Hall of Glory (HoG)

You can donate to the War Chest and join the hall of glory through paypal, just click on the link and… Oh, I’m sure you know how to work it

Please be sure to leave your desired name (To use in the HoG) with the transaction. If you do not leave anything, I will only use your initials, mainly for privacy reasons. If you wish to change your written name/initials, please email me at drunkenwolfin[at]gmail[dot]com. Send me what you wish for your name to be printed as, as well as some form of proof that you are indeed the donater. (Either use the email that is linked to your paypal, or forward the transaction number.)

War Chest Funds- $738.88

Hall of Glory (HoG)

Cendan(Divine Descendant of the Spirit King)      – $275
Anonymous(We Are Legion)                                           – $123.45
Nighty(Valiant Arrow of the Crimson Hawk)           – $87.64
JR(Reincarnated Inugami Gladiator)                         – $59.99
Bradley Johnston(Spiritual Knight of Winter)        – $50
ishamael2989(Imperative Commander of Earth)  – $30
Johnist(Inheritor of the Wind’s Creed)                      – $25
DD(Senior Magus of the Storm)                                    – $12.80
MA(Hector of Wolves)                                                        – $10
JW(Champion of the Elves)                                            – $10
Vu Ho(Disciple of Fate)                                                     – $10
Ravi(Hare Krishna)                                                             – $10
AN(Pursuer of Truth)                                                         – $10
Niels Knude(Young Adventurer)                                   – $5
Thomas Wolf(Fanged Pup)                                             – $5
M (The Information Broker)                                            – $5
BR(Caretaker of the Many)                                              – $5
APS5 (Merchant of Avidity)                                             – $5

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