Eternal Anime War: Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: New Life

Jenny also went through the procedure of getting an identity and was organized to work undercover at Raizen High School and support Justice and Tohka. Jenny, at 23, was too old and didn’t have the appearance that could disguise as a student, so she was organized to enter a different class as an assistant teacher in training.

Justice, Tohka, and Jenny were then taken to a residence within walking distance to the school. The accommodation provided for them was a modern double story, four-bedroom house with cream walls and a blue tiled roof. The roof color was off-putting to Justice, but Jenny reminded him this is just how it was in the anime for many residences.

The interior of the home was fully furnished with new furniture and appliances. The only thing that wasn’t filled up was food in the pantry and fridge. Instead, two identical credit cards were left on the bench with a thick document inventorying everything provided. There are also two sets of keys for the brand-new cars parked in the garage.

“Jenny, purchase a healing salve to recover your body. After that, go out and buy some food for the house. I preferably want western food, but some local cuisine will also be good,” Justice says, handing one of the credit cards to her and leaving her to her own devices.

Jenny had insidiously been considering killing Justice or just escaping, and this was as good a chance as she would ever get. At the same time however, she knew she was completely trapped

On one hand, Yatogami Tohka was by his side so if she killed him, she was as good as dead herself. Justice also had an identity and belonged to a faction that had given him a shield of protection in this world. If she was to just run, this protection that currently extends to her would naturally vanish and she would be hunted down again.

At the same time, she knew that if she didn’t do what Justice wanted, he would also kill her, leaving her no choice but to do his bidding.

With no alternative, Jenny took the credit card and left to choose a room and heal herself before going shopping. Justice didn’t care much about her thoughts or plans though, and as long as she didn’t betray him, he would keep her around.

“Justice, is this our home now?!” Tohka poked her head out from a doorway and asked enthusiastically. She was already used to the small hotel, so this was a big change for her.

“Yes, it is. Tomorrow’s the weekend, but starting next week, we’ll be going to school as well,” Justice said warmly to her.

Justice took his phone out and opened his own [Stats] app.

Player#: 27
Nationality: America
Name: Justice Stuart
Gender: M
Age: 20
Health: Healthy

Phyical: 12
Mental: 10
Stamina: 10
Immunity: 9

Attack:  22
Defence: 2

G-Coins: 227

Casual clothing [+1 Def], Desert Eagle [+22 Atk]

Unique Skills/Powers:
Dimension Storage [38m3]
Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist [Beginner] – 0.2%

“System, what does the percentage after my skill mean?” Justice asked his phone curiously.

[System recommends user figure it out himself rather than bothering System]

“Fuck! What kind of answer is that?!”

[Whelp, please don’t insult System with your single digit IQ that can’t solve the most basic of puzzles.]

“Fuck you!”

System ignored Justice after that, the cartoon teddy bear on the screen somehow proud of itself for telling a witty line.

Justice opened the [Store] after and searched through [Modification Items]. He quickly located the First Step Physical Enhancement. The item costs 10 G-coins, and each purchase will increase the Physical attribute by 1 point until it reaches a maximum of 40 points. After that, the Second Step Physical Enhancement must be used, which would cost twice the first, but could be used until the Physical attribute reached 80 points.

Justice used all his G-coins on this enhancement, as it also affects the might of the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. He is left with only 7 G-coins, but his Physical attribute reached 34 points, increasing his strength and speed by a massive truncation and stepping into a level where it could almost be called inhuman.


Later that evening, Jenny returned with a car full of various foods and prepared a dinner of hamburgers for everyone. She was already aware the Tohka was a bottomless stomach and so prepared an extra-large proportion for her.

Jenny was much better looking after she had recovered from her wounds and showered, but Justice still wouldn’t show her any mercy should she betray him. What is the most impressive is the [Store] healing salve worth 50G-coins, completely healing the bruises and cuts in a matter of hours.

It was dark by the time Justice entered the bath, Tohka following as if it’s natural. Jenny had seen the Date a Live anime, so she was truly shocked to see how bold Tohka was with Justice. She wondered what other changes she has had, but very soon had another great shock.


The bathroom and bath itself were much larger compared to the Hotel, so Justice was looking forward to fondling Tohka in the bath. They went through their usual ritual of cleaning each other’s bodies when Justice pre-emptively took advantage of her body.

