Eternal Anime War: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Mass Murder

An hour later, the safety shelters protecting civilians from the space quakes and subsequent spirits opened and people began to go back to their lives. Several shelters emerged only had a single person, or a significant lesser number of civilians that went in, emerge.

Justice and Tohka were strolling through the mall to hide from the prying eyes of Ratatoskr when one nearby opened. All that emerged, however, was a single man with cropped hair and wearing a blood-stained tank top.

Tohka was holding a paper bag full of pastries in the crook of her arm at the time, gorging on them one after another and showing off her bottom stomach that can only be seen in anime. Justice felt a headache at the sight and was glad he took the opportunity to fill up his dimensional storage with various food from around the mall.

As Justice noted the person with a blood-stained tank top, he instantly recognized him as a player. There were no mass murderers in the anime, so naturally one appearing now would be someone not of this world. Justice was clear that this man took the option of killing humans for G-coins. He has no qualm with him killing people for G-coins however, as he is someone who wants to kill players for G-coins and increasing his dimensional storage himself.

The blood-stained player also noted Justice’s existence, but his pupils fiercely contracted to pinholes upon seeing Tohka. As an original spirit from the anime, she is a great deterring force against anyone who recognizes her. The player was hesitant however, since Tohka wasn’t currently wearing her astral dress.

Justice could tell that the man’s weapon wasn’t a gun based on the bloodstains on him and grinned. Ensuring that there were no civilians in the vicinity yet, he leaned forward and charged at the man with his hand in the pose of the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.

“Justice!” Tohka cried out in worry and dropped her bag of pastries upon seeing him run off.

“Haha, you want to kill me?” The player laughed cruelly and pulled out a long sabre from his dimensional storage and slashes down on Justice.

Justice’s hands moved like flowing water and slapped the face of the falling blade with the back of his hand. The blood-stained player however had used his G-coins to increase his [Physical] attribute considerably though and Justice’s strike wasn’t enough to completely alter the path of the sabre as it still tore through his clothing and took a small chunk of skin from his shoulder.

Justice struck out with his other hand in a counter attack. The Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist is strongly focused on defending against attacks and counter-attacking with maximum force. His fist attacked with the snake form fist, a sharp, penetrating strike.

The player grunted in pain and took two steps back. A small amount of blood flowed from where Justice’s strike pierced his skin but could go no further due to the latter’s strength of body.

Tohka equiped her astral dress and was about to summon Sandalphon but Justice signalled for her to stop. This was his fight and he wasn’t about to let it end so soon.

The player and Justice exchanged blow for blow. Justice moved about fluidly like water and either offset the player’s saber or avoided it to minimizing damage while the player would rely on his body strengthened by [Store] items to resist Justice’s fist strikes.

“You’re good,” the man coughed up blood and said through gritted teeth. “What [Technique] is that?”

“Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist,” Justice replied energetically.

Despite being covered in minor wounds and having blood flowing all over himself, he felt more alive at this moment than ever before. He avoided another slash of the saber and hit the player with a flat palm, breaking through his defense again and damaging his organs.

The player couldn’t take anymore and dropped to a knee with bated breaths. Justice didn’t let this opportunity go and attacked again, tearing his throat out completely and watching as blood poured down his chest and pooled on the ground.

[Killed player#092. Awarded 20 G-coins and inherited 3m3 of dimensional storage.]

“So, it turns out he’d already killed two other players and I inherit the full amount of his dimensional storage. A shame any items he had stored there are gone,” Justice mused to himself before falling to the ground in exhaustion with a massive grin on his face.

Tohka finally approached him and checked over the wounds on his body, touching them tenderly as if afraid to make them worse.

“You’re too soft Tohka,” Justice said to Tohka. “Help me up. Civilians will be arriving here shortly, and I want to go somewhere else.”

“Okay…” Tohka affirmed nervously, afraid that the person who gave her care and meaning in life was disappearing.

Tohka forgot the bag of fallen pastries and placed Justice on her back, ignoring all the blood on him.

“Umm, where should we go?”

Justice half closed his eyes momentarily to restore some stamina before directing Tohka to leave the mall and find a cheap hotel for them to stay at, leaving the player’s corpse behind. He made sure to make her avoid large people as much as possible, so they wouldn’t see his bloody body.

