Eternal Anime War: Chapter 16

Author’s Note: Last release for today, up to chapter 20 is available on my Patreon for those who support me there. Currently re-reading through ALL books of End Online and also doing editing/formatting changes as I go. Been a little busy so currently in the latter half of Vol. 3, expected to finish them all by 3/21

Chaper 16: DEM’s Defeat

Ellen Mathers and Tohka exchanged blows with their swords rapidly. Ellen charged toward Tohka each time, shattering the concrete below her from the pressure as she flew past. Tohka would simply stand in the same spot and swing Sandalphon single handedly to match Ellen’s attacks.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 13

Author’s Note: This is technically yesterday’s chapter. I am busy going through old volumes of End Online. Going through them all, editing and touching up the formatting as I go. Currently half way through Vol. 2. I’ll write another chapter if I get through enough End Online.

Chapter 13: School

Two trunks full of ammunition for his Desert Eagle and the new <C C C> Anti-Spirit Rifle were left in the cupboard along with a wide range of clothes for himself and Tohka. Major General Fushimi either didn’t know Tohka makes her clothes with her power as a spirit, or know and allowed for all contingencies.

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World Raid [Oneshot]

Author’s Note: I wrote this a long time ago in a bout of inspiration and thought I would throw it out to you in place of today’s Eternal Anime War. I know how you love content so I spent this morning finishing off chapter 1 and cleaning the writing up a bit. This was originally my idea for a third book once I finished End Online.

Leave a comment, tell me what you think of it.


– World Raid –

– Prologue: Year 20XX –

On a large holographic screen projected above New York’s Times Square, an interview on the popular television show Raid Today was being projected. The current leading professors of various fields would answer questions asked by a gorgeous blonde female host. Large crowds of people who were passing by stop to watch the screen while others rushed away to watch it at home.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 12

This chapter contains explicit content. Content is separated by an extended line of:

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Chapter 12: New Life

Jenny also went through the procedure of getting an identity and was organized to work undercover at Raizen High School and support Justice and Tohka. Jenny, at 23, was too old and didn’t have the appearance that could disguise as a student, so she was organized to enter a different class as an assistant teacher in training.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Vol. 2 on Amazon

It took me long enough to get back into writing, despite all my failed attempts. And I have spend nearly the last 24 hours on amazon preparing everything. First of all. Chronicle of the Eternal Volume 2 is now available for everyone. Let you friends know, let your enemies know, heck, let your pets know. You can click on the image or follow the link, whichever is easier. (It turns out wordpress has decided to incorporate auto previews with links (☞゚ヮ゚)☞   ) Edit: or not!

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 2 Book Cover

CotE Vol 2 Cover full(I updated the picture)*(Book has been sent to Amazon, I will let you know when it becomes live)

I  was quite proud of this one so I thought I might share it with you. This is the temporary cover for Chronicle of the Eternal. It will be left as is for now, as I will be contacting the artist who did Volume 1, Dylan Pierpont, when I have enough money to hire him to do a proper cover for the second volume. For now, this will do. Enjoy.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 11

Author’s Note: This is currently the last chapter for today. Chapter 12 is up on my Patreon for those who support me there with chapter 13 following later today.


Chapter 11: Joining the Faction

“Theodore! What is the meaning of this?!” Itsuka Kotori shouted in anger upon seeing Yatogami Tohka and Justice sitting at a small coffee house having breakfast with a stranger. “Didn’t you say she would leave and reappear in Raizen High School?”

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