo needs to prove his competence if he wants to join Ratatoskr.”

Theo sat in his chair leisurely and looked at everyone. They are all quite curious as to how he will prove his competence.

“I am one of a hundred people who came over from another world, and based on what I can tell, every single one of us are knowledgeable of the future of this world. Commander Kotori, I strongly recommend you don’t trust them though, as they will either want to conquer you or kill you. Actually, I strongly suggest you remain aboard the Fraxinus until we leave this world again and stay safe.”

Theo’s phrase sounded completely alien to the members of Ratatoskr, and no one was sure on whether to laugh or not. The only one who was completely stern was Reine, who seemed to have guessed something.

“Allow me to give a demonstration. There should be monitoring devices in the shelters for when a space quake is detected, right? Have a look over those cameras for me. I’m also quite curious as to how many people are dead. I’m sure there is a reason each hundred of us were chosen to come here, right System?”

Theo pulled out his phone and pried System for information, but the cartoon teddy bear on his screen just slept on top of one of his app icons and pretended not to hear.

Kotori immediately orders the crew of the Fraxinus to connect to the public terminal and search through the shelters.

Just as Theo predicted, in several shelters, mainly the smaller ones, was a scene of absolute carnage. Dead bodies lay everywhere and rivers of blood flowed. A particularly terrifying one was a shelter where nearly a hundred people were massacred and cut into pieces and standing in the middle was a brown-haired woman about 25 years old laughing manically.

“They certainly didn’t waste any time getting started.” Theo says calmly despite the disgusting scenes and the people watching it retching, “It seems my prediction was correct, disposition was indeed a factor when choosing players. Really, not one person with a straight sense of morals among us all, just what is System aiming for? The worst of them also went straight for shelters to farm easy points.”

Kotori’s face was pale after seeing these scenes. While she can stomach the sight of dead bodies and has seen many before, the brutality of some of these shelters on the monitor were truly gruesome.

“What kind of monsters are you?!” Kotori shouted in anger, her hands grasping her knees to try and stop their trembling.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Theo helplessly shrugged his shoulders. “If you put a hundred people in a field of wheat and tell them you’ll pay them one dollar for every stalk of wheat they harvest, what do you think those people would do?”

Reine was also completely unfazed about the scene before them. She stood in the corner and looked on calmly, as if analysing the situation.

“People aren’t wheat!! And what about you?! How can you be so calm after looking at that!?” Kotori stood from her seat and pointed a trembling finger at the screen showing the scene of the woman among the body pieces.

“Little commander, it is but a difference of opinion. Don’t worry though, I want to help you get rid of these people. Does this count as being able to join Ratatoskr? Of course, there are things I want as well.”

“What do you want?” Kotori had someone close the monitor and took her seat back.

Theo slouched leisurely in his chair, crossing one leg over another and raised up one finger, “First of all, another one of our goals are the killing each other, it’s actually much more rewarding than killing ordinary civilians. In this sense, our goals align. You wish to stop these malignant tumors, and I wish to kill them.”

“Secondly,” Theo raising up another finger, “I want a Combat Realizer Unit. You don’t need to worry about the specifics, us 100 otherworlders have unique body types that allow for it’s usage. It’s just a matter of a little practice.”

“Lastly,” A third finger is raised, “I wish for… Well, I wish for Reine of course.”

Reine responded drowsily from the corner of the command center, “Unfortunately I have no interest in men. I’m afraid I will disappoint you.”

Theo restored his knowledgeable smirk while looking at Reine, making the latter feel uneasy, “Don’t you mean, you have no interest in other men? I know I can never sway your heart. But your devotion is what will make you give me what I want.”

“What are you talking about?” Kotori asked dangerously, feeling left out from the conversation despite being the commander.

“Little commander, such a matter is a very private affair. While you may be in charge around here, it is a little… uncomfortable to pry into such personal affairs between men and women,” Theo stated shyly, causing Kotori to blush furiously and look away.

