Chapter 16 – In Search of ‘The Mysterious Boy

Editors: Vincent, weakwithwords
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As soon as I complete my quest, my world fills with shock. I worked so hard to do a good deed for another person. Yet the reward was not only worthless, it was detrimental.

+5 Infamy

I read that one point over and over again. At the same time, I notice everyone else’s faces darken. I have no doubts in my mind that they are feeling exactly the same as I am.

With the new quest that he offers me, however, another piece of my heart seems to blacken. Not only can I not refuse the quest, but it may potentially end with another negative reward if I am not careful.

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The Accidental Post

Next chapter completion: 100% (Now in editing – It is currently 3:22am in my time zone so I am off to bed! Have a good night everyone! I got it all written tonight so chapter should hopefully be released for you by 2:00am GMT)
We’re up to four accidental posts so far. I hate my life! Anyway, all you email readers can thank Naeko for this one ^.^

Well, I have done it again. Accidentally posting what is written for the next chapter by accident before it is done.

So, I figure I will show you exactly how I manage to do this. Below I have attached a screen shot of a new post being made. Which will now turn into the one for the next chapter.

You will see how when replying to a comment, the ‘send’ button is very… Missable. While the ‘Publish’ button is conveniently located in a position where most comment threads have their ‘send’ or ‘post comment’ button. I am sure you can now understand how I make this silly mistake.

To date, this is the second time I have done this. ^.^

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Chapter 15 – Chain Quest

Edit: The chapter is now edited to my usual style. I hope I got it all and moved it into into present tense where required. Funny that about half of it was already written in my usual style despite me trying to do it differently. I guess, once I built my writing style it kind of became a part of me.
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I logged off after we decided to meet back in three hours. Well, it is three hours until we can start the quest once the in game sun rises.

Lifting my VL off of my head, the low evening sun floods my room with a golden light. The window is at the perfect position, allowing the entire room to be evenly filled with the gentle glow.

The first thought that came to my mind is about Lost. The second is that today happens to be Valentine’s day.

Rolling over and stuffing my face into the pillow, my face becomes conflicted. I waited so long for him to arrive in Grenton. I had grown more and more anxious with every passing day hoping he would arrive before today.

Why? Because I want to ask him to be my Valentine for the day.

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