Chapter 28 – Three Months

Editors: genericIntent, Scott
Author’s notes: Much has happened and much to talk about! First of all, important news about the release schedule! I am currently setting up a personal timescale for myself that should help you predict chapter releases. I plan to work on a schedule where I allow 2 days for chapter planning and then writing the chapter at 10% a day (800 words) minimum. This way, you can expect a chapter to be released every 12 days at the latest! Keep in mind, it will take me a little while to adjust to this schedule, and life still happens. (I plan it like this because on a day where I am distracted or busy with work I should still be able to manage this little) ^.^
In regards to the poll for releasing chapters half as long and twice as often. I will now announce the results… The results were practically unanimous, and chapters will remain at the usual length! (I keep forgetting to announce these things! Same with announcing how many views we have had and breaking milestones – Currently 679k views!!).
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Standing in front of the Church of Swordbreak and looking down on the city, I’m forced to shield my eyes from a warm breeze carrying traces of dust that sting my eyes. I can’t prevent the dust from getting under my beginner’s armor, but it is only slightly uncomfortable.  You know, like sandpaper against the skin.

I have no words to express my anger and frustration. Some AI has erased my administrator rights and forced me into a player’s position. To make matters worse, my boss Henry has demanded that I start playing the game like anyone else. His idea is to follow Lost’s group and that strange AI with them.

All I can do is swallow my rage and bide my time. For now, I will just have to start levelling my character.

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