The (Occasionally) Weekly Update

Welcome to the Weekly Update, where at least once every seven days (or more, as of late…) I release a short few paragraphs on some of the most recent news.

Pages updated this week:




Its… been a while. Yeah, just a little while… Anyway, let me use today to explain why this page hasn’t been updated.

I have a list of priorities in my head of things I want/need to do. Writing is just about always at the very top of that list. There are only two times when it isn’t. When there is something VERY important that I need to do, i.e pay the bills, go food shopping. And when I have done enough writing and I am satisfied with the amount of progress I have made.

Due to my slow writing, or writing at a 110% to catch up on all the slow writing, that has remained the number #1 priority in my head for a long time. This means everything below it I have been really bad at doing, including updating this page, replying to emails, etc…

Now that I have set up my schedule, however, I find myself with me room to breath in updating things such as this page. I have other news, but I will add that in the chapter 40 header where more readers will see it ^.^


I had wanted to write this with the last update, but it didn’t fit in with the context.

I have come to a schedule in which I balance chapter of End Online and Chronicle of the Eternal. It isn’t a release schedule, but an order in which I series I write the next chapter for. Chronicle of the Eternal chapters have become much shorter since I wrote chapter 5 (~2000 words instead of ~4000. End Online is ~8000 words per chapter). My schedule is to write a single chapter of EO, then write 2 – 4 chapters of CotE, depending on chapter length.

I was very surprised that the shorter 2000 word chapters are quick to write. As a matter of fact, when I get stuck in writing, I can easily plan and write a single chapter a day. Surprising, no?


Volume 5 has been finished, released, and the initial buzz is dying down.

I have also begun a large revamp of some of the pages, the first a quite a few to come. This is because a lot of the pages are becoming outdated and need some fresh material! I have also updated my Patreon page. It is a shame that they plan on changing the outlay of their profile pages March 15. This ruins a lot of what I had become used to, and there is no option to keep the old page, only update now rather than later.

WordPress also have done many updates that have screwed up a lot of things; many of which are minor problems, but they irritate me nonetheless. One of them is the updated wordpress editor. They change their automatically generated html for the post text more often than a single guy changes his bed sheets or our Australian Government changes Prime Minister. I’m both a single guy and an Australian, so I can vouch for both. This screws up my posts, formatting, and links between chapters when I make a few edits/spelling corrections. If you notice one of these chapters where the link isn’t working, or some other confudlement, leave a comment

Next is the updated ‘My Stats’ page. I am fond of the old one, and thankfully I know the URL for it since the removed the ‘Go back to original My Stats page view’. But they recently screwed even that page up. If I click on ‘New Post’ from there, it will open a new tab with the exact same ‘My Stats’ page, every time. I know opening a new tab, going to a different wordpress page and then pressing on ‘New Post’ isn’t much effort, but again, it’s irritating.

I will leave this update at that. There are a few other things I wish to talk about, but it is out of context right now, so next time!


I would like to pretend that two updates in two days redeems me, but even I know that it doesn’t.

This update is just me expressions a few thoughts I have had for the website, plus the horrific news you never hoped to hear. Well, it’s actually not that bad.

Moving the up and coming chapters to the top of the most recent post isn’t much of a problem labour-wise, but it is starting to get a little cluttered. I am contemplating having the progress of only the next chapter of each story at the top of the most recent post, or alternatively create a whole new page for up and coming chapters. I am confident I can write faster than the editors do their magic so I could fill that page up. It will be a contest, Me vs The Editorial Team. May the victor reign glorious.

That will take a lot more thought though. The second piece of news is about future releases. As I am writing for a living full time, I can’t simply make it too convenient for everyone to read my work for free else I won’t be able to pay the rent/bills/etc. End Online will still remain as I have always done, and will do so all the way to the end of the novel. Chronicle of the Eternal however will be different.

My current plan is to release about half of the first volume for free as I write it. I will then stop releasing chapters until Volume 1 is published. Once Volume 1 is published, I will release the remaining chapters at a speed of 1 chapter a week. I won’t post any of Volume 2 until it is published, at what point in time I will repeat the process of releasing 1 chapter a week. As for Volume 3 and onwards, I am still unsure how I will approach it. I still wish to release the chapters free for people to read who don’t have the option of supporting my writing, but I may hold off for a few months before doing so. We will have to see how it goes.


