Eternal Anime War: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Changes in the Second Faction

In a dark cellar beneath JGSDF HQ, five men were locked up in iron cells. One by one they were led to an interrogation room where an army Lieutenant Colonel would question them on the events that took place at the location of the space quake. When they returned to their cells, each of their bodies was beaten and bruised severely, a few of them even returned coughing up blood.

After cross referencing the information gained from the five prisoners, a meeting between the upper echelon was held immediately.

“Lieutenant Colonel, please brief us on your report of the prisoners,” The standing General of the JGSDF said from the head of the conference table.

Everyone present were at Major General rank and higher but the Lieutenant Colonel, as the interrogator of the prisoners, was especially included to speak his report.

“Yes General!” The Lieutenant Colonel saluted respectfully, “Based on the interrogation of the prisoners discovered in the midst of a gunfight near the space quake, we have uncovered several important pieces of information.”

“The first agendum is why they were at the location of the space quake and not inside the shelters along with all the other civilians. They were aware that the spirit, codename ‘Princess’, would appear at that time. Their intention was to approach her and make her their… ahem, they intended to make her their girlfriend.”

The Lieutenant Colonel paused here and felt a pressure emitting from the military higher echelon pressing down on him.

“Is that exactly what they said?” A Lieutenant General sitting near the head of the table asked with a frown after seeing the Lieutenant Colonel hesitant.

“No sir, there exact word was not girlfriend… they initially referred to her as their “waifu”. A term I felt unfit for such a report.”

A different Lieutenant General sitting next to the former one spoke up, “Lieutenant Colonel, this military report is of the utmost importance and your embarrassment is secondary. Do not alter the report and ensure that it is as accurate as possible.”

“Yes sir! Well, according to the prisoners, this spirit, also known as Yatogami Tohka, is highly naïve and purehearted. As such, she will easily attach herself onto the first person who shows her care. This can be seen in the second agendum, as the spirit was noted to have been led away by an unknown man started the gunfight at the crater.”

“Continue,” The General stated after seeing the Lieutenant Colonel pause.

“Sirs, these five prisoners revealed to have knowledge of several future events in regard to spirits yet to appear and those we are currently chasing down, including these spirit’s natural dispositions.”

Quiet murmurs begun to travel between the members of the army upper echelon. Eventually they came to some form of understanding unbeknownst to the Lieutenant Colonal when one person motioned for him to carry on.

“A large chunk of information about the organizations Ratatoskr and DEM were revealed, particularly the former and their method to ‘seal’ the spirits power and take them under their protection. During such a time, they are extremely vulnerable as they lose all their powers and become normal humans unless large emotional tangents take place. The man who is capable of sealing these spirit’s powers, Itsuka Shidou, is described as having a near immortal body due to a sealed spirits power inside of him.”

“That is information of national interesting, but at the same time impossible to replicate. Move onto the next agendum,” The General waved his hand and commanded.

“Yes Sir! The next agendum is strange. These prisoners seem to receive rewards for killing civilians, each other, or spirits, each far more valuable than the former. This reward is in the form of virtual currency that can be used to purchase a wide variety of mystical goods that science can’t explain.”

A Major General seemed to be interested in this agendum and asked, “Lieutenant Colonel, is it possible for use to get our hands on these items?”

“Sir! Only should one of the prisoners operate their strange phones themselves. We have made attempts but all outside attempts to manipulate the phones were futile. Additionally, all attempts to open and even break them have turned to failure. The most important technology to use lies within the phones, their unlimited energy source. We are unable to access this technology with our current means.”

Another brief discussion was made between the upper echelon before the Lieutenant Colonel began the last topic.

“The final agendum and the most shocking is that these prisoners, along with 95 other people… are not from our world!

A heated discussion began between the upper echelon and the Lieutenant Colonel is dismissed from the meeting. He salutes once more to the General and other important officers before marching out.

The General leads the discussion that is privy to only the higher echelon.

“Our current most pressing issue is still the spirits. They are a military force which we simply cannot compete with. Our AST team can close the distance with DEM’s CR-Unit and number superiority, but it is still lacking. The information on the nature of codename Nightmare is particularly bad, how are we supposed to fight someone with countless clones in different timelines?”

“I propose a change of guidelines when dealing with the spirits. All hostile actions against codename Princess, Hermit, Beserk and this other spirit codename Diva, shall immediately come to a halt. We shall instead work on forming relations with these spirits and pull them over to our side. Some casualties may ensue, but we must look at the overall picture here.”

“As for the remaining spirits, those to be classified under the S-class danger rating, shall be targets for elimination. It will be difficult to kill them, so while we shall outwardly appear to be hunting them down, we shall instead secretly aid this Itsuka Shidou to seal their powers. Once they have lost their strength, the elimination of this potential threat shall be conducted.”

“All those who agree please raise your hand.”

Following the General’s proposal, every member of the upper echelon raised their hand in turn.

“Very well, this proposal is approved and will immediately be put into action.”


“Justice, I’m still hungry,” Tohka grumbled in the hotel room.

Justice severely underestimated her bottomless stomach as she was still complaining after he did three rounds of cooking for her. All that was left was a pile of empty dishes and a beautiful girl looking like she had only eaten a snack.

“You!” Justice was truly exhausted, and his entire body ached. The stamina he recovered earlier was completely spent again preparing this girl an unscientific amount of food.

He took the easy route from here and simply produced a large amount of pastries from his dimensional storage that she can continue to nibble on. Tohka’s eyes lit up upon seeing this and immediately snuggled up close to him to show her affection, an action she had been more open doing since they bathed together.

Justice quietly watched the evening news with Tohka and saw another report on random murders. Officials were warning people to stay on the busy streets and not go out late at night. Two of the players who were identified as players were found dead as well, displeasing Justice greatly as he was planning to hunt them down himself.

“Justice, they’re still killing people…” Tohka said sadly while watching the tv.

“Haven’t you done the same?”

“That was different! They were trying to kill me!”

“Tohka, you don’t need an excuse to kill people,” Justice casually smacked her on the head, igniting an indignant yelp. “You are too soft-hearted. Tomorrow night, we are going out to show you the world.”

Tohka seemed excited about seeing all the new things in the world, but Justice had an evil smile adorning his face which said it might be different from what she was thinking.

“Come here, its time for bed,” Justice dragged her with his weary body to the single bed in the room and they both climbed into it.

Justice pulled Tohka into his bosom as a small spoon with one arm resting under her head and another wrapped around her waist. He had yet to explain to Tohka what a bra was, so when he reached up he night shirt, he could instantly fondle her breasts.

Perhaps it was because he had already done it before, but Tohka didn’t become embarrassed over this like usual and instead pushed her body closer into Justice’s hold and gently closed her eyes.

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