Eternal Anime War: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Understanding System and the [Store]

“Quick, in here,” Justice led Tohka into a building away from ground zero of the space quake.

Tohka let herself be pulled by Justice and blushes.

“Why do we have to hide? They can’t hurt me. And I won’t let them hurt you”

“That isn’t the point. It is best if this group of AST members coming don’t know what you look like.”

Justice shook his head gently and told her that as fun as a good fight can be, sometimes fighting head on isn’t the answer. They can fight them later, but for now they need to avoid their eyesight. Justice recalled one of the rules of the AST have is that they don’t easily get jurisdiction to fight inside buildings, nor are they overly skilled at indoor fighting.

The building Justice led Tohka into was a large department mall. They should be able to hide from the AST as well as the prying eyes of the Fraxinus in here. Justice also recognized the location as where Itsuka Shidou had his second meeting the second spirit, Yoshino, or otherwise known as Hermit.

“Tohka, the AST have detectors that can locate and track your spirit mana. You need to hide from those devices first,”

Tohka averted her eyes slightly and awkwardly said, “Umm, I don’t know how to even if you say so.”

Justice pinched Tohka’s chin, lifts her face and kissed her on the lips, causing her eyes to swim and her hands to awkwardly grasp on to Justice’s shirt, her strength nearly ripping it in two despite not meaning to.

“Tohka, have a little more confidence in yourself. Now close your eyes and follow my words. A detecter can only function as long as there is something to detect reaching it. A sunlight detector can’t work when there is no light. Your body contains and is constantly send out spirit mana, think of it as tiny particles… No, you wouldn’t understand that. Consider it as tiny balls smaller than the eye can see constantly being sent out from your body like rays of light.”

“Focus on these little balls escaping your body, Catch these ball and stop them from escaping your body.”

Tohka focused with her eyes closed and a serious expression, but eventually puffed her cheeks and stated, “I can’t do it! What balls? I can’t feel anything!”

A snicker came from Justice’s pocket. Justice pulled out his phone to see the cartoon teddy bear System holding his stomach laughing.

He immediately felt furious and asked, “What are you laughing at System?”

[System finds your guidance to be very amusing. System decided that laughter is the best response for such a thing.]

“Fuck! Why are you being an arsehole?!”

[Whelp, System warned you that if you insult System, System will insult you]

Tohka was curious about Justices phone and looked over his shoulder, “What’s this, Justice? Who’s the cute bear?”

[Yatogami Tohka, please refer to System as System in the future, not as a cute bear.]

“Okay, System,” Tohka smiled at System. “System, do you know how I can hide my spirit mana? Justice said it’s very important but I can’t do it.”

[Should User give permission, Yatogami Tohka may operate the phone to purchase the appropriate technique from the store. Of course, user will pay all costs of Yatogami Tohka’s purchses.]

This knowledge greatly shocked Justice, as he realized there are lots of things System never told him during the introduction. The cartoon teddy bear took the opportunity to open the [Store] app on the phone, select the [Techniques] subcategory and scrolls down to one particular item.

Mana Control – 100 G

[Mana Control will not teach how to cultivate mana, but it will provide knowledge on how to use and manage all forms of mana, allowing it to integrate with the body perfectly.]

“Justice, can I get it?” Tohka looked at the phone with extreme interest. As something new to her, she showed great interest in it.

“Of course, but take off your gauntlets first, I’m sure system doesn’t want you poking a hole in him.” Justice affirmed, after completing the hidden quest he had 570 G-coins, spending a hundred to keep Tohka hidden by his side is well worth it.

[System is much sturdier than you realize. Even you, with your measly strength, is no threat to System.]

“Does that mean if I accidentally drop you on the ground I don’t have to worry about your screen cracking?”

[Whelp, please don’t insult System or System will insult you.]

“Fuck! How was that an insult?!”

The conversation ended there as Tohka takes of her gauntlets, causing them to dissipate into light particles and reveal her pristine hands that seem to be more of a work of art than anything. Justice handed the phone to her, after which she used a slender finger to press on the technique name to buy it.

The screen of the phone then shone with a bright light onto Tohka. As if receiving a sudden enlightened, she closed her eyes to concentrate as a vast amount of knowledge that couldn’t be expressed in words pouring into her mind.

