A Very Special Thank You

Chapter 1 has had a final edit! Going through it with a fine tooth comb and perfecting all the grammar sentence by sentence. It would not have happened if it wasn’t for your feedback, especially the criticism. Most people probably wouldn’t say it but you have my utmost gratitude, in the end you have helped me create a much better piece that more people are going to enjoy, maybe some of you who had difficulty with it originally will find it more pleasing to read.

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Chapter 7.5 – The Christmas Update


Once I left virtual reality, my clock showed that it was well into the early morning hours. A growl originating from my stomach along with a dull ache in my body informs me that I need to stretch and eat something. I was in virtual reality for quite some time after all.

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Chapter 7 – Party of Four

Author’s Notes: Merry Christmas everyone! Also, I did it! By an hour mind you, but I managed to write and proof the entire chapter, posting a day early to compensate for chapter 6 being two days behind schedule!
Considering its Christmas and thanks to WOOOOF’s comments on the previous chapter there will be a very special christmas short being posted in a few hours! Been a pleasure serving all you readers ^.^


Fen shows a lot of interest in Iceridge as I show her around, although I notice that she glances behind us from time to time.

‘Don’t worry Fen, if the guards were going to come again they would have already done so,’ I think it just myself as I know it wouldn’t calm her.

Of course I don’t do nothing while I walk around town, I take the little wolf through all the park areas and collect herbs as I pass through, I even manage to collect a few that I have no clue as to the effects, inspecting the item description tells me nothing too, everything shows as just ‘??’.

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Chapter 6 – Welcome to Goblin Central


I cannot believe that Fen actually wants to be a companion to me! Having a powerful creature like her join me is surreal at best.

“Well, I’m not sure on what to say to you Fen, but please look after me,” I will remain humble at least, there is no need to get too full of myself.

It’s a shame Fen can’t talk, but she understands what I say and I manage to understand her thoughts to some extent through her behaviour. On that note the artificial intelligence in this game is so far advanced beyond everything else I have ever imagined that it’s scary.

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Delay Notice

Please don’t hate me!

Anyway tomorrows chapter is delayed from Friday to Sunday.

The reason for this is simple. My week has been a little difficult with my job. I am a painter and well, I paint people’s houses, big surprise right?

Basically since on Monday I started a job that was supposed to take 2 – 3 days. Go in, quick easy job, and leave…. If only! Walls falling apart, paint is going to take more work than they ever thought it would need.

Anyway every day this week I have left home at 7am and got home 9pm I do what I can for the novel and I have written half of it but the full copy won’t be done until Sunday 😦

Sorry guys will be up soon enough! Still going to update some of the pages, mainly the weekly update and game info page. Also the donation page will be getting a revamp soon.

I have contacted an illustrator with the most beautiful work to do work for my novel but haven’t heard anything back from then as if yet 😦

That is all ^.^ So, so tired at the moments.

Chapter 5 – Companion of Loyalty

Logging out of End Online and returning to my locker, I decide it is about time to redecorate the place. Right now it is the dreary all white, not a speck of colour in sight.

Opening the ‘Locker Design’ menu the entire console surprisingly came off the wall and moved around with me.

First selecting the ‘Walls’ button I create some lines along the ground for walls to grow out of, extending all the way to the ceiling. My Locker now has three rooms, each with a single door in between them. First there is a reasonable sized kitchen, enough to fit everything in but not much bigger. A fridge, most of the cupboards and cooking appliances are on the bench top at the far end and in the middle is another bench that can either be used for preparing food, or as a dinner table.

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Chapter 4 – Determination

Joelle and Shari were gone, the torment inside me continued to escalate even after Caroline and Julius left. I can feel an insurmountable amount of self-loathing over the fact that I couldn’t do better.

I logged onto End Online shortly after that, returning to the bazaar in Iceridge where I logged out. Keeping the hood up on my cloak I ran through a world of mud, the effect of running with a 50% slow effect. It was quite the sight for all the players as while running past considering I would be appearing to be lightly jogging, despite the fact I was running with all my strength.

I refuse to remove the hood of my cloak and allow anyone see this pitiful expression, never again can I show this face to anyone else. I will keep this hood on at all times!

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