Chronicle of the Eternal

Current update schedule: On partial Hiatus until End Online Vol. 7 completion


In the year XX, the human population exhausted the world’s resources, leading to cataclysmic environment changes and the imminent extinction of all life on the planet. Frantic space exploration became the world’s focus, but failed to find a new world for the human race. In desperation, humanity went digital. Minds were scanned, encoded, and transferred to the virtual world of Grandosa. Manual labor and power production were entirely automated. Reproduction among those once human is now a cold, sterile affair fraught with new complications.

Regal is a young boy who was born 222 years after the inception of Grandosa. He is what is referred to as a Soulless; someone accused of lacking a soul due to diminished emotions and driven by logic. His parents abandoned him, choosing the Eternal Rest. He is left with no one to rely on other than himself as a series of unfortunate events force him to adjust his outlook on life.

Regal’s school years teach him that there is more to this world than meets the eye. What he doesn’t yet realize is that his future is full of turmoil that will threaten his very existence. His only path through these trials is to rise above, to stand and defend a life that no one other than himself can see.

Volume 1:
Chapter 1 – Theore
Chapter 2 – Duel
Chapter 3 – Alchemy
Chapter 4 – Talent
Chapter 5 – Theft
Chapter 6 – Profit
Chapter 7 – Payment
Chapter 8 – Theore Substructure
Chapter 9 – Rebirth
Chapter 10 – Fatherly Advice
Chapter 11 – Results
Chapter 12 – Practical ‘Cartography’
Chapter 13 – A New Friend
Chapter 14 – Crafting
Chapter 15 – Level Up
Chapter 16 – Mastery
Chapter 17 – Excitement
Chapter 18 – Tournament
Chapter 19 – Academy Break
Chapter 20 – Fall
Chapter 21 – Monster
Chapter 22 – Return
Chapter 23 – Graduation
Side Story 1 – Tanner’s Story (Only in ebook)

Volume 2:
Chapter 1 – Registration
Chapter 2 – Mutant Stone Beasts
Chapter 3 – Greyhorn Townsend
Chapter 4 – Dust Storm
Chapter 5 – Compounding Preparations
Chapter 6 – Lost Water Caverns
Chapter 7 – Mutant Beast Abilities
Chapter 8 – Seed of Discord
Chapter 9 – Falling Apart
Chapter 10 – Blood Flint
Chapter 11 – Rapid Growth
Chapter 11.5 – Character Sheets
Chapter 12 – Soul
Chapter 13 – Traders
Chapter 14 – Escape
Chapter 15 – Pursuit
Chapter 16 – Apocalypse
Chapter 17 – Regalia
Side Story 2 – Hazel Marquis’ Story (Only in the ebook)

Volume 3:


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