Eternal Anime War (R18)

! R18+ Content Warning !

This novel contains mature themes. strong language, gore and descriptive sex scenes. If this isn’t for you, do not read this novel. If you are under 18, do not read this novel. All of you who are underage, I know who you are and I’m watching you ლ(`ー´ლ)

All chapters containing explicit content will be given appropriate warnings at the top of the chapter and initially posted blank so no text is sent through on email notifications. The possibility to turn the novel from explicit to suggestive is currently under consideration. Leave you feedback on what you want. ^.^


Update Schedule: 7chapters/week (side project, chapters will slow down if busy elsewhere)

Eternal Anime War:

A multi-anime fanfiction based on 10 teams of 100 people being sent into various anime worlds. This is a dark novel and the main character, Justice, is not a good guy despite his ironic name!

Similar in concept to other works such as Maiden’s Grand Summoning, Illimitable Until Death and Unlimited Anime Works, despite how very, very poorly the latter one was executed.

Better/full synopsis coming in a few days. Additional chapters available on my Patreon here for those who support me. This novel does not contain any descriptive sex scenes with “loli’s”.

Table of Contents

Book 1
Chapter 1: Eternal Anime War
Chapter 2: The First World is Wrong
Chapter 3: The First Spirit
Chapter 4: Theodore Flint
Chapter 5: Understanding System and the [Store]
Chapter 6: Appearance of the AST
Chapter 7: Mass Murder
Chapter 8: Changes in the Second Faction
Chapter 9: Murdering Innocence
Chapter 10: Meeting
Chapter 11: Joining the Faction
Chapter 12: New Life
Chapter 13: School
Chapter 14: Shidou’s Persuasion 
Chapter 15: Player Hunt
Chapter 16: DEM’s Defeat