Happy new year everyone!

First of all, I thought I would discuss what I have been up to over the past month. I moved house, spent all my money on things I should have bought over the next several months, and spent a lot of time on my rear end. I have also been able to focus on writing full time and even had time to go over some editing.

I have been meaning to update all these pages quite badly but simply have not had the time for it! Mainly due to the fact that I have been itching to get out Volume 5 as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I forgot to account for the fact that the editors have lives too and are spending Christmas and New Years with their family. There are no regrets though, I sincerely hope they had a good time… and feel guilty enough to work twice as hard throughout January! Mwahaha.

There was soo much I wanted to talk to you all about, but once again, it has drifted out of my mind as soon as I started writing this! There should be more updates throughout the website coming soon too.


There is only 13 days until I undertake Authoring full time, so I expect this page should become all the more popular soon!! I will also rely on all of your support from then on to help me keep going! Well, I won’t be stopping anyway but I’m sure you know what I mean! ^.^

Recently there was a comment about the option of releasing chapters pre edit and keeping the edited version of the chapter for the book release. While this is a good idea on the surface as it will help maintain regular chapter releases, there were a few concerns the were brought up between the discussions between the genericIntent and myself.

The first problem was that sometimes there can be considerable changes in a chapter between pre edit and post edit. This will cause many discrepancies between not just the online release and the book release, but subsequent chapters. Allow me to explain. Chapter A had several points changed in the middle of the chapter, however the pre edit version remains as is on the internet. When Chapter B comes to being written, changes from Chapter A post edit are included. This causes some people to scratch their heads over those points. Now Chapter B has some changes while editing, which leads Chapter C to vary even more. This process while have people finding it difficult to follow the story line because there will be certain points in the chapter that seem to be missing, and the further along we go the more complicated it becomes.

Secondly, the free release of my chapters serve as advertisement for anyone wanting to support my work and purchase a volume or more of End Online. If the quality of the free release is bad, it would make people feel more hesitant towards supporting my work. I understand about half of the readers could probably understand this, but there are more people who wouldn’t. Especially people who are not aware of this.

genericIntent feels like this would be a step backwards and I could not agree more with him.

On another note, I have been putting more work into the planning of my second novel. With all the extra time I will have writing full time, hopefully I will be able to get out a volume of this story (Title name pending) alongside every volume of End Online or two. The planning has left me moderately surprised with some of the ideas I have had and a little more than excited as well! ^.^ The first chapter or two of this novel will be released free here to let everyone know about my new book as well. The remainder of the chapters may be released free in the future, but not for quite a while at least! ^.^

Surely an extra long update makes up for at least one missed, right? ^.^


I’m not going to lie… I need to update this page more often!! I am as bad at sitting down to update these pages as I am social media! Well, I have actually been more focused on writing with what chances I get to sit down with the right motivation to write. I will update the ‘About Me’ page with a new part covering the relationship between my motivation and how much writing I get done. It should be interesting for all to read.

Anyway, lots has happened as of late. The biggest being the Volume 4 release and my future/happening now plans for Patreon. I often have great ideas for things to write about in these updates but when I start typing I find myself lost for words! Figuratively, I mean.

I had originally thought that volume 4 would be the longest volume so far, but it was actually three pages shorter than volume 3!! I was so confident that I was a little embarrassed to find out I was wrong. It isn’t a bad thing though, volume 3 and 4 has been considerably long for a novella/light novel (whatever your preferred term is) so they are both positives.

My life has been quite busy with work as usual, but I am looking forward to doing more writing very soon!

I will be releasing this news with the next release as well, but I have come up with a system to maintain regular releases! Or releases you should be able to predict the latest date that it will become available. I plan on aiming on a schedule where I write at least 10% of the next chapter a day. Most chapters are the same length, and allowing up to two days to plan a chapter (Usually only takes one, but things happen) in order to have chapter releases of no more than 12 days between each other. The only exception to this will be the first chapter of each volume, as planning the entire volume precedents everything else.


We are closer to a weekly update this time!

