Eternal Anime War: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Appearance of the AST

As per the anime and Justice’s prediction, the AST arrived at the crater of the Space Quake shortly after. Five members led by Tobiichi Origami in their CR-Units, even though the captain of the team was Kusakabe Ryouko, flew in only to witness the result of a deadly gunfight between the players and were confused at what was going on.

Most of the players in the area were dead an only five were surviving at this point. Origami took the initiative to land in the middle of the gunfight which acted as a strong deterrent to the rest of the players and made them cease fire.

After the killing started, no one could stop. One player managed to negotiate a cease fire between the players and tried to leave but that was quickly ended with a bullet in his back. The last five players were completely in a dead lock and whoever ran out of bullets first would be the first to die. These players all have twisted dispositions deep inside and would not let the chance of free benefits go.

There were only two people who escaped the gunfire. The first was Justice, who cunningly left himself a way out before starting the war. The second was the man Justice shot in the shoulder, who played dead for a while before slipping away like a rat.

“What’s going on here?” Ryouko asked gravely as she dropped to the ground beside Origami and eyes off the surviving five players.

It wasn’t just one who had the idea of killing Origami in order to see if there was a hidden quest related to it, but as long as she wore her CR-Unit, they all knew the attempt was suicide. Everyone tucked their pistols into their belts and gradually began to back away. No one wanted to try and charm the girl that they all know is completely infatuated with Itsuka Shidou, not to mention the fact that one of the players shot him in the back.

“Halt!” Origami stated in a chilly voice after looking around. “Where is the spirit?”

It is unknown who thought of it first, but one of the players said, “That arsehole took her away and vanished down one of the alleys over there. Shouldn’t you go chase after them? You have sensors to detect spirit mana don’t you?”

“The signal disappeared as soon as we got here, the situation is unknown and the higher ups are commanding us to investigate,” Ryouko stated while indicating for Origami to put the player down. “As for the five of you, we have received the order to bring you back to headquarters. You have already committed open murder, do not resist or we will be forced to supress you.”

The five players had cold sweat on their back hearing those words. The results of going back to their Headquarters is unlikely to be favourable.

One of the players tried to escape but an AST member dropped from the sky before him and sent him flying with a casual punch in the stomach. The man curled up on the ground with blood pouring from his mouth and it was unsure as to whether he would live for long with such severe internal injuries.

None of the other four members resisted and were forcefully detained by the five AST girls. They were then forcefully carried back to the JGSDF headquarters for interrogation while reinforcements were call in to secure and clean up the area. Everyone naturally assumed the spirit had already returned to the other dimension. Even the five captured players and Theodore Flint aboard the Ratatoskr assumed as such.


Looking out from a window in the mall, Justice sighed in relief seeing the AST squad leave ground zero. He suspected soon some anime workers will be sent in to clean up all the damage at a physics defying pace before all the civilians were released from the shelters.

“Justice, can you tell me again why everyone is hiding?” Tohka asked innocently while pulling on his arm. She was in casual dress now and not wearing her Astral Dress, so her breasts strongly clung to his arm, causing a fire to burn within Justice.

Tohka wasn’t wearing the tradition school uniform of Itsuka Shodou’s school like the original plot but instead was dressed in the imitation of a thin white sweater, black skirt and black stockings that Justice found in the display of one of the mall’s clothing stores.

“Surely you notice the destruction every time you would appear in this world. When you come into this world, a massive explosion of destruction called a Space Quake is caused. I will show you a video later. The very first one 30 years ago killed 150 milion people. This is the main reason they keep trying to kill you. There are a few others, but they are less important.”

Tohka’s expression became downcast about this and she gloomily asked, “Do I really cause that much pain? Am I really unwelcome in this world?”

“Did I not make a pledge with you? Why are you depressed about this? So what if this world rejects you. I do not, and I will lead you to leave this world with me together. You are going to stay with me for all eternity, are you not?”

Justice held Tohka against the wall and kissed her deeply between each line, halfway through he extended his tongue and parted her tender lips with it. Tohka is surprised at first and nearly bit his tongue, but eventually lets it invade her mouth.

Her face was as red as a tomato as she gripped onto Justice’s back and tried to follow his actions, but her tongue was like a lost child not knowing where to go.

Justice eventually scooped her tongue up with his and entangles them together. Tohka began to get the rhythm after that and managed to advance her tongue to meet his with each breath. Their tongues dance together as they both begin to breath deeper and enjoy the comfort of one another.

Justice, grinning slyly, retrieved his tongue and pulled his head back to look at the infatuated Tohka, “Oh, could it be that you want more?”

Tohka timidly nodded her head and looked at him expectantly.

Justice was also deeply infatuated with Tohka but just doesn’t show it, so he had no problems continuing. He placed his lips back of over Tohka’s and continues kissing her. Her mouth opened on its own initiative this time and allowed Justice’s tongue to meet with hers and mix their saliva together.

A sly hand made its way to the hem of Tohka’s sweater and snuck its way inside, feeling her slender waist and tracing the edge of her stomach. Tohka’s body became completely malleable under Justice’s touch as she tried to manoeuvre her body to match with his movements.

Justice slowly moved away from her mouth and kissed along her cheek before gently nibbling on and exhaling his hot breath across her ear, causing Tohka to close her eyes and faintly let out an embarrassing moan. At the same time Justice’s hand continued to move deeper into her thin sweater and eventually traced around and grasped onto Tohka’s right breast, which is big enough to fit his entire hand perfectly.

Perhaps it was because her battledress consisted of a corset, but Tohka had no knowledge of bras and as such naturally wasn’t wearing one. Her right breast fell bare into the grasp of Justice’s malicious hand. Justice could feel her small cherry nipple poking into the palm of his hand so he tenderly pinched it and entices another arousing sound from Tohka.

Tohka’s grasp on Justice tightened as she forcefully pulled his head back away from her ear, locked their lips and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth, seeking to let out all the pleasant feelings she is experiencing at this moment. Justices also pushed his body against Tohka’s more tightly and placed more strength in his hand, molding her breasts according to his grip.

Justice’s hand gradually left her breasts and began tracing their way down the center of her stomach, stopping at her naval briefly before continuing to go down further. Tohka was too preoccupied at the time, twisting her tongue to tangle it together with Justice’s, that she is late in reacting.

It wasn’t until his hand was already in her skirt and just past the waistband of her underwear, which was also black, that she reacted and hastily caught his hand with hers.

“No… not there…” Tohka implored Justice.

Justice could already feel the top of her bald slit, and just a little further around the curvature was his goal. However, he wasn’t the type to person to force a girl, regardless of the circumstance or world. As such, he could only try to take some advantages while backing away.

“…Only if you… promise it’s okay… next time…” Justice teased gently between kissing while twitching his finger gently and stimulating a massive response from Tohka who bit her bottom lip in pleasure.

Tohka doesn’t say anything but clung to Justice even tighter, almost strangling him. He can feel her nod softly into his shoulder and he casually withdrew his hand from inside her skirt.

“Remember our pledge. You are forever mine, and I shall give you a place to stand proudly by my side. You shall give me everything and I shall cherish you for the rest of eternity. This is not your world because this is not my world. I come from a different world, a world which is now also yours, because whichever world is my world, will always be your world.”

Tohka opened her eyes in surprise at Justice, hearing he too came from another world, but then she closed them again and gently rested her face against his. Along with a deep crimson blush was a smile that made all the world’s colors look dull. Justice wasn’t sure if she’d smiled in such a way even during the original anime.

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