Eternal Anime War: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Appearance of the AST

As per the anime and Justice’s prediction, the AST arrived at the crater of the Space Quake shortly after. Five members led by Tobiichi Origami in their CR-Units, even though the captain of the team was Kusakabe Ryouko, flew in only to witness the result of a deadly gunfight between the players and were confused at what was going on.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 4

Author Note: For those curious, rules about revealing information on the future or player status will be restricted as of the next world.

Chapter 4: Theodore Flint

Fraxinus Command Center

“Commander, Princess’ mood meter has instantly maxed out!” Vice Commander Kyouhei Kannazuki said to Kotori, who was currently wearing black ribbons to tie her red hair into twin-tails.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Eternal Anime War

April 1st 11am

“Justice, you might know that business has been bad lately. Our costs keep increasing without earning enough so I need to make some changes in how we operate. One such change is I have decided to cut back on employee hours. As you were only in a casual position, I am sorry to tell you that I will no longer be employing you here.”

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