Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 12

COTE Vol.2 Complete: 12/20 chapter written
Chapter 13: 5% written
Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Fifth and final chapter being released! I had also wanted to to finish writing chapter 13 today, but after such a long journey of editing, I can only do my best tonight! I have also brought back the completion percent at the top of the most recent chapter, so at least you should have a rough idea of where I’m at, and when-ahem-if I’m slacking ^.^
For now, enjoy!

Chapter 12 – Soul

That night, Regal and his four squad members returned back to their villa to sit down and make their plans for tomorrow.

“I want everyone to go to the market tomorrow to buy second order skills, one per person. I will be working with the crafters on the community wall, so use that time to practice your new skills,” Regal calmly says to the group

“Is there any skills in particular we should get?” Aqua places her trust in Regal and asks.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 11.5

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Fourth chapter release! Many of you probably wouldn’t call this a chapter. But I can assure you, this took even longer to write!! I am also planning on going back through Vol. 2 prior to publishing and using it as a reference to rescope some battles.
I’m not going to format this as I usually would as it is basically the entire chapter, and such massive character sheets are easier to read as is. I am still contemplating a Char Stats sheet for the beginning or end of Vol. 2

Chapter 11.5 – Character Stats

Name: Regal Havier

Age: 18

Level: 21

Nxt Level: 33%

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 11

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Third chapter release!

Chapter 11 – Rapid Growth

“Theodore, how goes the analysis?” Bryn enters a small room and asks the craftsman who has black rings around his eyes.

“It’s useless! Useless!!” Theodore says in defeat, his head slumping forward.

“What nonsense are you talking about? It is a simple job.”

“Have a look for yourself!” The craftsman shows an ‘Earthen Blood Flint’ modified bullet to Bryn as he explains each part of it and starts dismantling it. “This red ring is a simple ink. I thought perhaps there was some secret to it, before I found this.”

Theodore takes out the four small crystal shards from the bullet, two brown like dirt, and two red like blood.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 10

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Second chapter release!

Chapter 10: Blood Flint

Regal rides Hades south from Greyhorn Townsend in hopes of finding Piora before she goes too far. He takes a snake-like route to cover more area, but pays most of his attention to the path leading back toward Grand Theore. Despite his increased speed, thanks to Hades, after searching for several hours he still can’t find even a trace of her. Regal tried to contact her through the transmission plate several times during his search, but no matter what he sent, Piora didn’t reply.

Returning to the community late in the evening, Regal returns to their villa, where the remainder of his squad has gathered. Everyone is curious as to where he has been, and why Piora left the squad so suddenly. With a gloomy expression, Regal patiently tells everyone about how he had an argument with Piora, which lead to the latter storming off in anger. Apparently, she was seen leaving the city gate.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 9

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang
Author’s notes: Looking at the clock, I have just spent 8 hours editing! This wasn’t even me cleaning up my writing, but going through edits from our grand editors! Anyway, here is the first of several chapters being posted!

Chapter 9: Falling Apart

After Regal finished his third day working for the Community Defense Team, his idea of implementing the new defensive layer around the city wall still hadn’t been completed. Only a small few of the city’s crafters have been helping with the production of the new section of the wall as the rest are busy preparing the new iron mine with cart rails and new supports, while they calculate the size of the vein.

Lord Solace owns the mine, as it was located by members of his community, but he has announced that all crafters with the ‘Mining’ skill are permitted to dig inside it at any time and can keep thirty percent of everything they mine. This is a small benefit to the crafters who uncovered the iron ore deposit, providing them with the means to collect ore without having to buy it from the community.

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I’m Back! (Never really left)

First Agenda: Current Status

Here I am, feeling bright and refreshed. Since my post on suffering from depression, things have become much better. First of all, thank you to everyone who offered me their support and best wishes. While I may not have replied to comments and have appeared to have vanished, I have been here the entire time and have read them as they came in.

An update on my condition, my depression has lifted its grip on me. It truly does feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The only bad news was that the medication didn’t do anything for me! It was actually quite frustrating to be honest. In the end, I ended up taking a classic R&R period to allow myself to forget everything that has been causing stress (Mainly self made writing deadlines, money to pay rent, etc…)

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Ascended Kings & CotE Paperback Winners

CotE Paperback Giveaway:

A quick shoutout to the winners of the Chronicle of the Eternal Paperback Giveaway I did a while ago. My previous post is self explanatory as to why this came so late, but I still believe I could have done better.

There wasn’t just three winners, but four. I also had an additional book available for givaway on Patreon for those who have been patient and supported me there. The winners are:

Mal, UK
yalc2, USA
Liam T, AUS
Michael B, USA

I also sent out a copy each to the illustrator, editors, and finally one for Christofer R who did an incredible End Online Soundtrack a while back. The books were posted a month ago, maybe longer, so you should have all received them by now


Ascended Kings:

Firstly, no, this is not a new novel! This is something I hope you will all take a moment to read and consider.

The artist for the cover of Chronicle of the Eternal, Dylan Pierpont, has been a part of a team to create a new board game that seems considerably interesting. I know how good his artwork is, so I already know that it will be an excellent looking item.


Stealing the description for the board game as I can’t think:

In the game of Ascended Kings®, you have been set with an ultimatum; face each King in combat to the death or let Empyrnea and all you hold dear, fall. You and up to three other players each choose from one of the Ascended Kings® and take to the arena… prepared to decide the fate of all, on the outcome of a single battle.

The Ascended Kings® board game is a high fantasy battle royal game with no player elimination and includes miniatures, cards, dice, and gemstones. As walls of fire close in around the combatants, the Kings engage in free for all combat to the death—their sights set on taking the bloodstones from their rival Kings. As Kings fall, players are reborn in the fight as powerful entities known as Revenants. Regardless of the number of times a Revenant falls, it will continue to return to the fight, allowing each player the opportunity to win until the very end. The Omega Stone, fabled to hold ultimate power, will be revealed to the King or Revenant able to possess all four bloodstones.


I will be supporting this project and help funding the kickstarter they have going, and I hope some of you can as well. I have included a link to the kickstarter, which also has a video introduction of the game along with all other information.

I dislike asking you to do things, but would someone also please post and let everyone know about it on the litRPG facebook group. Dylan is a good friend of mine so I want to be able to help spread the word, but as I only have a facebook account with my real name (because D is apparently an invalid first name) I would rather remain in the shadows.

Thank you for your time!

Kickstarter Link (Redirects to the Kickstarter)