New Novel + Update

So, this is half of a generic update following my last “I’m back” announcement.

Let’s start with the most interesting news to you all, and for those who want the tl;dr. The novel I have been working on over the past year, or at least the initial version, have had several chapters posted of on my Patreon. I have posted the prologue, which consists of four parts, as well as the first chapter.

The name of the novel (tentative) is… Fae of Rancor!

Patreon link!

This is free for everyone, but I will be posting to Patreon’s only for all subsequent chapters. It will be posted for free on this site once the final revised, better version is up for sale.

Do note while the plot will be more or less the same, there will be changes in the revised version. It is expected for there to be more typos, plot holes, or inconsistencies in the free version, so keep that in mind. I am separating it in this way as I want to be able to give back to the readers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to read the book, whilst also providing an incentive to support the book.

(The fact I would probably be forced to set it to non exclusive in Amazon and only get a 40% share instead of a 70% share if they were exactly the same books is also a significant reason.)

I will now break this post into two sections, the first part about the book, including current progress, plans, and origins.

Fae of Rancor (Tentative)

The initial tentative title for the book was actually Immortal Templar, but as the work has progressed, I have been trying to think of a better name. The title is fine in itself, but I just feel it is a bit bland – maybe because I have been using and looking at it over the past year.

The inspiration for this has been a bit of everything. I have taken my life experiences, the literary sub genres that I have read, the games I have played, the styles I have enjoyed, and meshed it together into a world that is my own style of novel. There are western superheroes and mages, eastern cultivators, creatures of legend, gods and more. There is references to tropes that have been used until they are nothing but rags, and side characters embodying cliche.

The overall story is one designed to be more light hearted in a day to day nature, but with serious sub plots and flawed characters. This is planned to be a quadrilogy, but there are plots already half planned for works set in the same universe, but well after the events of this book which are the beginning of everything.

Talk is all well and truly fine, but this is a difficult target to hit, and I did a massive amount of over planning in the book. The final revision should be much more refined, with more vivid landscapes and conflicts, and be much more consistent. It is an inevitable part as ideas and plots have shifted the more I have written.

The current progress for this book is 87,728 words, with 30 chapters written and I am nearing the end. I thought I hadn’t done much since the last post, but it is surprisingly 20,000 words. (In fairness, that still isn’t near enough considering its been 3 months).

The releases on Patreon will either be 2 chapters/week (Wednesday + Saturday), or 1 chapter/week (Wednesday). I have yet to decide as it depends on how long I think the book will take me to finish. Whilst I don’t want to drip feed chapters at a pace too slow, I also don’t want to finish publishing all the chapters then have everyone wait 2 months for the final release.

I had thought to finish this over my Christmas break, I mean, I had two weeks to do so. Even with procrastination, that should have been plenty of time to get a lot of work done… Well, there are two reasons, which I will move onto the next section for

Personal Update

D went back to school!!

Well, D went back to university.

This is the main reason why things have taken so long. I have not done any writing over the past month, simply because I haven’t had time. There was a great opportunity at work and some incredible advice/recommendation from some colleagues higher up in the corporate ladder than myself, and I jumped on it. I may have jumped a bit far though.

I signed up for a free government funded upskilling course, a Cert IV in OHS, which goes for 6 months, and also applied for my Bachelor of Data Analytics, which will take 3 years. Oh, did I mention I am still working full time? The starving author doesn’t want to become a homeless author after all. My Cert IV started 17th December, and then I was left with an assessment that was simply monstrous in scope. I am proud to announce I grandly passed my first two units with a 24 page assessment and 9 supporting documents.

My next three units for this course start in 2 and a half weeks so fingers crossed they are easier!

My Bachelor started January at some stage and it is very time demanding. Thankfully, I am already familiar with programming enough I can skip a lot of the non assessed exercises or skim through them.

I do have to admit, it is difficult maintaining discipline for all the studies, work, and my personal hobbies, but I believe it will pay off in the end. I should have more leeway once my Cert IV is complete as well.