“System, can Tohka purchase anything as long as long as she has my permission?” Justice asked the cartoon teddy bear curiously.

[As Yatogami Tohka does not have a Dimensional Body, as long as User permits, she may purchase and use anything other than items from the [Modification Items] subcategory and other consumable items. Should user decide to bring her out of this world, at said time Yatogami Tohka will be transitioned into a Dimensional Body.]

Justice glanced at Tohka who still had her eyes closed and is shut off from the world before whispering, “System, what are the rules for bringing people out of this world?”

[All users who survive the world are permitted to bring one individual out of the world free of cost. Any additional individuals will cost 1000 G-coins per person.]

Justice nodded silently and waited for Tohka to open her eyes again. Once she did Justice took the phone back and asked, “Systam, please show me all relevant sword and fist techniques for 300 G-coins or less, descending order.”

[User has levelled up and learned how to use System.]

“Fuck! Just show me!” Justice cursed at System’s mocking.

A brief list of sword and fist techniques come up and Justice chose one of each.

Hiten Mitsurugi-ryuu [Beginner] – 200 G
Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist [Beginner] – 220 G

The first is the legendary sword style from Rurouni Kenshin, while the latter is a school of martial arts from One Punch Man. While both skills are only at the beginner stage of proficiency, they are still extremely strong techniques.

The sword style was given to Tohka to learn as her sword fighting technique is far too naïve and straight forward. The Hiten Mitsurugi-ryuu was perfect for her, and even Justice felt a little palpitation thinking about how strong it may make her.

The Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist is the style of martial arts Justice chose for himself. While he has found guns to be fun to play with, and a safer option when fighting from a distance, what truly excited Justice is fighting up close and personal.

Justice looked at the cost for more advanced versions of the techniques, and is shocked at how expensive it is. The intermediate version costs ten times that of the beginner version, advanced version is ten times the intermediate, and master proficiency is ten times again, costing a grand total of 200,000 G-coins and 220,000 G-coins. It would be better for them to simply train the techniques on their own.

After the two learnt each technique, Justice scrolled through the other categories with the remaining 50 G-coins he has. [Defensive Items] has a wide range of items of armor, high tech barriers and even battle suits which Justice questioned whether they should be in the [Weapons] category.

[Accessories] contained magical equipment that can increase a person’s strength, speed, resistances, and a myriad of other things as well. [Support Items] is full of consumables for battle and recovery. This included grenades, magic talismans, medicine, and even some equipment that can be used for limb regrowth.

[Modification Items] is without a doubt the most important as it contains all the essential items for increasing the users’ stats and enhancing the Dimensional Body. It is even possible to replace body parts or use gene alteration medicaments from within this category. [Miscellaneous Items] only has cheap, ordinary items such as household items and food.

Justice opens up his [Stats] page again to have a look at its current state.

Player#: 27
Nationality: America
Name: Justice Stuart
Gender: M
Age: 20
Health: Healthy

Phyical: 12
Mental: 10
Stamina: 10
Immunity: 9

Attack:  22
Defence: 2

G-Coins: 50

Casual clothing [+1 Def], Desert Eagle [+22 Atk]

Unique Skills/Powers:
Dimension Storage [3m3]
Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist [Beginner]

“System, explain the stats to me.” Justice said, but the cartoon teddy bear didn’t reply and just pulled out a big sign that explains each of the four attributes of the user.

[Physical: (Pursuit of the warrior) Affects strength and speed.]

[Mental: (Pursuit of the soul) Affects intelligence, resistance 
to spells and spell power might.]

[Stamina: (Pursuit of the body) Affects how much energy is stored 
within your body and how fast you can recover it.]

[Immunity: (Pursuit of the immortal) Affects body and cell resilience. 
Increases resistance to disease and extends the natural lifespan.]

Justice is surprised by the meaning and affect behind the stats, but he calmly accepted them. He then kept his remaining G-coins for later usage while leading Tohka to look for a pharmacy and take some medical supplies while all the civilians are still in the emergency shelters.

Tohka happily complied to follow, but she kept tugging on his shirt asking for his phone with great interest. After great persistence, he ended up handing it over to her as there is nothing harmful she can do with it.

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