Chronicle of the Eternal – Vol. 2 Chapter 13

Chapter 14: 10% (Unedited)
I have finally gained some normalcy in my life and should be getting busy writing now. I will finish a chapter today (18/7) and hopefully the rest of the book over the next week. As usual, it won’t be posted here until it has finished editing though. I will do a short update as well with each chapter post

Chapter 13 – Traders

Six days have passed since the night Veronica revealed her emotions to Regal. Veronica has practically become a new person, proactively pressing herself onto Regal and refusing to leave his side. Regal is troubled by this as it has detrimentally affected the squad’s teamwork when entering the dungeon, and has even interfered with his work.

Veronica has continued to try helping Regal with his compounding, even though she lacks the necessary skills. This results in quite a number of wasted materials and failed experiments. She also has started to follow him while he is working with the Community Defence Team, and despite the other crafters happily accepting the sudden addition of her beauty into their mix, her presence constantly distracts Regal while he works on the additional wall armor construction.

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