The second reason why I was delayed was I bought myself a new GPU for Christmas, a Radeon 7900 XT (In Aus, the XT is/was better value for money compared to the XTX, which was also sold out.)

You may be thinking, “How is this a delay? Swap cards and done. Maybe reinstall windows, but how long could that take?”

I can not put enough o’s in wrooooong, very wroooong.

I use Linux on all my personal computers, but I do have an old second hand mini pc workstation running windows for the purposes of running exam software.

Whilst the landscape of linux is different now with updates already pushed into the main distributions, being an early adopter of the new AMD gpus on linux is so, sooooooooooo not recommended.

Without going into too many details, I had to build an Arch system with LLVM 15+ and Mesa 23+ to get it to work properly. This took me 4 days of bashing my head against the desk to finally resolve and have a stable system which would output to multiple monitors.

I am very happy with everything now, and there are only a few caveats to the card (which most would consider minor or inconsequential but its the little things that gripe us!).

One of these days, I will take a bunch of pictures and show my home setup to everyone, but that is for another day.

This is my update for today.

Your truly,


P.S. Once I have finished the draft, I am planning on taking a week off work to get as much of the final version done and ready for editing as possible.

Then, Now, and Tomorrow

I think this is my seventh attempt at choosing an opening paragraph. It is hard to believe 4 years have passed, during which I have taken a long break. So much has happened over that time period I doubt I could write it all in one post. I will save other information for later posts, and instead focus this one on the aspect of writing.

I truly hope that everyone has been well during these years. We have all had countless ups and downs, whether personal, covid, or other.

Let me start with the ‘Then’ of this post.

TL;DR – I never gave up, but I lost my mojo.

I can’t recall all the explicit details, but back in 2018, I had moved house with my brother so he could have custody share of all his kids. I like the kids, but six of them were compiling my stress levels. I have nothing but respect for my brother who can manage that many all at once.

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D has been sick + Update

Well many of you have been wondering where this Immortal D is, well he has been incredibly sick over the past month or so. As some may recall or will now know, I have my nieces and nephews stay with me over the weekends. Well, it is apparently germ season at those infestation breeding grounds we call school and kindergarten.

First these kids brought back their germs and gave me a cold. Pretty minor, I usually spend my time hugging a tissue box and sleeping off the minor headaches. Just as I got better and was about to get stuck back into writing, the little bastards came back and gave me the flu. Many people thinks the flu and the cold are the same, but they are not. The flu is worse. The headaches are much worse, and snot travels back into my throat rather than just down my face.

I finally got better from this but apparently these kids weren’t happy with getting me two for two, but they managed to score a trifecta, and a home run at that. They were still most likely spreading their diseases and whilst I’d already built an immunity to this years cold and flu, the extra germs finally pushed my lymph nodes past the point of which they can hand and it became a serious bacterial infection.

It is the worst of the worst. The first night I came down with it, I had a migraine powerful enough I honestly felt like I was dying. I wanted to call an ambulance but how lucky for me my phone is broken. I lay there for the entire torturous night not being able to ask for help. The lymph nodes at the back of my neck are completely swollen and covered in pus, so I can barely swallow. I have no appetite and have been alternating between having hot flushes and the chillls. I still can’t sleep without waking up shortly afterwards completely covered in sweat. I did manage to stomach some Thai food for dinner the other night but that was completely thrown up and all my efforts went to waste. I’m now practically living off antibiotics or whatever they are, panadol (headache medicine), throat lozenges and gargling aspirin.

On the note of where I am with my stories, it’s all on hold at the moment, I can barely focus on writing this out and my headache is getting worse. There are emails from some of you and comments which I will try get to tonight after I’ve rested.

Eternal Anime War is currently up to chapter 30, I’d been releasing them in patreon first and was planning a mass release here before I fell ill. I’ll do this once I am better. As for End Online, I’m still struggling to read through my old work to catch up to where I was. You guys seriously underestimate how much I hate reading over my old work

eBooks currently down.

