Eternal Anime War: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Murdering Innocence

The following morning, Justice finally brought it upon himself to show Tohka what a bra was with pictured on his phone. System could connect his phone to all internet services and have unlimited phone credit to the current world as long as it was available at the price of 1 G-coin per day.

Tohka then played with Justice’s phone all morning, researching random things on the internet. She had already learned what a bra was and had made one with her power as a spirit.

“Justice! A-are we married?!” Tohka asked with flushed cheeks.

“What are you talking about?”

“Look!” Tohka shoved the phone into Justice’s face, displaying an article about married couples from some pop culture site. “By marrying, you are making a pledge to be with one another for the rest of your lives. You live together, eat together, and-”

Justice clamped his hand over Tohka’s mouth to stop her talking and took the phone off her. If she is corrupted by social media and all their viewpoints, he doesn’t know what he would do.

“Come on, let’s go search for the other players in this world,” Justice said and dragged her out of the hotel.

“I’m hungry…” Tohka said sadly before Justice took out a few pastries for her to nibble on.

Tohka had used her powers to recreate the white sweater, black skirt, and black stockings that she has been fond of. As it was completely recreated with her powers, the bloodstains Justice left on them were naturally gone.

The two of them went walking through the main shopping streets which were already crowded with people going about their daily lives. They passed through one road after another searching for anyone with an iPhoneX or stood out among the crowd. Sadly, the remaining players were hiding extremely well and their search ended in failure today.

The sun eventually set, and the light of day was replaced by the yellow glow of streetlamps. Shops closed one after another and the civilians disappeared like a mirage. It wasn’t completely empty though, as Justice found am abandoned warehouse in a discreet location. Two bulky security guards covered in tattoos and wearing sunglasses despite it being late at night stood at the entrance.

Gang members arrived one after another and would pass into the warehouse. The sounds of loud music and people shouting could be heard from within. Seeing a location like this suited Justice perfectly for training Tohka’s mentality.

‘Despite not being shown in the anime, this truly is a modernized world. Of course, it will have places and people like this.’ Justice thought to himself before asking Tohka, “Do you remember when I told you I would show you the world?”


“Good. Tonight, I want you to go into that building over there and kill everyone inside. You must do so without destroying the building as well.”

Tohka’s face darkened and she just stood there silently. She was conflicted inside. A part of her wanted to do what Justice told her to do as he is her entire world. Another part didn’t want to as killing people was such a sad action.

Her clothes flickered and changed into her astral dress.

“Sandalphon!” Tohka stomped her foot on the ground and her bronze throne rose up from the earth and she drew the great sword that was inserted in the back the throne.

Tohka’s eyes turned sharp, just like when she was fighting the AST, and she silently strolled toward the entrance of the warehouse. The two guards saw the girl with a beauty that could topple kingdoms but were uneasy due to the huge sword she was dragging behind her.

“Girl, what are you carrying around a thing like that for?” One of the guards said gruffy upon seeing her continue to them.

Tohka suddenly turned into a stream of light rushing forward, a few small cracks forming on the concrete due to the force she placed behind her foot. Her sword then swung so fast it turn illusory, like the reflection of the moon on a lake. Justice is greatly surprised by just how much stronger she became from learning the Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryuu sword style.

She also had the mana control technique, so she had an absolute grasp over her spirit mana and won’t release a blade of energy from her sword unless she intends to.

The guards didn’t have any time to react before their bodies split in two, falling dead with their intestines pouring out before they could even realize what happened. Tohka then opened the door and wantonly strolled in.

Justice sat outside with the Desert Eagle in his hand ready to shoot anyone who managed to escape, but so far nobody had been that lucky. He wanted to also go in the warehouse as well and take part of the fight, but even ignoring his wounds that have only been healing for a day, this was Tohka’s trial.

‘Tohka, you are simply too gentle to the enemy, not trying to kill them unless absolutely necessary. Tonight, we shall murder your innocence. The gangsters in that warehouse are far from good people, but you don’t know that. In your naivety, you probably think you are currently killing innocent people.’ Justice mused while listening the screams, gunfire and utter chaos going on inside in ecstasy. He doesn’t want to kill innocents solely to avoid the world’s authorities chasing him down, but removing some waste of society is a much safer option.

“System, do I get G-coins for the people Tohka kills?” Justice spoke to the cartoon teddy bear playing tennis on his screen using the edge of the screen as a wall.

[User will not receive any rewards for tasks completed by Yatogami Tohka unless she is to leave this world with you and become a contracted individual to the user]

Justice put his phone back in his pocket. System’s answer was within his expectations, but there was no harm in asking.

Half an hour later all the gunfire and screams stopped from inside the warehouse, the music came to a stop as well. Justice heard a few whimpers from inside and people begging for mercy, but they were soon stomped out as well.

Justice walked in to see a scene that was truly hell-like. Bodies were savagely cut in two as river of blood formed on the ground. Justice even saw the occasional organ that had fallen out of a mutilated corpse. Blood was splattered all over the walls and even the ceiling like a modern abstract art piece.

Tohka walked toward Justice with her eyes downcast, her gauntlets and sword still dripping blood. She looked up at him with guilty eyes and pleaded, “Justice, I did good right… Please… tell me I did good.”

Justice pinched her chin and gave her a kiss, ignoring the blood spatter across her cheek and then hugged her.

“Yes, you did good. I’m proud of you, Tohka.”

Coming to this world had released something dark within Justice. Previously, he would have been aghast at such a sight. But after having killed people and felt the thrill of this kind of life, he could stand in the middle of this massacre and grin wholeheartedly.

“After tonight, Tohka, you will be stronger than ever. Nobody will be able to stand in your way.”

Justice then lead Tohka back through the warehouse to search for money to fix his dried up funds. He didn’t even spare the bodies of their wallets and cleaned them out too.

“System, why can’t you add any money or raw materials to the system? How are we supposed to get by?” Justice said amidst counting a total of 200,000 Yen he managed to accrue. “Hmm, about $1,900USD if converted. These gangsters sure are generous.”

[System offers a wide variety of food for users, all of which only cost 1 G-coin. User is responsible for acquiring local resources as needed]

Justice decided to ignore System’s reply and led Tohka to the bathroom on the warehouse to wash the blood off her face and gauntlets for her. She then changed back to her casual clothes and followed Justice out of the warehouse and back towards the hotel.

During the journey, Tohka was completely silent and just firmly grasped onto Justices arm. The chilly night breeze seemed desolate as they walked back, but she found warmth again later that night as she curled up in his broad chest.

Although the two of them had not been together for long, Tohka’s viewpoint had been rapidly progressing. One of the influences has of course been the social media she was spending all morning looking at and learning from.

She found happiness in him.

She found someone to accept her in him.

She found someone she could trust in him.

She had sinned for him.

She loved him.



“Targets confirmed to have left the warehouse and are proceeding toward their temporary accommodation on foot. Do we engage?” A man in black camouflage and military attire placed down a pair of binoculars and spoke into his phone.

Another voice could be heard on the other side giving the man orders. He then put the phone away and pulled out a military short-range communicator and relayed his orders.

“Do not engage. I repeat, do not engage targets, remain out of sight and proceed to the warehouse. All the bodies are to be bagged and tagged and will be picked up at 2300 hours.”

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