He hugged her from behind and pinched her nipples, eliciting a pleasurable hum from her mouth. Tohka turned her head around and locked her lips against his, starting a war between their tongues as each advanced and defended for territory in the other person’s mouth.

Tohka would normally be extra gentle so her enormous strength wouldn’t harm Justice, but with the increase in his Physical attribute, she naturally put more strength into her actions to match him.

Justice pulled her tighter into his embrace as one hand left her breasts and pressed in between her legs. Unlike previously when Tohka would catch his arm in embarrassment and guard herself, she entrusted her back onto Justice’s chest and parted her legs just enough to let his hand reach in.

Justice ran his fingertips across her smooth slit, slowly teasing her vagina before he pinched and rubbed her clitoris. Tohka’s breathing hastened and she begun to let out unrepressed, seductive moans. Her vagina also began excreting its natural fluid, at which point he slowly inserted a finger into her and begun stirring up her insides.

Tohka’s entire body quivered and her vagina clamped onto Justice’s finger, refusing to let it go. Justice turned her around and forcefully picked her up with his finger still digging deep inside her. Tohka quickly wrapped her arms and legs around Justice and held onto him like a clamp. She placed her chin on Justice’s shoulder and released a moan directly into his ear, igniting the flame in him even further.

Her grip was so tight Justice thought he was going to break despite his increase in strength, but he was still rock hard downstairs. He sat her on the edge of the cabinet in the bathroom, yanked his finger out and thrust his penis inside her in it’s place. Tohka moaned louder than ever and bit down on his shoulder, drawing blood but only exciting him further.

Justice started thrusting with his full strength, pressing Tohka against the mirror above the cabinet and subsequently shattering it. Neither of them paid attention to it as Tohka was holding onto Justice lost in pleasure, while Justice was infatuation in digging his member deep within her soft body.

Although a minute trickle of blood briefly flowed from her vagina during the initial penetration, she felt no pain due to the spirit mana flowing through her. Justice held onto Tohka’s rear as her vagina would swallow Justice’s penis all the way to the hilt, their hips joined together as one. Her innards would twitch and clench every time the tip of his penis pressed against her womb.

The bathroom cabinet splintered as Tohka and Justice reached a climax. Justice’s grip on her arse tightened as he held her against the wall, thrust as deep inside her as possible and filled her up with a cloudy white liquid. Feeling the warmth inside her as the final stimulus, Tohka’s entire body shook visibly as she moaned at the top of her voice and clenched all her muscles in ecstasy.

As she climaxed, her vagina clamped onto Justice’s penis so tightly he screamed in pain and felt something break between his legs. She soon loosened up and Justice’s penis slid out of her along with a mix of his semen and her body fluids. Tohka weakly rested her body on Justice, panting for breath. She apologetically caressed his should where she drew blood with her teeth and left a dark bruise but didn’t realize he was in pain from his penis which felt completely broken.

“Come on,” Justice said while struggling to stand, “let’s get into the bath.”

Tohka smiled and began working like a typical loving anime housewife helping Justice clean himself despite the semen still excreting from her vagina. The two of them completely cleaned themselves in the bath and walked out refreshed, except for Justice who was limping and the bruise on his shoulder darker than before.


Outside of the bathroom, Jenny watched the two come out and was aghast at the destruction in the bathroom caused by the two of them having sex. She felt slightly confused seeing them come emerge and asked Justice, “Why are you the one walking funny?”

“Do you have any more of that healing salve?” Justice asked painfully and ignored Jenny’s question.

Jenny nodded and asked, “What do you need it for?”

“My shoulder,” Justice gave Jenny a deadly look that said if she asked any further he would kill her.

Jenny felt some sweat on her back as she quickly handed over the healing salve from her dimensional storage and thought to herself that while she was a little crazy, he was a complete psychopath.

“Ah! I wanted to soak in the bath before bed too,” Jenny said dejectedly.

Justice gave her a deadpan look and stated, “I would recommend you change the water then.”

Jenny looked at the broken cabinet in the bathroom and shattered glass all over the floor and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They moved into this house earlier today and the bathroom was already destroyed.

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