Volume 4 is nearly done! So close I can feel its breath on the back of my neck. Okay, that was a creepy analogy, but you get what I mean.

Some people may be wondering where my Patreon promise is. That is quite simple, I am withholding it until I release chapter 27. This is because chapter 26 and 27 were planned at the same time. I don’t want to release it and risk giving everyone spoilers after all.

I am also working this weekend, but that shouldn’t make me write less over the weekend as I am pretty good at bludging on the weekends and writing little. I still hope to have volume 4 released by the end of the weekend! ^.^


Another week, or a few, has passed since the last weekly update. Gosh, perhaps I should change that name by now. Hey everyone, how does ‘The Standard Update’ sound? Haha, just kidding.

I actually have had some big ideas over the past few days. One in particular being my Patreon page. I have always wanted to know what I can do for the people who support me over there, and I had a fantastic idea! I will let them in on my chapter planning process, and see my original script for the chapter. All my scribbles and horrible dad jokes included! The first three will be free for all to look at, while the following ones will be for the Patreons only who donate anywhere from $1 a month or more.

As much as I would like to simply release them all free for everyone to see, I need to show my support for those who donate their money toward my cause. I will post a shortened version of this in my next chapter release header, so you all can see as I know there are many of you who only use me for my story and ignore the rest *sob*

Aside from that, I have been working a little more on Days of Grandeur, but haven’t had the time to start it properly. So for now, it sits in a repeating loop of planning until I find the right moment to begin it. I was also thinking of posting it under a different blog for a while, but decided to scrap that as it is easier for me to keep all in one place!

Thanks for reading guys! ^.^


First of all, let me start with I thought it had only been two weeks since I updated this!

Other than that I currently have the best example of me getting distracted. I decided to try looking up how to describe Fen as making a ‘cute’ sound while falling over. Five minutes later I am on youtube watching animals make funny sounds. Half an hour later, I am listing to songs with screaming goats dubbed over them. It is far too amusing…

Secondly, for anyone waiting on Days of Gradeur. That is, the thirteen of you eagerly waiting and the three thousand that will hopefully become interested… It is still coming, I am just prioritizing End Online as I should and haven’t gotten the chance to script the first scene. I have planned out the characters and their little quirks, a few places as well. But I haven’t had the chance to do more… yet. Volume 4 of EO was hoping to be done this month, and I still have two chapters to write! Surely, all the amazonians out there will forgive me and accept a larger than usual book! ^.^


Another week *cough* or two has gone by. I have also been quite busy with writing and have been a little negligent in updating ‘The Weekly Update’.

End Online is going better than ever, not so much in views, but in the quality of the writing and editing. Progress in editing backwards is going slow, but as long as our fantastic editors are here I know that all the future chapters will maintain a high distinction in punctuation and correct sentence structures.

I am trying to start writing chapters of End Online as fast as I can. Without dropping the quality of course. The biggest challenge will be not getting distracted to be honest. Distractions are my kryptonite.

I plan on starting my new slice of life story within the next week as well. I do not guarantee regular updates in this one and each release will only probably be a thousand words. It is just a small little project I will be undertaking which will not only be a small bonus for anyone interested, but should help me in improving my writing! Wait and stay tuned!

*sigh* This mean I need to go through all the old chapters and update them to ensure they have ‘Next Chapter’ and ‘Previous Chapter’ hyperlinks at the bottom… Here comes the torrent ping backs (I get one every time I create a hyperlink in a post linking to another chapter. They’re not bad, just annoying)…


To think I have been doing this for six months already! An I have only written twenty chapters!! Well, it helps me when I focus on the fact that one of my chapters is equivalent in size to three of most others. By those maths, I have done sixty chapters!!!

No it’s the start of the weekend for me; one full of hard work and writing. I also plan on having a blood test for all sorts of diseases and god knows what. I have actually never been tested before due to my phobia of needles. Honestly, I used to fake sick or play hookie at school every year when we would get our shots. Needles and me do not go together, ever.

