End Online

Update Schedule : 1 Chapter/week beginning as of approximately 21/3/18


Sometimes, virtual reality isn’t always what it appears to be on the surface.

Hollis Sylvester, lost everything in a distopic world where money is status and status is everything, leaving him with no support. He turns to a virtual reality game called End Online, at first as an escape from reality but eventually as a hope for the future. Inside the game, he has a not only a name enforced on him but also a skill which appears to be nothing but detrimental.

He continues on however, meeting new people and even gaining a companion to journey with him. He only fails to realize the severity of some of the issues that arise in the virtual world around him and that he will still have to face reality within the game.

Volume 1
Chapter 1 – End Online
Chapter 2 – The Irritation of Aggravation
Chapter 3 – Money Made and Everything Lost
Chapter 4 – Determination
Chapter 5 – Companion of Loyalty
Chapter 6 – Welcome to Goblin Central

Volume 2
Chapter 7 – Party of Four
Chapter 7.5 – The Christmas Update
Chapter 8 – Grigor
Chapter 8.5 – Chronix’s Fury (Only in the ebook!)
Chapter 9 – Wolf Girl
Chapter 10 – Leaz in Trouble
Chapter 11 – Grael’s Lair
Chapter 12 – Two Brothers

Volume 3
Chapter 13 – Law of Vexl Underground Prison
Chapter 14 – Religious Conscription
Chapter 14.5 – Valentine’s Love (Part 1)
Chapter 14.5 – Valentine’s Love (Part 2)
Chapter 15 – Chain Quest
Chapter 16 – In Search of ‘The Mysterious Boy’
Chapter 17 – Eldenweiss
Chapter 18 – The Second Grand Inferno
Chapter 19 – The Ghost of Eltreant

Volume 4
Chapter 20 – Reunited
Chapter 21 – Dalbe, Kingdom of Summer
Chapter 22 – No Caller ID
Chapter 22.5 – Three Hours of Joy (Only in the ebook!)
Chapter 23 – Swordbreak
Chapter 24 – Gladiator of the Colosseum!
Chapter 25 – Ambush
Chapter 26 – Royal Summer Tournament
Chapter 27 – Fragment of Something Greater

Volume 5
Chapter 28 – Three Months
Chapter 29 – Escape from Swordbreak!
Chapter 30 – Voyage on the High Seas (Part 1)
Chapter 31 – Voyage on the High Seas (Part 2)
Chapter 31.5 – Sunken Rock, Mermaid’s Lair (Only in eBook)
Chapter 32 – Poison and Sand
Chapter 33 – Sphinx
Chapter 34 – Battle for Supremacy Commence
Chapter 35 – Rivalry and Justice

Volume 6
Chapter 36 – Kano City
Chapter 37 – Forgotten Ruminu Temple
Chapter 38 – University
Chapter 39 – Separate Paths
Chapter 40 – Temple Trap
Chapter 41 – For Survival
Chapter 42 – Escalating Challenge
Chapter 43 – Possession Chase
Chapter 43.5 – Stalwart Troubles (Only in eBook)

Volume 7
Chapter 44 – Guild Hall


  1. after rereading end online, than spending hours at work pondering the truth behind the meaning of why chroix is such a wet blanket. i started to understand many things. and started to have predictions of the future and problems of the past. i notice some things and started to have theory. one problem i notice is why did fen still have clothes after the fight with the giant flying snake. and it is not because she does not rip them anymore (unless its a ladys only thing) because grael still need to change clothes. (from the first it was grael pov) except that one time he flew lost to swordbreak. praise grael and his majestic body.

    i have a theory that grael and fen is in a hunger game alliance, where they know they most likely is going to kill each other. unless fen is work for grael because grael “gift” to lost is actually a bomb that grael can active at any time. so to keep lost alive. she needs to do as he says.

    and did any one notice that fen skill is called origin of ice. and lost has a skill called origin of dire flame… and would it be possible that if fen attacks are environment base that lost dire is to. is that why dire flame can destory building that should have been protect by the environment. with that said would it be possible that the trials all require an ability to attack object that are protect by the environment. with THAT said. maybe each trial require a different origin ability. for exaple there a room that is so cold at if anyone but some one with the origin of ice ability giving them immunety to the cold would die instantly. and the one from the tournament spawn the other ones.

    i thought about the my past commit and what if lost make a dire fire ball and eats it… would the fire that in his lung/throut. make him be able to beath fire. a cool idea if you ask me.

    i also though about prince charming. so i though about how he never protect lost but the girls. would it be funny if one time lost died because prinve didn’t protect him. after he come back he ask him and he says “i can’t because you have a negative aliment. if i protect the girls who does not have a relgion, my belief goes up making me stronger.”

    i think that the wind book should got to the archer brother. if he makes a windstorm around him. it repels object away from him. but if he fire an arrow. it accelerates incressing the damage, he also has the wind arrow attack.

    thats it for now if wolf want to take any of this ideas go ahead. maybe he can speed up the book series



  2. He said he would do “1 Chapter/week beginning as of approximately 21/3/18” but hasn’t. I understand the new book and Amazon doing shit with you but still its 4/24 and no word on anything since the 11th of this month. Say something…….



  3. Have you stopped making new chapters for the end online novels, and if you haven’t, can you please tell me when you will try to start making new chapters again?



  4. omg, he is supposedly writing a chapter a week, starting like 6 months ago, yet hasn’t released anything since then, this does not bode well. I loved this series so far, would really hate to see that it just died.



  5. why do you all complain about release from a loved series if you don’t even try to understant that he is writing three series and that complaining isn’t supportive for the author and for your case.

    1) don’t complain just be helpful and supportive even a thank you is great.
    2) let the author take his time maybe he got a blank page issue and the pressure isn’t helping at all
    3) if you are juste making the author angry he will quit the series and never return to it again so why not just taking your frustration and keep it to yourself ? stop being a pussy or whinny kid nobody love them.

    my personnal message to the author (i am following end online since book 1 mind you) is : just keep the good work and pace yourself at ease ! i am not following it dutifuly as i want but i eventually keep getting back to the end online and chronicle of the eternal (haven’t read the Eternal Anime War but probably will soon) .

    grateful anonymous reader !



    1. many of us bought the series on kindle, so as customers, we absolutely have the right to complain when a series gets dropped for almost a year with 0 progress, he also hasnt been writing the other series, so that point is invalid, and if you dont like peoples comments, dont be a pussy or whiny kid and get over it. finally, i do like the series, hope it gets continued, and good luck to the author.



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