End Online: Chapter 39

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes: I know many of you have waited for End Online to be resumed and are not happy with the time in between releases. I have been stuck with writing for a while – not writers block, but everytime I start writing I end up falling asleep! Quite frustrating, but I spent all of today cleaning the house, doing the washing, and redoing the chapter plan to give me fresh motivation for writing. Some of you may not understand what I mean, but imagine I currently have 80% motivation. I need to have 100% motivation to write otherwise I end up counting sheep.
I’ve got a bunch of pages on this site to update, which I have held off from to try focus on writing EO directly, but I will update them in the next day or two as well. Next and Previous Chapter links updated tomorrow, it’s late and I require rest.
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Chapter 39 – Separate Paths

– Lost –

After making the decision to take on different roles for our new guild, ‘The Wanderers’, we all travel to Iceridge before parting ways. I take the lead with Fen and Mason on either side of me, with Verde, Sir Laurence, Matrix, and CaptainGordon following close behind.

The south-eastern area of the new Kingdom of Dalbe, also known as the former Kingdom of Glace, or south-east-most Human Realm, is currently going through a light snowstorm. A few small snowflakes land on my face, but quickly melt away. I am not discomforted from the cold thanks to my cloak blocking the effects of nearly the entire storm, but I do feel a lingering dampness.

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