Eternal Anime War: Chapter 16

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Chaper 16: DEM’s Defeat

Ellen Mathers and Tohka exchanged blows with their swords rapidly. Ellen charged toward Tohka each time, shattering the concrete below her from the pressure as she flew past. Tohka would simply stand in the same spot and swing Sandalphon single handedly to match Ellen’s attacks.

The two of them exchanged multiple high-speed slashes that would appear as flashes of light to a common citizen, but Justice’s reaction speed was fast enough that he could follow it. Justice was hidden from the fighting and positioned himself on the roof of a house nearly a mile away with the <C C C> Anti-Spirit Rifle aimed at Ellen.

Ellen gave up on fighting with the spirit blade and took to the sky to launch long ranged attacks. Tohka merely fired energy blades in return but eventually also flew to close the distance. Ellen then smirked and suddenly dropped to the ground.

“Right there!” Ellen exclaimed after finally luring Tohka to fly into the sky above her. “Go, Rhongomiant!”

One of what appeared to be wings of the CR-Unit <Pendragon> bent like an elbow and turned a high energy cannon. The weapon only took several seconds to fully charge before it released an energy blast towards Tohka wide enough that evasion was impossible.

Tohka didn’t bother to dodge. She “sheathed” her greatsword beside her hip with the flat of her palm taking the place of an imaginary sheath. Justice instantly recognized this as a sword drawing form of the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryuu.

A massive blade of iridescent light-purple colored energy fired of from her sword draw, splitting the energy beam from Ellen in two. Ellen hastily erected an emergency defensive territory above her, but not even that could completely block the energy blade. The remaining strength in the blade cut a deep diagonal gash across Ellen’s torso from her shoulder to her hip. Blood slowly poured out of her body as she fell to her knees.

Originally, Ellen was stronger than Tohka with her limited dress release in the anime, defeating her on several occasions, but lost easily when she turned into her inverse form. Tohka was currently more powerful now that even her inverse form in the anime due to Justice. She hadn’t even used her greatest attacks yet as they have been unnecessary.

Justice didn’t give Ellen any chance to make a recovery or escape. He fired the <C C C> Anti-Spirit Rifle and shot off <Pendragon’s> apertures. The only way she would be able to get away would be if DEM sent a massive amount of reinforcements to occupy Tohka while they extracted her.

When Justice moved his attention over to the fight between Theo and Serena, he was surprised to see that it was already over and Serena had disappeared. Theo watched the fall of Ellen and gave Tohka a complex stare. He then turned to face where Justice was spying down the scope of his gun, smiled innocently and left.

Justice was tempted to shoot him in the back with the sniper rifle in his hand, but for some reason knew it was pointless and wouldn’t work. He then returned to the battlefield and prevented Tohka from maiming Ellen.

“That’s enough, Tohka. She is still a human of this world, so she is only worth two G-coins. She is more valuable alive than dead,” Justice calmly said and Tohka meekly returned to his side. There was a strong chance that there was a Hidden Quest or two related to Ellen, so Justice didn’t want to risk ruining those chances by killing her.

“Ellen, your life now belongs to me. Do you have any problems with that?” Justice calmly stated.

Ellen tried to hold her eyes open and glare at Justice, but her strength was draining rapidly along with her blood. Justice reached out and brushed aside her hair. He them rummaged about her ear and retrieved a small communicator. He placed it in his own ear and pressing down to open the communication channel.

“Put me through to Mr. Westcott,” Justice said calmly.

A silence followed on the communication channel before a short buzz of static sounded and a man’s calm voice spoke, “How is Ellen?”

“I’m sure you already have her vital signs on your end, there’s no use playing dumb Mr. Westcott. <Pendragon> is also in a state where it would normally be considered irreparable.”

“What do you want?”

Just as Justice insinuated, Ellen was dying. That is if she didn’t get immediate medical attention, but it is highly unlikely DEM will be able to save her in time with Justice and Tohka blocking the way.

“I am just informing you that Ellen’s life now belongs to me and is my person. You don’t have a problem with that, right?”

“I’m afraid she is quite the capable secretary though, it would be difficult to replace her with someone of the same calibre.”

“Perhaps with someone of the same arrogance, but I’m without a doubt that you have your resources. She won’t be returning to you regardless.”

“It appears Ellen’s life truly is yours then. Do send her my regards,” Isaac Westcott’s laugh sounded from the communicator.

