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I have a question for you all that I would like some feedback on. I have also created a poll for those who don’t have any particular remarks to comment but favour one opinion over another.

Poll can be found here.

As many know, or have noticed, I write in the present state, save for events that have already happened. I grew into this style early on when I started writing. During the initial feedback from readers, there was one about “showing not telling”, along with some examples. I found it puzzling at first and was comparing the examples with my work, and also doing research on the subject.

I have learned about it now, but at the time, I had taken it as writing in the present tense was “showing” (involving the reader in the action as it’s happening) where as writing in the past tense was “telling” (telling the reader about what happened). I often mistook verbs back then and wrote as a jumbled mess of both present and past tense. Thankfully weakwithwords, then genericIntent, came along and helped me fix most of it in the editing process.

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End Online: Chapter 43

Editors: Dyngari, Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang, genericIntent
Author’s notes: The final chapter of End Online: Volume 6. Some of you have been waiting a while for this. I have been a little delayed while catching up to schedule, writing 4 chapters of COTE (equivalent to 5 actually) in the past 10 days. Good news is that my current schedule works, so it is reliable! I may fall behind schedule, but I can easily catch back up, and I will also write ahead as I can.
The Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 2 Paperback Giveaway is still going on as well, make sure you check out the previous post if you are interested.
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Chapter 43 – Possession Chase

– Lost –

While chasing the AI swordsman, we unexpectedly don’t encounter any guards along the way. It must have something to do with either the swordsman knowing where they are and avoiding them, or Chronix’s men holding them back, I’m not sure which.

The swordsman is quick, slowly pulling away from Fen, Verde, and myself. He glances over his shoulder at us with an air of smug superiority. Even I can tell that this AI is profoundly arrogant. However, this could be used against him in combat to give us a chance to surprise him and gain the upper hand.We soon escape through the open rear door of the museum that Verde was unable to open in time. As our group exits the door we see the AI casually leaping over one of the walls behind the museum and out of sight, not even bothering to give us a second glance.

“Damn it. Fen, Verde, escape through the streets. I will follow the AI and let you know where he goes.”

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 1 Paperback giveaway

I have finally received the paperback copies of Chronicle of the Eternal: Volume 1. As I am not able to reduce the cost of the books to a reasonable amount, I have only had several copies printed which I had decided to give away in a competition.

There are three copies to give away to you, the readers.

To take part in this competition, all you need to do is submit an entry to an email I specifically created for this event. Please submit all entries to wolfincompetition@gmail.com

The idea behind this competition is simple, all you need to do is submit, in 500 words or less, what you would like to see the most in Chronicle of the Eternal.



Subject: Wolfin Competition (Or whatever you prefer)

Email: What I want to see the most in COTE is…


That is all! There’s no need to include your address or country, all winners will be notified on 4th September and asked to provide an address then to post their copy of the book to.

I wish you all the best!

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End Online Volume 6 Available

I had some considerable troubles getting photoshop to work over the past few days, preventing me from completing the cover art, but I finally managed to solve the problem!

As quite a few people have found already, Volume 6 of End Online is now available at Amazon. You can find it by following this link to Amazon.


Here is the full cover art of Volume 6. If I do say so myself, I am getting much better with photoshop! If only I was this good when I started creating the cover art.

For all those wondering, it will be KU in one month from now, just like the rest of the books. And as always, should any problems appear with it being available here too, it will have to be removed from here.

Volume 6 Cover 1 EmbossedDigitalRGB

End Online: Chapter 42

Editors: Dyngari, Templar, Jack Vanatis, Orang, genericIntent
Author’s notes: Only one more chapter to go! Well, for all those who have been following my blog for a while, you will know I’m nasty and don’t release the final chapter of a book until 1 week after the book is released. A good thing it is all written! Only pending edits, art and compilation. Also, we are now endonline.net !! ^.^
I fell a little behind on my schedule, but as of today I am up to date again, for chapters at least. I have decided that I will rewrite my schedule on the last day of every month, and plan the following month in its entirety – for all of those interested. I also had a fantastic, and insightful, idea for my fourth series. Far too early to actually write #3 and #4, gotta finish #1 or #2 first, but it’s good to write them down and slowly work on a skeleton for them.
Another chapter release, please show your support by taking a minute of your time to follow the link and vote for End Online at TopWebFiction.com! Votes are reset weekly so even if you have voted before, please do so again! ^.^

Chapter 42 – Escalating Challenge

– Lost –

“Why are we leaving!? I could have taken him!” Sir Laurence states bravely, puffing out his chest for Verde’s benefit.

“No, you couldn’t. Not alone at least. He is an AI, just like Fen.”

“What!?” Sir Laurence and Verde both cry out in surprise. Gladox seemed to already have figured it out and lightly sighs.

“He is strong, extremely strong. I don’t want to fight him if we don’t have to.”

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