Some of you may be unable to find my books on currently or read them on your kindle. This is because my account is currently suspended for a ridiculous reason which is actually quite frustrating. I am trying to contact amazon kdp at the moment but their contact us page just leads me directly back to the homepage and I can only wait for them to reply to my email. I have copied the content of my reply below to show you what I mean.

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World Raid [Oneshot]

Author’s Note: I wrote this a long time ago in a bout of inspiration and thought I would throw it out to you in place of today’s Eternal Anime War. I know how you love content so I spent this morning finishing off chapter 1 and cleaning the writing up a bit. This was originally my idea for a third book once I finished End Online.

Leave a comment, tell me what you think of it.


– World Raid –

– Prologue: Year 20XX –

On a large holographic screen projected above New York’s Times Square, an interview on the popular television show Raid Today was being projected. The current leading professors of various fields would answer questions asked by a gorgeous blonde female host. Large crowds of people who were passing by stop to watch the screen while others rushed away to watch it at home.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 on Amazon

It took me long enough to get back into writing, despite all my failed attempts. And I have spend nearly the last 24 hours on amazon preparing everything. First of all. Chronicle of the Eternal Volume 2 is now available for everyone. Let you friends know, let your enemies know, heck, let your pets know. You can click on the image or follow the link, whichever is easier. (It turns out wordpress has decided to incorporate auto previews with links (☞゚ヮ゚)☞   ) Edit: or not!

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 2 Book Cover

CotE Vol 2 Cover full(I updated the picture)*(Book has been sent to Amazon, I will let you know when it becomes live)

I  was quite proud of this one so I thought I might share it with you. This is the temporary cover for Chronicle of the Eternal. It will be left as is for now, as I will be contacting the artist who did Volume 1, Dylan Pierpont, when I have enough money to hire him to do a proper cover for the second volume. For now, this will do. Enjoy.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 17

Author’s Note: Final chapter of Volume 2! Well, there’s also a bonus chapter in the book only and also up on Patreon (Will post it there after Next/Previous Chapter links are up).

Chapter 17 – Regalia

The next morning, Regal is still awake with bags under his eyes. His stats have also reduced two or three points due to sleep deprivation, creating a specific debuff called ‘Mind Fatigue’.

Veronica wakes up drowsily, her clothes askew and threatening to reveal more than they should. She lifts her head and looks down at Regal tenderly. She feels some pain seeing that he has not slept, but secretly thinks that sometimes love can be selfish. It can still be considered a short time since her emotions flourished, and they fill her with a feeling she never wants go without again.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Apocalypse

The warship in the air slowly descends above Regal and the squad, not even Hades, Lande, and Lore escaping its shadow. The warship itself deftly and silently turns in mid-air as it lowers to avoid protruding mountain-like rocks while ignoring and crushing any frail trees beneath it.

When the ship finally lands, it is positioned just in front of Regal’s squad. Regal gets a closer look at the warship and can tell that it isn’t painted black at all, but is made from a reflective metal that is naturally obsidian in hue. The entire balloon compartment at the top is structured from this metal as well, thousands of plates interlined with one another to create a sealed elliptical shape.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Pursuit

Regal, Veronica, Piora, Astore, Aqua, and Kilde silently dash parallel to the community wall just outside of the glow of torches that the patrolling guards are using to illuminate the area around the wall. There are still some guards who have supportive Divine Arts that would allow them to see in the dark such as ‘Night Vision’, ‘Thermal Vision’, and ‘Ultraviolet Vision’, but thankfully most of their attention is focused on the community inside as well as the explosion, and are still searching for Regal’s squad. They haven’t yet realized that Regal and his squad have already escaped the wall, and are currently fleeing toward the battlefield.

Not long after the event, several guards arrive at the location where the Blood Flint Bullet barrel exploded. They quickly determine that this was not an attack launched from outside the wall as there are no invaders anywhere near the current location, and it is unlikely for an attack of a Divine Art to stray this far away from the main battlefield.

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