Edit – So I am incredibly easily distracted. But despite all that, the next chapter is 100%!! (Finishing proofing) written. I will be busy tomorrow morning with some work stuff for a few hours but it is straight to writing from then on. I think if I can get my motivation up and running I will have it all done by 7am GMT, otherwise it could be as late at 12pm GMT. Just so you have a rough idea of when the next chapter is ^.^ Sending off what I do have to the charming Vincent right now!

Edit – Just for everyone who is checking up for the next chapter, I am expecting to have enough done to post over the weekend in the next day or two! ^.^ Unfortunately, there is no chapter this week… I am still caught up with not just work but I am moving house in two days. So therefore my entire week has been spent attempting to pack my goods. There has been some other IRL issues but not things to delay my writing. I am sad that this stuff has thrown my schedule completely off wack, I’m sure some of the regular readers will leave, but in this case my hands are tied. I wanted to post at least half of the next chapter by friday, but unfortunately that is not going to happen. Seriously, I haven’t even reached 10% of the next chapter. But I cannot bear to not let you all know. So this is the best I can do. The next chapter is still planned I just have no time to write it atm. I will keep you all updated. I move house in roughly 36 hours from now!

Chapter 14.5 – Valentine’s Love (Part 2)

Editor: Vincent
Author’s Notes: Here is part 2 of the short! Not quite as long as part 1 but together they are about 40% of a full chapter! Not too bad eyy! Well, my weekend plans are looking good, unlike last weekend I actually have time this weekend to do a bunch of writing so we should be on schedule for next Friday! Anyhow, my legs are completely cramping up and it is 4:00am for me. Time for bed!
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Editor’s Notes: …


“What?” I stare at Fen in surprise.

What does she mean she wants that?

“I want… That!” She repeats herself, not looking away from the screen.

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Chapter 14.5 – Valentine’s Love (Part 1)

Editor: Vincent
Author’s Notes: Sorry for the delay! Well, the unedited (I’m sure Vincent will get to it when he can, I haven’t even sent it to him yet!) part 1 is here now. I am currently doing part 2 which should be about as long as this one and be out in a few hours. I will update this and give you an ETA as soon as it is mostly done.
It is finally done and edited, ready for all your enjoyment. I actually didn’t do too bad a job with this one for the initial write.
Editor’s Notes: …


I accept the quest from the inn keeper, Rix, with the greatest pleasure. It has been such a long time since I have accepted a request directly. I also don’t gain any infamy.

‘Could this be one of those rare times where it is possible for me to gain fame!?’

I shout in my mind, recalling the first effect of the ‘Intimidating Aura’ skill.

- Intimacy can not be grown with NPC's under normal 

As time passed on, I slowly forgot about this effect. The description of it did not pass on when the skill upgraded to ‘Class Skill: White Warrior’. But, the effect itself still seemed to pass on.

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Good news and bad news.

Edit – For all you waiting I think the valentines short will be ready and posted by about 12pm GMT. Later than usual but that is the life of a full time worker.

Okay let’s start with the good news first, that should hopefully dull down the bad news a bit.

Good news, I am doing a Valentine’s short chapter, featuring yours truly, ME! Just kidding, featuring Fen.
It is coming out this Friday. To my editor, Vincent, I will give you access to it tomorrow when it is complete ^.^

Bad news. Okay readers, lock the bomb shelters and bring out the long life canned produce… There is no full chapter this week.

Basically, I had the busiest weekend I have had in about 2 years and lost all that time to write. I then tried to write in overdrive and in my brilliance on Tuesday, left my laptop off the charger in sleep mode.
Now, this may not seem rather dire, but in fact it is. My laptop, even on standby, has a disgracefully short battery life. I also write my work directly into wordpress.

The result? My laptop battery went completely flat, wiping the local memory of my wordpress backup data in my internet browser… Well, I’m no expert, but I lost 3000 words and my motivation for the next 24hours.

But I do want to bring you something, so I am doing the valentines short chapter! The chapter is a part of the story, just like the Christmas special, so definitely worth your time. Plus, we all seem to be FenXLost here ^.^

Chapter 14 – Religious Conscription

Editor: Vincent
Author’s notes: Another chapter out. Also two big pieces of news. One is that we finally have a spot on !! Please do follow this link and vote for End Online!
Secondly, my job has turned into a full time position! (It is such a great job I couldn’t possibly turn it down) Which gives me less time to write for you all. But I do get to do some writing at work and I work hard after hours to get it all to you. I may not be able to post it at the same time each week, but I will aim to get it out on the same day! We have also discovered our editor is the quiet type, but he wrote on a sign to say you should vote for End Online at topwebfiction ^.^
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Matrix gives an embarrassed look as I am stunned at his attack just now. In a heartbeat, he traversed nearly half this room and dealt a final critical strike on the boss, Overseer ‘Law’.

“Umm… It is kind of our finishing move.”

These two are clearly stronger than they first appeared. I wonder if Mason has a finishing move like this as well. Glancing over at him, he looks away from me while scratching his jaw.

Even Fen over there is surprised, showing interest in the first thing other than me or food.

With nothing else to say, I let out a sigh.

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Chapter 13 – Law of Vexl Underground Prison

Editor: Vincent
Author’s notes: First chapter of volume 3 is done. Had some set backs along the way, mainly work and some other stuff. As a result the chapter is 2.5 hours late, sorry guys o(╥﹏╥)o
But, on a positive note. I introduce my first and only editor, Vincent. I should possibly insert a big round of applause here, maybe some fireworks. Heck, why not some biscuits and dip. So, welcome to End Online Vincent. I won’t take up more of everyone’s time, I’m sure there are a lot of you eager for this chapter ^.^
Editors notes: …


As I turned my attention to the rustling in the bushes, a player stepped out in front of me. He was slightly shorter than me, equipped with a grey armour made from an unknown metal. Although, considering how much thinner it is compared to all the other armours I have seen, I gather that it must at least be a medium armour.

He wears some kind of broad rimmed straw hat that appears to just be for show, so I cannot see his hair, or even his face, very well. I did however, notice the symbol of Forste on the back of a hand wielding a white longsword.

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