Eternal Anime War: Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Player Hunt

Tohka strolled through the school in her dark violet lace dress, ignoring the goggling eyes of all the male students as if they were non-existent. She eventually ran into Justice who was also on a search for her and Shidou.

Justice was greatly surprised to see Tohka in her inverse form. Her eyes were sharp, and he could feel rage radiating from her.

“What happened?” Justice asked curiously while being slightly concerned she may have lost her recent memories like in the anime.

“Shidou called you a pig and a murderer,” Tohka said with hate.

Justice laughed uncontrollably and pulled her into his embrace, “And that made you this mad? Aren’t you being a little too temperamental?”

Tohka turned her head and puffed up her cheeks, avoiding Justice’s kiss but not leaving his arms. She leant her body against him despite all the prying eyes in the area and poking out of windows. Justice pinched her chin and tried to turn her head, but she used her strength to resist him. With Tohka being uncooperative he simply craned his neck around to meet her face and forcibly kiss her.

Tohka’s resistance rapidly withered after that and finally gave into Justice as she turned her head back to follow Justice straightening his neck.

“Can you control changing your power into this?” Justice asked curiously.

Tohka nodded slightly and whispered, “I can, but it’s easier when I’m mad.”

“Do you know what dress I want you to wear tonight?” Justice suggestively murmured into her ear and tried to slide his hand around her waist and under her dress, only to find it attached to her body and incapable of being removed.

Tohka hummed in acknowledgement but Justice quickly said, “Not this one! Definitely not this one!” while sweating heavily. If she wore this one, he would be incapable of rummaging his hands in the dress to take advantage of her.

The bell signalling the end of recess soon rang and Tohka changed back to her school uniform in a discreet corner where no one could see. They then returned to class as if nothing had happened during the break.


“Justice,” Major General Fushimi called on his phone at the end of school, “One of the other players was spotted at the South Street Shopping District. Two women were murdered in a bathroom after which he escaped, I’m sending navigational data to your phone now.”

“I’m on my way,” Justice grinned cruelly as he and Tohka ran like speeding cars toward the shopping district.

It wasn’t just Justice who were notified of the player, but Theo as well. Kotori nearly yelled at Theo to go get rid of the person who murdered the two women in the shopping district. Theo smiled helplessly and made his way there after being teleported nearby from the Fraxinus.

Justice and Theo arrived at the location of the player at the same time. Justice recognized Theo from the time Tohka arrived in the space quake while Theo naturally recognized Justice from Ratatoskr’s surveillance.

Tohka was beside Justice as the two parties stared off at one another, waiting for the other party to move. Justice was ready to fight while Theo was apprehensive of Tohka. He saw what happened at the school and is unsure if he can defeat her by himself. The only chance he had would be if Ratatoskr agreed to use some of their resources to aid him.

The player who was being hunted, looked at both Theo and Justice. He instantly recognized them as players and panicked. He knew some players had already joined the known factions in the anime and were hunting the other players. He was careless today when harvesting points and was obviously detected.

Justice drew his gun first but instead of shooting the player he shot at Theo. Theo saw this action and scoffed, moving out of the way before Justice pulled the trigger. Justice charged at him and Theo retreated toward the escaping player, getting ready to kill him.

“Oh my, what do we have here?” A feminine voice sounded out from behind Justice.

Justice’s danger senses immediately kicked in and he rolled forward out of reflex. He could hear the wind whistling past as a large axe swept through the location he was just before. Theo looked at the woman behind Justice cautiously. This was the same woman that caused an abominable massacre in one of the evacuation shelters. The only way she remained hidden yet also appeared here was if she joined one of the factions in this world.

The woman had long brown hair and clear blue eyes. She smiled sweetly, yet the CR-Unit and massive energy axe expressed her brutality.

“How dare you!” Tohka immediately flew into a rage, summoned her Astral Dress and Sandalphan, and charged at the woman like a beam of light.

Theo, who was forgotten temporarily, disappeared around a corner and shortly return in his own CR-Unit.

“That’s really unfair, both of you have a CR-Unit,” Justice smiled helplessly and said.

Theo merely shrugged his shoulders and replied, “The same can be said about you getting Yatogami Tohka.”

Justice shot his Desert Eagle at Theo again, but this time the latter didn’t even bother moving. The defensive territory formed by the realizer in the unit simply flashed and blocked the bullet.

“How about we deal with her first?” Justice lowered his gun and pointed at the woman fighting Tohka while retreating.

“Works for me,” Theo also didn’t feel like Justice was as much of an enemy compared with the woman obsessed with slaughter.

Tohka’s sword swung in precise attacks and would also release blades of energy. Compared with when she just arrived at this world, her energy blades were much more concise and more powerful. Before, he blades of energy were extremely volatile and anything they hit had the chance of falling victim to the ruinous annihilation energy, while now they were condensed to look like half-moon shaped cicada wings. The destructiveness had fallen as a result, but her new energy blades were sharper than ever, and would cut through almost any material.

One of the wings of the violent woman’s CR-Unit was chopped off as Tohka’s sword swung in a flash of light and cut through her defensive territory along with the entire shoulder unit.

“Ellen!” The woman called out hurriedly.

“You can’t even handle this much? I’m disappointed,” Ellen Mira Mathers, the self-proclaimed ‘World’s Strongest Magician’, appeared from the sky in her named CR-Unit <Pendragon> with a sneer.

Ellen was extremely arrogant, staring down on everyone as if they were beneath her.

“Serena, leave this to me, you take care of the other two,” Ellen commanded and flew to engage Tohka while Serena moved to fight Theo and Justice.

Serena was more concerned with Theo as he also had a CR-Unit while the latter didn’t, as such, she didn’t pay any attention when Justice retreated and left Serena and Theo to fight.

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