Although he successfully diverted Kotori and the others’ thoughts, Reine calmly analysed his words and understood exactly what he was talking about. He didn’t want herself, what Theo wanted was in fact a Sephira Crystal.

“Theodore,” Reine said in monotone, “I’ve analysed it and you’ve already said everything, why shouldn’t we just throw you off the ship now and be done with you? Your demands are too outrageous, there is no way we can meet them.”

“Reine, this is for me to decide,” Kotori said domineeringly.

“Yes, commander.”

Theo maintained his calm, looking at everyone in the crew. The five members who are to help Shidou make decision in making spirits fall in love with him are completely lost in the conversation and not sure what’s happening anymore. Kannazuki seemed to understand most of it and had been dumbly nodding his head toward Commander Kotori’s words, but Reine and Kotori are the only two truly following the conversation.

“Actually, there is much I haven’t said yet. One of the most important things is every one of us should have at least some knowledge of the future. Whilst I can’t say how much others know, I can guarantee that no one knows more than me. Forget about the people running in circles on the ground, I can almost guarantee that one or two will be running to join DEM soon. I can also guide that brother of yours to help seal spirits. Whether you can see it or not, you need me.”

Kotori’s face darkened after hearing that, Theo had already demonstrated his intellect and it is definitely an ill omen for people like him to join DEM at their current standing.

“What if we can get them to join us instead? We won’t need you then,” Kotori pointed out but only incited a chuckle from Theo.

“I forgot to mention, although killing each other is more beneficial to us than killing innocents. The most favourable is actually killing spirits. Killing a spirit while she is wearing her astral dress is impossible, but what about those who have their power sealed? I’ve already shown you my good faith with what I’ve told you already, but you’ve seen what the others are like, are you really willing to trust them? We’re all maniacs in one way or another, I’m just a maniac on your side.”

Kotori looked sternly at Theo’s unfaltering smile for a while before saying, “Very well, welcome to Ratatoskr. I will meet your first and second condition, the third has nothing to do with me! I’m expecting you to pull your weight around here or I’ll personally throw you off the Fraxinus. A monster like you falling fifty thousand feet will definitely be your retribution.”

[Congratulations on completing Hidden Quest: Join Ratatoskr.]

[Reward: 100 G-coins]

System spoke up from Theo’s phone, notifying him of completing a hidden quest. Theo didn’t look surprised though, as if he already predicted this quest.

“A pleasure to be aboard commander. Oh, I’m sure you understand perfectly well that it is best you stay on the Fraxinus for the immediate future. If you must leave, at least allow me to follow alongside you. You understand why, right?”

Kotori was incredibly furious but doesn’t have any words to refute Theo with. Theo then stood up and bowed slightly to Kotori to portray his servitude before indicating for Reine to follow,

“Speaking of which, what happened with the first spirit, Princess?” Theo asked once the two leave the command center and there were no eavesdroppers.

“Princess’s mood reached its peak and has become attached to one of you people.”

“Well that certainly puts a wrench in the plan of having Shidou seal her power and absorb it into himself, but it’s not an impossible matter. He should be waking up about now too, the injury was pretty good but the healing flames work fast after all. It seems I need to raise my evaluation of those fools running in circles on the ground, for one of them to act so fast and decisively, it is truly surprising.”

“The thing you want…” Reine said uncertainly.

“You know what I want. To be specific as to which, Gabriel. You still have it, don’t you?”

“You!” Reine’s eyes hardened, displaying both her surprise and reluctance.

“Miss Reine, I won’t go into the specific details regarding you, but your plan has already been completely derailed. Without my assistance, I’m afraid the future looks bleak. Sacrifices sometimes must be made to maintain the status quo.”

Reine is silent for a long time, before she eventually produced a perfectly round gem. Theo can instantly tell that it’s the real thing and holds his hand out with a gentle smile. Reine’s gaze becomes increasingly dignified as she placed it into his hand.

“You said your bodies are slightly different, let’s see just how. Know that I also have the ability to rip this power from your body should you betray me, Theodore Flint.”

“But of course,” Theo said charmingly as the crystal is absorbed into his hand and vanishes.

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