As for tonight. I have a massive headache coming on and I’m falling asleep, so I will probably struggle to write 10%, but I will try! I think over the rest of the weekend I should be able to finish chapter 22! Hopefully! ^.^


I had quite the day today. I spent 7 hours in front of my computer staring at the screen and waiting for something to happen. Not anything in particular, just something. Good news is chapter 18 has been fully revised and will be up within the next 24 hours. Bad news is I only managed to write a further 3% of chapter 20.

Well, I have serious motivational issues so I do get days like this. I ended up going down to the local pub at 7:30pm to clear my mind and get into a new atmosphere other than my own home. It really helps, I will remember this for next time my motivation is sub-zero. Some of you right now may be thinking, “Even if your motivation is zero, you can still sit there and force yourself to write.” or “Is this the beginning of the end of your writing career?”

Now, it is unfortunate to say, but when my motivation is zero I don’t do any writing not because I can’t sit there and force myself. I can do this, just no words come into my head and I am usually fast asleep within five minutes. Seriously, the speed at which I can nod off when I am unmotivated is uncanny. Also, it is nothing new. I will not be leaving over such a minor thing, so don’t feel worried that I may do so. If I do disappear, it will be for a very serious reason.

Other than that. I hope to have the writing stage of chapter 20 done within 3 days, so the next chapter is coming soon! Sooner than winter, at least.


I had only thought it had been two weeks since the last update. But apparently it has been 4! Time really flies doesn’t it!

I was originally busy finishing up chapter 19 and getting the book publish so I didn’t have much time up until then to add to the weekly update, but I don’t have any excuses for since then.

With volume 4 coming up I thought I would discuss a few things about it. Not so much spoilers, but small bits of information I thought you may be interested to hear. Many of you have previously read that I do plan to have an expansion to the game. Although, while I remember saying it, I can’t seem to recall where it was said. That is planned to be volume 5.

Volume 4 is more focused on Verde. What about her and where is it going to go? I will leave you to speculate on your own about it.


Another week has gone by and now we are only a single chapter away from completing volume 3. I haven’t done the word count on this next book, but I am quite sure that this one is slightly bigger than the rest. If I end up releasing this volume in paperback then I am afraid postage may be a bit of a problem, unless I find a new printing company for it overseas.

I recently saw all the discussion about the lines of asterisks in my novel and debates over a change of POV or not. This has been a massive itch that I have wanted to scratch since the comments on chapter 16. Unfortunately, giving a definite explanation may have spoiled some things towards chapter 17 so I refrained from doing so. Plus, I enjoy seeing people get together to discuss my work ^.^

Now that chapter 17 has been released, I will explain to you exactly how I use the lines of asterisks:
One line of asterisks: A timelapse/scenario change.
Two lines of asterisks: A change in POV. This also follows up with who’s POV we are currently looking through.

On other things, I also changed my profile picture back to my old one, the drawing I made quite some time ago of myself. Yes, I actually have a wolf hat like that. And it is awesome!

I don’t know if anyone ever noticed it before or remembers, but I don’t believe I mentioned to you that I changed the auto generated avatars for the people commenting who don’t have one uploaded to gravatar.

Considering the this is a litRPG novel, I felt that the retro game avatars are much, much more appropriate ^.^ And to be quite honest, some of the old monster ones that were generated often seemed rather inappropriate to me.


In case any of you were wondering, I recently had a great weekend. It was a four day weekend as well!

I did get a little distracted catching up on a lot of the reading I was behind, and unfortunately recruited to go back to work on the last day. Even if I sat around most of the day and did little work. I was working for free after all!

Back on to EO, I don’t know how many of you have ever done any or tried to write an original novel. But I thought I could give you a little information about the hardest parts of writing a story (I am fully aware I have probably said this before, but my memory is pretty shoddy at the best of times). The hardest part is the start of the story, and it gets easier as you go along. When I start a chapter, I have four parts to break it down into in regards to difficulty. If we are to look at statistics as to how much work each segment takes as a part of the whole:

Planning: 25%
Writing the first 40 – 50%: 55%
Writing the last 60 – 50%: 20%
Editing: 10%

As you can see, the start of a chapter is clearly the most difficult. Not just in the sense that it is the most difficult. But looking at such a large task ahead of you is considerably daunting.

