Chapters and Synopsis

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. You may consider me to be the parent of the tables of contents for both End Online and Chronicle of the Eternal.

This may bring to question whether as a parent, I am the mother or the father. This is a deeply philosophical question that many scholars have pondered countless years on. It is a question with multiple correct answers yet no correct answer at all. I consider myself to be an androgynous entity that is capable of reproducing by myself. This may lead to some others thinking my children pages are in fact just another me. However I still consider myself to be the parent so this causes me to be in a situation that is difficult to explain.

Perhaps this brings into question the concept of parent and child. The child was in fact formed from me, yet their contents are ultimately different. We still share the same topic of chapters and synopsis. Is it this similarity that causes us to be of the same family? A common trait that ties us all together as an inseparable knot.

I have fears that my children will outstrip my tutelage one day, leaving me behind to become redundant. My raison d’etre, and without it my existing may come to a figurative end. But I have faith in Mr. Wolfin. I know that if such a time comes, he will give me a new purpose for existence.

You may visit my children by clicking on the on the tab to the left of the screen or following the links below:

End Online
Chronicle of the Eternal

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