Eternal Anime War: Chapter 13

Author’s Note: This is technically yesterday’s chapter. I am busy going through old volumes of End Online. Going through them all, editing and touching up the formatting as I go. Currently half way through Vol. 2. I’ll write another chapter if I get through enough End Online.

Chapter 13: School

Two trunks full of ammunition for his Desert Eagle and the new <C C C> Anti-Spirit Rifle were left in the cupboard along with a wide range of clothes for himself and Tohka. Major General Fushimi either didn’t know Tohka makes her clothes with her power as a spirit, or know and allowed for all contingencies.

Justice also found the underground training room in place of a basement through an elevator located at the rear of the house. The facility was nearly as large as a football field. One side was full of equipment for training strength and endurance while the other half was left empty for sparring.

Early morning in the training room, Justice and Tohka stretched out their stiff bodies. Justice was amazed at how well the healing salve worked. The large bruise which began to look like had some internal bleeding had completely cleared up after one night, leaving only a faint trace of teeth marks on his skin. He could also walk normally again without pain after applying the salve in his pants.

“Come, Tohka,” Justice said with one arm raised in his martial arts stance. “Remember to match your strength with mine.”

“Yes, be careful,” Tohka said timidly, still ashamed about injuring Justice last night.

The two of them wore a black and light gray, skin-tight combat training suit as they sparred. Justice wanted Tohka to learn to fight unarmed rather than always relying on her sword. Rather than spending points in the [Store] though, he decided to slowly teach her himself through experience.

Tohka attacks Justice with a straight punch, but he easily slaps is aside with the back of his hand and counterattacked with a flat palm to her stomach, knocking her back several meters and making her clutch her stomach in pain.

“You need to maintain a strong offense and defense at the same time, Tohka,” Justice instructed calmly.

Tohka harrumphed and attacked again, this time striking from a low angle. Justice still deflects the attack but doesn’t have time to counter as Tohka rapidly attacks with her other arm.

Justice continued deflecting Tohka’s attacked but she didn’t give him a chance to counterattack and attacked relentlessly. He didn’t know whether her aptitude for fighting is due to learning the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryuu or her natural talent, but either way she was a fighting genius.

Tohka finally tried something new and kicked toward Justice, allowing him to knock her off balance and strike her in the chest with a strong punch, blowing her away even further than before. Tohka’s eyes were sharp as she got back up and continued to attack, her attacks forcing Justice to also constantly focus or be beaten by her instead.

Half an hour later, both Justice and Tohka were covered in sweat and exhausted, yet still sparring. Tohka’s physical strength, even without the destructive nature of her spirit mana, was greater than Jusice’s, but their stamina was equal.

“Umm, I’ve prepared breakfast,” Jenny interrupted their training with two large plates of bacon and eggs on toast, Tohka’s obviously larger than Justice’s.

Justice pinched Tohka’s stomach flab through her body suit and said, “Aren’t you worried about getting fat?”

Tohka stopped eating at this point and looked aghast at herself. “W-will I get fat if I eat too much? Justice, will I?”

“Don’t worry about it, we will exorcise it off,” Justice chuckled heartily.

Tohka went back to eating her mountain of food for breakfast but was clearly more apprehensive with how much she ate. Justice saw she left one piece of bacon as her way of ‘eating less’ and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Later that day, Major General Fushimi arrived in casual attire as usual and brought everyone their passports, licenses and school transcripts. He was shocked by the destruction in the bathroom and even more so on the cause of it. He still arranged for a group of workers to come in and quickly repair it though.

“Are you going to do it again?” Fushimi asked Justice humorously after hearing about the damage he suffered from Jenny.

Justice didn’t even hesitate before stating, “Of course.”

Major General Fushimi sighed at this and spoke no further.


The beginning of the following week, Justice and Tohka left the house in school attire. Justice wore Raizen High School’s dark gray blazer and light gray pants, a tie also adorning his nape. Tohka had a similar blazer but wore a navy colored skirt and over the knee black socks. A red ribbon in a bow tie was worn on her neck in place of a tie. This was the standard male and female uniform for Raizen High School.

Jenny wore a smart casual attire for her role as an assistant teacher in training, but she drove to school to be separate from Justice and Tohka.

“Justice, do they also go to school?” Tohka enthusiastically clung onto Justice’s arm and asked after seeing all the students congressing along the streets.

All the male students witnessed Justice’s arm being pressed between Tohka’s breasts and immediately gave him angry glares that seemed to say, “Go Die!”. Justice naturally noticed this and sighed to himself, commenting that this sort of thing would only happen in an anime. In situations like this, the males in an anime could show more unity and cooperation than even America’s special forces.

Tohka was naturally oblivious to the scene and continued to ask questions about everything she didn’t understand about school, which was unfortunately nearly everything. Justice explained as well as he could, but even he didn’t have most of the answers to her questions.

Justice and Tohka arrived at Raizen High School later and met with an office worker who informed them of the information on their class and school policies that they already received in the army briefing paperwork.

After the bell for the start of class, Justice and Tohka made their way to Class 2-4, the same one Itsuka Shidou and Tobiichi Origami are in.

“I would like to introduce new transfer students for you,” Murasame Reine said to the classroom as Justice and Tohka walked into the room and stood beside the half-asleep physics teacher. “Umm, I forgot your names, please introduce yourself.”

Justice is almost certain that Reine, as the analytical officer of Ratatoskr also undercover in the school, knows their full names and much more. As for whether she knows they belong to the JGSDF is questionable though.

“My name is Justice Stuart,” Justice said with a friendly smile. “I recently transferred here from America on scholarship. I like sports and fighting. I hope to get along with all of you.”

“I’m Yatogami Tohka,” Tohka followed up also smiling. “I recently moved here from the countryside so I’m new to everything here. I like Justice. I hope to make many friends with you all.”

Justice’s introduction already deviated from the script the JGSDF provided for him due to his improvising, leaving people unsure how to reply, while Tohka’s introduction made every man cry for one reason or another and the girls blush.

Ahem, As you are new, why don’t you have someone show you around the school later? Itsuka Shidou, you can give them a tour during recess,” Reine lazily said.

Shidou piqued up at this and agreed, while Origami vanished from the classroom as soon as she saw Tohka.


“Master Sergeant Tobiichi Origami A-0613 reporting in. Requesting assistance in dealing spirit Princess who has made an appearance at Raizen High School,” Origami coldly spoke into her phone.

“Origami, do you copy?” A girl’s voice spoke from the other end of the phone. “You are to stand down and show no hostile intentions towards Princess.”

Origami stood in a stupor for several moments before she nearly shouted, “What do you mean stand down? This is a spirit, currently posing extreme danger to everyone in the school.”

“Origami, this order came down from the very top. I don’t know what’s going on, but interfering with her will lead to disciplinary punishment, while attacking her will be a direct court marshal. Origami, please don’t do anything.”

“Roger,” Origami gritted her teeth.

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