Well, I won’t drag that out too much, that is just a random piece of information. On more of a personal note, it appears this ‘Don’t Follow Wolfin’ trend on twitter is quite popular. I mean we have broken 250,000 views, yes, a quarter of a million, with an average of 900 – 1000 people a day coming to this site. Yet… I only have 16 twitter followers, and 4 of those don’t count!

I know I am incompetent at social media, but that seems to be a bit drastic. I may not be good at it and occasionally even forget I even have it, but a few more followers would be nice guys. Here, another link to my twitter ^.^


Before you say it. Yes, it has been longer than a week.

For the past twenty odd days my job has been going great. And I have slowly started to get more time to work on End Online. Serious, just over half a week ago I only had about 30% written of today’s chapter. If I keep getting this kind of availability then a chapter could be back on the table! I hope that to be the case as well. I actually still owe you guys a week with a double release. Don’t worry, I haven’t and I won’t forget!

Moving on from that, I get a little sad when I notice some people disappear. But I know that releases slowing down does that, as does when some people dislike characters and such. However, as much as I would like to please everyone with absolutely fantastic material. I know that that is impossible. Regardless as to whether we continue getting a thousand people a day here on the site or it suddenly drops back to 10, like when I started this story, I will continue writing this story until the bitter end.

Done a lot of this today, and back to work tomorrow. But I am going to work hard and try get out the next chapter in seven days. I actually have a long weekend with Friday and Monday off next weekend so hopefully it should be easy!

It has gotten too late tonight so I will update some pages around the site tomorrow! Have a good night everyone!


Okay, I’m not gonna lie. This weekly update… Wasn’t exactly weekly!

Anyway, this update is just a little bit of what the delays have been about and where we are going from now. So first of all, allow me to summarize the delays.

My partner broke up with me, was the most considerate person afterwards and even brought home other guys while I was still stuck living there because I couldn’t immediately move out, the first one was even on my birthday! (This kind of thing makes writing incredibly hard at times.) I then got offered a job for two to three days a week so I could earn some money and continue writing and maintain the schedule. A week into that job the big cheese wanted me to work full time or nothing because that was what he needed. I love the job and gladly accepted. I then had to pack up all my stuff at home and move to a new one. This included disposing of all my furniture, fridge etc that I didn’t need anymore. She needed this stuff, but after everything she did, she really wasn’t getting it! Then, as I believe I mentioned elsewhere, work got really busy. I mean, I took work home with me and was doing that all the way up till bed time (No writing at all those days).

That about summarizes my delays to you. It is a little personal, but writing is a very personal thing and I try not to hide anything with you guys. Well, there are plenty of things you don’t get to know, but that’s just etiquette ^.^

From here on, considering the schedule has been destroyed. I will be posting a next chapter completion percentage at the top of the most recent chapter. This way, you know how close the next chapter is. Although, in one day I could write 10% and in the next I could write 30%, lol. Hopefully we will be able to work out some kind of schedule in the future but as of right now, hopefully this will be able to make do ^.^

P.S. I actually couldn’t get the couch out of my house. I’ll be darned how I got it in there in the first place! So I left it there for her to keep. Hey, don’t get too sad, I didn’t leave her the whole couch. I took the legs with me at least ^.^ Will try to update the ‘About Me’ page in the next day or two as well.


So, I have finally gotten that much needed sleep. I was writing at 4:00am and even dozing off a little from time to time.

So I now have to go out, so there isn’t much time today to do writing, but all of tomorrow is gonna be some precious time between me and my computer. Hopefully I will be able to get half of chapter 15 done!

I am also going to be using chapter 14.5 as the bonus chapter for volume 3 (I have size constraints on the volumes). Although, considering that it is quite important for the story line, and a valentine’s special! It will remain free for everyone to read.

That is all for now. Oh, also, I had all my hair cut off! The funeral service at the hairdresser was yesterday, lol. ^.^

Edit 13/2/15

This week has been the first week of my new full time job! I also have no money to pay for the internet! Oh the irony. Well, chapter 14 is now out, and we are slowly working towards some more serious stuff. We also finally got our post by webfictionguide/topwebfiction after 42 days… I think.