Tohka moved extremely fast and they soon found an old hotel with a weathered sign called the Yoshuku Hotel. They entered with Justice still weakly resting on Tohka’s back and after giving the owner all of Justice’s final wage from Reyn Confectionaries, he handed over a room key and turned a blind eye to everything else. Even in an anime, the US dollar holds a high persuasive value.

They found their room which contained a small wardrobe, desk, a single bed, and a small bathroom. While the furnishings were dismal, at least everything was clean.

Tohka helped Justice into the bathroom and ran a hot bath. When he took off his clothes to clean his all the blood off himself, Tohka blushed furiously and looked away. Justice pulled her into his embrace and grinned at her evilly.

“What are you getting so embarrassed for? You need to clean your body too. Come on, off with the clothes.”

Tohka put up a very weak resistance before complying with Justice. She always felt like she can’t keep up with him, but that didn’t stop her from her best. Her clothes were produced by her powers as a spirit, so only an intention is enough for them to turn into light particles and vanish, leaving her pristine body with a few stains from Justice’s blood on it. She tried to cover her breasts and vagina with her hands, but the pose only made her look more seductive.

Justice truly wanted to ravish her right now and enjoy their first night together in the hotel, but he couldn’t do it tonight. Even if Tohka threw herself on him right now, he doesn’t have the energy to have sex.

“Help me clean my wounds first,” Justice said, sitting on a small stool and allowing Tohka to fill a bucket with hot water to scrub him clean with. The Date a Live anime is set in Japan, so it is only natural he followed their bathing procedure, even if he had to keep his upper torso out of the bath.

The bathroom truly was small. Tohka tried to manoeuvre around him while cleaning off all the blood, but from time to time unavoidable had her naked body pressing against his.

Justice didn’t even wince while Tohka cleaned his wounds as she was extremely careful not to put too much pressure on them and would wipe them slowly. Once she was done, the two swapped positions and Justice carelessly used up all his energy to take the opportunity to feel up her body.

The two climbed into the small bath afterward, facing each other. There was nowhere near enough room for two and Tohka had to place her legs around Justice while his around her. Justice had the perfect view of her gorgeous body and while the latter wanted to cover herself and find a hole to hide in due to embarrassment, it was far too late for that.

“Do not be embarrassed around me. If anyone else tries to look at your body though, make sure to chop their head off,” Justice said evilly, leaning over to give Tohka a kiss. “It’s time to get out and I need your help stitching these wounds and bandaging me up.”

“Mmm…” Tohka hummed gently and helped dry him before taking him to the bedroom. Justice first opened the [Store] app on his phone and went into [Support Items] subcategory where he quickly located a large reel of surgical thread and a needle together only costing a single G-coin. Surgical thread was one of the few things that couldn’t be find at a local pharmacy in the mall and had to be purchased through System’s [Store] or taken from a hospital.

Tohka awkwardly held the needle and thread while looking at three larger wounds on Justice’s body that needed to be stitched. Tohka was as gentle as possible but obviously clumsy when stitching the wounds.

After that task is done, Justice then handed her some disinfectant and bandages to finish dressing the wounds, which she nearly turned him into a mummy with.

Justice also bought some clothes from the [Store] for another G-coin, bringing his total down to 68 G-coins.

“I’m hungry,” Tohka embarrassingly said in tune with her stomach grumbling.

Justice sighed before and withdrew some more pastries from his dimensional storage which she had a strange fondness for before telling her he will cook up a big dinner later. He then flicked on the tv and watched a special news report being broadcasted about thousands of people being murdered in the shelters.

The corpses around the crater of the space quake were cleaned up before the civilians returned to their lives, but rivers of blood in several shelters couldn’t be hidden. There was even a mention of the body of the player Justice left in the mall. Reports were made about several people and the police were currently hunting them down.

Along with several edited images of the people in the shelter, large rewards were posted for any person who contacted the authorities with information that can lead to their arrest. Thankfully Justice didn’t choose to massacre civilians for G-coins else his picture would be with them and the whole world would be turning into his enemy.

While distracted, Justice didn’t realize Tohka had gotten her hands on his phone and was scrolling through the [Store] with great interest.

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