Eternal Anime War: Chapter 16

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Chaper 16: DEM’s Defeat

Ellen Mathers and Tohka exchanged blows with their swords rapidly. Ellen charged toward Tohka each time, shattering the concrete below her from the pressure as she flew past. Tohka would simply stand in the same spot and swing Sandalphon single handedly to match Ellen’s attacks.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 13

Author’s Note: This is technically yesterday’s chapter. I am busy going through old volumes of End Online. Going through them all, editing and touching up the formatting as I go. Currently half way through Vol. 2. I’ll write another chapter if I get through enough End Online.

Chapter 13: School

Two trunks full of ammunition for his Desert Eagle and the new <C C C> Anti-Spirit Rifle were left in the cupboard along with a wide range of clothes for himself and Tohka. Major General Fushimi either didn’t know Tohka makes her clothes with her power as a spirit, or know and allowed for all contingencies.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 12

This chapter contains explicit content. Content is separated by an extended line of:

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Chapter 12: New Life

Jenny also went through the procedure of getting an identity and was organized to work undercover at Raizen High School and support Justice and Tohka. Jenny, at 23, was too old and didn’t have the appearance that could disguise as a student, so she was organized to enter a different class as an assistant teacher in training.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Joining the Faction

“Theodore! What is the meaning of this?!” Itsuka Kotori shouted in anger upon seeing Yatogami Tohka and Justice sitting at a small coffee house having breakfast with a stranger. “Didn’t you say she would leave and reappear in Raizen High School?”

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Changes in the Second Faction

In a dark cellar beneath JGSDF HQ, five men were locked up in iron cells. One by one they were led to an interrogation room where an army Lieutenant Colonel would question them on the events that took place at the location of the space quake. When they returned to their cells, each of their bodies was beaten and bruised severely, a few of them even returned coughing up blood.

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