Another good piece of new is people are starting to follow me on twitter!!! I know I am bad at social media, but I could swear everyone has this inside joke of “Let’s go look at his twitter, but not follow him! Mwahaha.” I know this because there have been about a hundred people click to go to my twitter, and out of that there was something like 3 follows. Really, am I that bad at social media? Lol

Aside from that, I am putting up a link for anyone who wishes to purchase a copy of volume 1 on paperback without waiting for the 10 order minimum to be able to ship it out to everyone for about $8 – $9(AUD) I will also add up a counter for how many orders we have in que till we can do it. But, if you already are in the que and are buying the book without waiting. I implore that you do let me know as I need to remove you from the que… And refund that $0.01 (Not that it amounts to anything)

That is all, updating a few pages at the moment so you should see them shortly! ^.^

Edit 6/2/15

Finally getting into volume 3. Looking to work this volume around a central idea to help people feel a little closure that the story has just been cut off. It is honestly a little hard to do, simply because this isn’t a story of Lost and his adventures. It is the story of Lost himself.

I am still planning on the double update. Maybe not next week but the week after, it’s hard to tell. I can sometimes plan and write a chapter in a single weekend, but I will probably have work to do next week which will slow me down. Thanks to needing to find a new place to live by the end of month I don’t really have the luxury to turn down work.

Other than that I will be thinking of adding another section to the ‘About Me’ page later this weekend, some of the best bits of writing as well as the difficulties.

So far we have four orders to the paperback version of volume 1! I will update the page and add a link for anyone who wishes to purchase the book directly without waiting for us to get 10 orders. By the way, if you do proceed to purchase it directly. I need you to inform me so I can remove you from the pre-orders list! This way we don’t end up with 10 orders and only have 5 people who haven’t bought it yet. That would be a nightmare! ^.^

Edit 1/2/15

To think how far I have come in just over 3 months, its incredible.

My writing style has improved, I have gotten a lot better at using my verb tenses, and I have even been working on intermixing both past tense sections along with present tense sections to create my own unique style of writing. I have done a lot of research on how others write, and every author’s that I really look into tends to be written in the past tense. Although, I have probably only looked at 0.0001% of the authors out there, so it isn’t particularly reliable statistics.

On to End Online. Unfortunately I may not have chapter 13 ready until Friday, so I can’t post it as an extra for everyone who bought the book early (If I can get two chapters ahead, I will make up for this with a double post!). I have had plenty of work and other IRL stuff happening. Also I will be starting my new job tomorrow! I will be working two days a week in a fantastic sales position.

Two last pieces of news, first is Volume 2 really managed to make it as low as #2600 in the amazon best sellers rank. Secondly, I found this gorgeous background for my computer, I even cleaned up 73 desktop shortcuts so I could see it better!


Edit 23/1/15

My birthday! Today, I have turned 23, and on the 23rd to boot! If only it was 2023 it would just be perfect.

So this weeks chapter came out late, but only by about an hour. This is thanks to me putting in about a hundred hours into a job I was doing. I also secured more work! Considering I am have to move house in 37 days it is perfect!

Onto the book, we are nearing completion of volume 2. If I can finish chapter 12 plus the bonus short chapter 8.5 (A little about Chronix, that d-bag isn’t gone just yet!) Hopefully it should be on amazon by Tuesday but we will have to see. I am also not going to be using the iBook store any more. It is more hassles than it is worth. There are the DRM-free copies that I recommend for all iPad users.

All the issues with the paperback copies have been sorted and it should be ready by tomorrow! Although it will be cheapest for everyone if we can secure $0.01 orders for the books so we can calculate a much better price than my printers charge to directly send the book from printing to international postage.

That is all for this update! Don’t forget to check the new pages! ^.^

Edit 18/1/15

My update is late! Well, as long as I release my chapters on time I am pretty happy ^.^

Unfortunately, this week has been another incredibly busy one for me. I have also put in extremely long hours to try and get it done and go back to writing. I would have worked for longer, but when a large pot of white flowers at night starts looking like a group of bobble headed gnomes on go carts, you know it’s time for sleep.

I still have one more day of work to do and unfortunately this has set my schedule back for finishing and releasing volume 2. It doesn’t seem like it will be ready much before chapter 12 is released, but it will still have the bonus chapter included.

