Ascended Kings & CotE Paperback Winners

CotE Paperback Giveaway:

A quick shoutout to the winners of the Chronicle of the Eternal Paperback Giveaway I did a while ago. My previous post is self explanatory as to why this came so late, but I still believe I could have done better.

There wasn’t just three winners, but four. I also had an additional book available for givaway on Patreon for those who have been patient and supported me there. The winners are:

Mal, UK
yalc2, USA
Liam T, AUS
Michael B, USA

I also sent out a copy each to the illustrator, editors, and finally one for Christofer R who did an incredible End Online Soundtrack a while back. The books were posted a month ago, maybe longer, so you should have all received them by now


Ascended Kings:

Firstly, no, this is not a new novel! This is something I hope you will all take a moment to read and consider.

The artist for the cover of Chronicle of the Eternal, Dylan Pierpont, has been a part of a team to create a new board game that seems considerably interesting. I know how good his artwork is, so I already know that it will be an excellent looking item.


Stealing the description for the board game as I can’t think:

In the game of Ascended Kings®, you have been set with an ultimatum; face each King in combat to the death or let Empyrnea and all you hold dear, fall. You and up to three other players each choose from one of the Ascended Kings® and take to the arena… prepared to decide the fate of all, on the outcome of a single battle.

The Ascended Kings® board game is a high fantasy battle royal game with no player elimination and includes miniatures, cards, dice, and gemstones. As walls of fire close in around the combatants, the Kings engage in free for all combat to the death—their sights set on taking the bloodstones from their rival Kings. As Kings fall, players are reborn in the fight as powerful entities known as Revenants. Regardless of the number of times a Revenant falls, it will continue to return to the fight, allowing each player the opportunity to win until the very end. The Omega Stone, fabled to hold ultimate power, will be revealed to the King or Revenant able to possess all four bloodstones.


I will be supporting this project and help funding the kickstarter they have going, and I hope some of you can as well. I have included a link to the kickstarter, which also has a video introduction of the game along with all other information.

I dislike asking you to do things, but would someone also please post and let everyone know about it on the litRPG facebook group. Dylan is a good friend of mine so I want to be able to help spread the word, but as I only have a facebook account with my real name (because D is apparently an invalid first name) I would rather remain in the shadows.

Thank you for your time!

Kickstarter Link (Redirects to the Kickstarter)

Personal Announcement: Depression

The first of two announcements, and the most important one. This is very difficult for me to say, and takes more courage than when I published my first chapter of End Online and left it to the masses to chew apart, and chew you all did. This is because I have never been someone to open up to others, and have always done my best to solve my own problems without involving others.

I know that many of you have been wondering where I am, what I have been doing, and why I haven’t followed through when I say I will do something. I understand that this can be incredibly frustrating, and I can assure you no one feels it more than me.

Over the past two months, perhaps longer (I’m not too sure as my memory fails in many departments) I have been stricken with chronic fatigue. I have spent most of my time in bed, often only awake for 6 or 10 hours a day. Even during my waking hours, I had no energy. I spent many of my days struggling to stay awake as tiredness wouldn’t leave me. I’m not talking about yawning and wandering around like a zombie, but physically struggling to keep my eyes open at times.

It was near the end of last month that I started having random headaches and panic attacks. I would stand outside in my backyard looking up at the stars and feel like the sky is coming crashing down onto me and that there is an impending doom coming. I didn’t know they were panic attacks at the time, but I could tell something was seriously wrong, so I went to the doctors the next day.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Chapter 8

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis
Author’s notes: Final chapter of the CotE release bonanza. I was supposed to do this a while ago, the explanation coming up in the next post (After I update the ToC of course)

Chapter 8 – Seed of Discord

After Regal left the house to begin his first day with the Community Defense Team, Piora went to see Aqua, who had run off nearly in tears.

“Aqua, there’s no need to feel bad,” Piora said awkwardly, a comforting tone not fitting her usual attitude, “Breakfast didn’t work out too well, but it can’t always be good.”

“I know… It’s not that, it’s just everything!”The corner of her eyes turning watery as she mumbles with her face in her hands.

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End Online: Chapter 44

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: The only chapter of End Online that was held back. It is the first chapter of Volume 7, and has been collecting dust for too long! I never got around to finishing the editing earlier because I was too focused on trying to catch up. I won’t ask for you to vote for End Online at topwebfiction just now, I want to get better and be writing more first.

Chapter 44 – Guild Hall

– Lost –

I squint my eyes against the morning sun shining brightly through the forested swamp where I fought the ‘King Class’ AI, Ladon. I sit against a tree with Fen sleeping on my lap, her health still at zero, and observe my surroundings. All the frozen swamp water has long since thawed, and the dire flames used to light the area during our fight have vanished. Broken and charred trees litter the area like in a disaster scene. The occasional tree still falls down nearby, each creating a resounding crash and splashing the shallow swamp water in all directions.

Gladox sits nearby, fortunately on a dry log, unlike me, still bitterly soaking in the freezing cold water. He is inspecting his equipment and recently gained loot, while occasionally glancing at Fen in my arms with envy. I glare at him menacingly to remind him to mind his own business, but he just lightly chuckles before returning to whatever he was doing.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol 2. Chapter 7

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: One chapter of CotE remaining. The last chapter will come tomorrow. I’m seriously falling asleep here and am struggling to keep my eyes open. You will understand this a little better tomorrow, or whenever I wake up and can finish my to do list.