“Truly cold hearted. I expected nothing less from you,” Justice also chuckled in response. He didn’t care if Isaac Westcott was planning to attack him and take Ellen back or was planning to secretly make her spy on him and Tohka, such plans would be crushed with strength.

Justice looked at Ellen lying on the ground and spoke with a smile, “You heard what I just said. As for the response, Mr. Westcott sends his regards. You now work for me Ellen. Tohka, stand guard and make sure no hidden attacks come.”

Tohka vigilantly stood next to Justice who ignored the defeated look on the dying woman and retrieved the healing salve still in his dimensional storage. He sat on her hips as he unscrewed the lid on the salve container. There was still half left, but Justice dug a out all of it and started smothering it across the bloody gash on her torso.

Ellen’s skin, while not comparable to Tohka’s, is extremely smooth and without blemish. The combat wiring suit clings to her body shape and reveals a lot of skin, not to mention where she was cut and the suit had stretched open to reveal even more. Justice grinned evilly and rubbed her breasts without restraint. Despite having a petite body, Ellen’s breasts were moderate in size and fit nicely in Justice’s palms.

Justice pinched Ellen’s nipples through the suit that was thin enough it was as if it wasn’t there. Ellen blushed out of both humiliation and anger, mustering enough strength to glare at Justice.

“Justice!” Tohka yelled jealously upon seeing him feeling up another woman. She stomped her foot on the ground in anger and caused a massive crack to spiderweb across the concrete behind her.

“It’s good to see the healing salve working so well,” Justice coughed awkwardly before getting off Ellen and picking her up in a princess carry.

Tohka continued glaring watching Justice now carry her but was pacified with some pastries and a promise that he will carry her like a princess later. He made Tohka carry the ruined pieces of Ellen’s <Pendragon> CR-Unit and they then walked back to their house.

Back at their residence, Jenny was greatly surprised to see Ellen in Justice’s arms. Ellen has fallen asleep in exhaustion somewhere along the way and had her head gently resting against Justice’s chest.

“Umm, what happened?” Jenny asked curiously. She naturally knew Ellen Mathers was the secretary of Isaac Westcott and stealing her away was no minor matter.

Justice gave a rough recount of what happened to Jenny. She had been more than cooperative lately, so Justice hadn’t been threatening to kill her for stepping out of line. He had come to like her cooking and other assistance.

Ellen woke up mid Justice’s explanation and realized the embarrassing position she was in. She tried to push herself off him but was too weak to struggle.

“Jenny, I’ll leave Ellen’s care to you. Make sure she eats and drinks enough to make a full recovery. If she needs anything else, buy it from the [Store].”

“Yes,” Jenny replied without questioning,

Justice handed Ellen over to Jenny. Jenny had also enhanced her [Physical] attribute and easily carried her to a spare room where she stripped Ellen of her ruined combat wiring suit and placed her in the bed naked.

“Ms. Mathers, I’ll bring you some food and water soon. For now, close your eyes and allow your wound to continue healing,” Jenny said politely, unsure of Ellen’s position with Justice and hence avoided offending her.

Ellen weakly looked at Jenny before closing her eyes and falling back asleep.


Isaac Westcott was sitting in his office watching a large monitor on the wall. Selena stood by his side lazily picking at her nails and simply ignored what was on the screen.

What Isaac was watching was a recorded footage of a player alongside a spirit. This wasn’t Justice and Tohka however, instead it was two other people.

The player was a young man only 18 years old. He had curly hair and average looks which nobody wouldn’t look at twice, allowing him to blend into a crowd and vanish. The spirit was a girl with long black hair tied in twin tails and a red bonnet tied on her head. She wore a red and black astral dress and her left eye was that of a golden clock. This was Tokisaki Kurumi, otherwise known by the codename Nightmare.

Kurumi had her head lowered and shed tears. It is unknown what the player said to her, but it shook her mental state so massively she allowed him to hug her in comfort.

“I may have lost a capable employee,” Isaac Westcott said to himself with a smile, “but Serena, are you still going to lead me out of this world?”

“Such is our deal, is it not?” Serena replied lazily, not even looking at Isaac.

Westcott’s ambitions had changed greatly after learning the existence of other worlds and dimensional bodies. He didn’t even have to give up on spirits as he estimated that at least two will leave the world as well. He took Serena in and guarded her from the authorities out of curiosity of her. Upon learning everything else, he even provided her with strength under the condition she aids him to leave this world along with his new ambitions.

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