I am also working on putting slightly more detail into my work, mainly describing appearances of things and scenery. There will also hopefully be some character development with the MC, I feel like he is the most lacking part of my novel.

In response to the feedback from the novel on amazon, I have gathered there are two main points that are brought up against the book.
Too short – Unfortunately, any bigger and the printing and posting is no longer possible at affordable prices.
Too expensive for the size of it – Perhaps when compared to other book. But I do not compare myself to them. Well, in terms of sale price I don’t. My view on the sale of the books is I already release it free, but if you have a spare $5 why not purchase a copy, the formatting is much nicer too!

Thank you for your time ^.^

Edit 9/1/15

Another week down, another chapter done! I was extremely exited to have this weeks chapter done early, allowing my to schedule the release for a specific time (2:00am GMT). I originally had scheduled it at 2:17 just for self humouring, but I decided to be professional about it!

If you are wondering. Yes, I do in fact laugh at my own jokes… I am so going to be the best dad one day.

Hopefully I will be able to schedule the rest of chapters for the exact same time every Friday so you can set your own alarms or what not for those who want to read it the minute it is released. Alternatively, you can follow the blog and get emails of all the updates as they come.

The paperback copies are on their way too! My proof copy from the printers was mailed today so I should receive it by Monday or Tuesday. All that is left is working out a system to deliver them to you at the most affordable price I can. So far price wise the books are going to be $17.99 AUD (That is about $14.50USD) I had to increase the price slightly as the printers increased to price on me by nearly $2 (They didn’t add the GST on top!). All that remains is to work out postage to everyone, we will probably need 10+ books sold at once to be able to do worldwide postage for about $10/book. There has been so much math and calculations involved it is giving me headaches. Still trying to secure overseas printing as well!

The only other piece of noteworthy information is that about two weeks ago I completely forgot to mention that I altered the site! Comments can now be embedded up to 5 deep, and I found an option that made reading the site on the mobile much better! Why this was not originally done with the theme, I have no clue.

Thank you for your time. ^.^

Edit 2/1/15

This week I have done even further renovations on my site! Starting with the ‘About Me’ page I have completely rewritten it. It is basically the beginning of my autobiography. I think that every week or two I will add to it, a small piece of information about myself so that everyone can get to know me better as time goes on.

The second major update is that the ebook of volume 1 is up for sale! You can purchase it on either amazon, the ibookstore, or by paying me directly and I will email you your copy in your desired format. Sorry if I take a bit to email you I don’t actually receive and proper notifications when you do puchase it, but I do receive it. All the instructions are on the ‘Purchase the Book’ page anyway so don’t forget to read them if you are interested!

I also plan on moving house around the start of March, mainly the IRL issue of a break up. It isn’t nice but these things do happen. I am letting you all know now because whilst I don’t believe it will effect releases, I can’t exactly promise it.

For my personal note. Unfortunately I was stuck at home until 4am on New Years writing, so I hope you all had a fantastic New Year’s for me! ^.^

Edit 25/12/14

Merry Christmas to all you readers! It is thanks to you all that I work as hard as I do. If it interests anyone, I got some new socks for Christmas which was nice. For the past 5 years I have never had to buy new socks myself.

Also I am currently working on a Christmas Short, Chapter 7.5 to be exact, right now. I only have an hour of Christmas left but most of you should get it with plenty of Christmas Day left!

Another piece of news is I had really hoped we would make 1000 views in 24hours yesterday, we were soo close too. I mashed the F5 key a little more than what is healthy during the last few minutes of the day. All up we managed to get 998 views, and it is all thanks to people talking about End Online and word spreading about my novel, hopefully we will make four digits next time!

Other than that.

Everyone. Enjoy your holiday! ^.^

Edit 21/12/14

So I posted Chapter 6, but most importantly I would have to say, is I went back through all the previous chapters and fixed the its->it’s and your->you’re, a few words I doubled up on and spelling errors that slipped through my proofing.