Chapter 7 – Mutant Beast Abilities

After leaving the Lost Water Caverns and arriving back at Greyhorn Townsend, both Regal’s squad and the three guards go their separate ways.

Within a dimly lit house near the southern gate that the Greyhorn Guard use as their barracks, Jerule meets with the leader of the guards, Bryn.

“Leader, I have done what you asked and scouted information on the newcomers.”

“Good, give me your report.”

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 6

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Two chapters of CotE remaining. These few chapter have been/are considerably longer than the standard CotE chapter, so it took longer to write them. Despite only 8 chapters being written, it is already considerably long. At the rate these chapters are looking, CotE Vol. 2 will be my biggest book yet (again).
I’m feeling considerably tired. I had to go out to pick up mail and do food shopping, but I should be able to get out at least one more chapter today, maybe both of them. There is one chapter of End Online as well, but I need to rework a part of it near the end.

Chapter 6: Lost Water Caverns

Regal’s squad and the three guards led by Jerule continued travelling west from Greyhorn Townsend. After leaving the dusty area around their community, the sky seems to become a little brighter and the plants more abundant. The originally dry shrubs littering the desolate landscape become much greener and larger. The ground is no longer hard dirt and rocks, but a soft soil begins to reveal itself.

Trees even begin to appear with lush green leaves adorning them. The stale air becomes heavy with moisture, and the blazing sun causes the humidity to rise and stick to Regal and the other party members’ skin. A thin film of sweat forms beneath their leather armor, discomforting those who are unaccustomed to such weather.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol 2. Chapter 5

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Three chapters of CotE left. Editing is more hands on for me from this chapter onwards, could be up to an hour release between each one. Actually, make that up to two hours, there is a bit there.
A small tidbit of information you may find interesting, The second Mutant Stone Beast was originally called Lorde, which was similar to the first, Lande. I had to change this to Lore however due to when their names were too close together it kept sounding like “Landlord”.

Chapter 5: Compounding Preparations

The day after crafting all the villa’s basic furnishings, Regal wakes up to the morning sunlight filtering in through the wooden window. The hazy light banishes the nighttime chill and replaces it with a stagnant warmth.

Veronica is sleeping alongside Regal again, her head burrowed in his chest to escape the nighttime chill. Her eyes flutter open when she detects Regal shifting around, her eyes slowly coming into focus as her mind becomes more attentive.

“It’s time for breakfast. Is there anything in particular you want?” Regal asks lovingly, replacing his arm around her and holding her close.

Veronica allows herself to be pulled into Regal’s embrace, calmly replying to him, “Anything you want.”

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol 2. Chapter 4

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Fourth chapter release, half way there.

Chapter 4: Dust Storm

Regal and his squad enter the makeshift Silverstone Temple of Life. The inside is somewhat dim, the area lit by a long line of torches along the wall. Compared to the temple in Theore where Regal revived at previously, which has a golden luminescence that falls from the large stained glass windows and creates a holy atmosphere, this Temple of Life is like a cave.

There is also a detailed map of Greyhorn Townsend and the area around it, extending all the way until the dungeon in the west.

“Would it hurt to at least install some windows?” Aqua says disapprovingly while squinting at the map illuminated only by the flickering flames.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol 2. Chapter 3

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Third chapter release. 5 more CotE chapters coming.

Chapter 3 – Greyhorn Townsend

Late in the night, Regal has finally cut down enough deadwood trees to create the covered wagon. He does it far enough away that the noise won’t wake everyone up. Unfortunately, even though the moon illuminates the night with a silvery glow, it isn’t enough light for him to be able to accurately create the wagon by. Not only that, but chopping apart all the deadwood trees into long timber sections over such a short period of time has completely exhausted him.

Regal sinks down against the pile of deadwood he has prepared. His exhaustion and the long day of travel has mentally and physically worn him out to the point that he can no longer keep his eyes open.

Veronica is currently the person on patrol. She wanders over to Regal when she sees him sitting down against the large pile of deadwood. Regal is already asleep, his hot breath against the cool night air peacefully causes a faint mist to form in small puffs as he sleeps. Veronica finds that looking on his sleeping form causes her chest to feel warmer than it should. She silently stands next to him for several minutes, closely inspecting his face, before eventually letting out an almost inaudible sigh before returning to her patrol.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol 2. Chapter 2

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Second chapter release. I would like to thank the editors who have really helped me and basically left everything ready for posting in the first few chapters. More chapters coming.

Chapter 2 – Mutant Stone Beasts

Regal and his squad take the entire day to reach the north gate. They decide to spend the night near the city’s edge before leaving the enclosure of Grand Theore, rather than walking through the night or camping just outside the city.

The men have one room in the inn to themselves, while the women have another. Astore and Kilde aren’t very talkative, so they end up easily falling asleep in the silence. Aqua and Piora are the exact opposite, talking vibrantly into the night as they get to know each other, occasionally forcing Veronica into their conversation.

The next day, still full of energy, the squad exits through the gate and steps out into the greater world. Regal marvels at how large the sky is, just like the first time he left the confines of the city to learn cartography. Back then, they couldn’t leave the range of five miles from the city in fear of the wild mutant beasts.

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