Copyright © D. Wolfin 2014

This novel is entirely my own creation. The genre is inspired by other novels but by no means any of their material. Similarities with names, locations or any part of the game are purely coincidental.

You may copy small segments of no more than 100 words of the story as reference but do not publish this work anywhere else, rewording the story does not grant you ownership of the work so please refrain from doing so.

Do not download or convert the story into any file format. Do not redistribute any paid products, if you wish for others to read this work, please link them to where the work is already provided free for online viewing.

If you have purchased the DRM-Free version of the novel and distribute it to your friends, I am neither going to know nor be bothered by it. I simply ask you to refrain from distributing my work elsewhere on the internet and detracting any people that may potentially support this work.

Also. this work is my product so do not approach anyone else pretending that it is your own.

Thank you.