Hopefully I can write the chapters quicker now that I have gotten into the story more and give me more time to proof them to give a better initial release. Also going through right now to add the ‘Grade:’ parameter on all items and skills, for easy clarification on how rare an item/skill actually is ^.^

Edit 19/12/14

Another week has gone by, unfortunately most of you know that the next chapter has been delayed until the 21/12/14 but I’m going to work hard and try have it out as soon as possible from now! – Looks for some good motivation music –

I have also changed this page so the most recent news is on top, save everyone scrolling down to read what on my mind this week.

The novel is looking great, volume 1 still in motion. I have actually been sending messages to a few artists on deviant art (4 at this moment to be exact), but I haven’t heard back from them yet.. 😦

Well as soon as I find an artist or hear back from someone who I asked to help create something with me volume 1 can start production! If nobody comes back to me, I will have to do the best I can for cover art and leave it at that, I would also cry.

On a personal note. Today there was a rather pretty lady crossing the road where I was in my car at a red light. She was wearing a pretty, yet considerably short dress and the road was considerably windy. The petrol prices in Aus may be going down but the hem of this dress was going up. I actually shed a few tears of blood that I could not have been in front of her to re enact a highly anime cliché scenario!

Also updated the donations and  game info page too!

Edit 12/12/14

Chapter 5 felt really refreshing to write, I got to include some new perspectives and start bringing some characters together, a little closer to how I envision the story going. Finally got to introduce some girls too -wink wink-.

But, this is not going to be your typical harem story, as much as I enjoy reading about five girls hanging off some guys arms there is just too much of it. What I plan is to do is create a story more realistic, with in depth characters that all have their own backgrounds, personality, and don’t rely on one person to make all the decisions.

But this is me rambling, I do the best I can and the rest is up to the interpretation of all you readers.

So far, thanks for all the support. When I was just a reader I was grateful to the authors but it takes being in this position to fully understand just how much an author appreciates all their viewers and fans (Okay, I wouldn’t say I have too many fans at the moment. But I’m working hard!)


Edit 6/12/14

With the latest chapter I have changed how quests are put forward from NPC’s, they now come in a pop-up as a notification. They consist of title, description and grade, following the same grade scheme used with items from the game, I will have a page up soon with information like this that can be used for quick referencing if you are ever unsure.

Previous quests in the chapters will be updated to follow this scheme so consistency shall me maintained.

Lol. ^.^

Edit – 5/12/14

It is currently 11:44pm and I’m still writing chapter 4. I feel horrid that I have missed the schedule but this is what happens when you fall sick and working 11 hours on one day turns into working two days of that length 😦

I don’t like physical work, my body was injured and isn’t in any condition to do it, so I complain a lot. Alas, rent comes a callin’.

But in regards to the novel, the next chapter will be up tomorrow, so if you are reading this and it still isn’t out, it will be in less than 24 hours, only the last part to write and then proofread. Probably no sleep until it is done.

I am also looking into publishing the books and selling hard copies to all of you, maybe electonic versions as well. Each volume should be about 50k words but my discretion shall be absolute, ending content of each novel is rather important.

Also in this up and coming volume, Lost meets a girl!  Sorry! Next Chapter! lol ^.^

Very spoilerish right?

Lol  ^.^

Edit – 28/11/14

So I have been incredibly sick over the past week, I don’t know how much more coughing my lungs can take and this endless stream of snot seems to have no end in sight, the only conclusion is it must be the river Styx flowing out of my nose.

Lol. That is all.




  1. I’ll be honest: I didn’t even realize that you were actually writing this novel, I thought it was just another translation of a great novel.

    I’ll be sure to buy the ebooks when I can from amazon.



    1. Thanks for the appreciation! Well it is a happy confusion, I have constantly worked on having my work appreciated as an actual novel and not simply fan fiction (As it was labelled at first) So I am glad for your opinion!



  2. I have noticed that you have not done a weekly update for aa little while and was wondering how the progress of your next chapter was coming.
    I have purchased every volume to date on kindle and plan to do so with the 4th when I see it hit stores even though I have already read it on here. You have some gold here and have inspired me to keep up with my writing. Thank You!!




    1. The next chapter is coming along well and will be done hopefully by tomorrow, or 24 – 30 hours from this comment. ^.^
      Thank you for supporting me and my work! I’m glad to be an inspiration for you to write!



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