Frequently Asked Questions

In response to the readers love of posting enormous comments for information about inside the game I have created this page to answer some more of the common questions, along with a few I have added in to answer some questions I foresee coming in the future.

I may have missed a few but we will add more when we need to.

Credit for CptCupcake for the biggest comment to date: 1,732 words. (This is not up for challenge, so no funny ideas people!)


Does Reaction Time increase with Agility? If not, how does it work/increase?
There is no relation between reaction time and any of the stats. Reaction time is determined by how fast your brain can respond to the signals it is sent from the VL. It can be increased in the virtual world through training your reactions along with fighting at high speeds, this is because you brain is not constrained in operating a physical body. Playing online is quite literally brain training. (Bare in mind that this IS a fictional world, it is merely my concept on how it works and has no scientific or actual evidence behind it.)
It is possible for your speed to be much higher than your brain can react, this causes you to have to ‘pre plan’ your attacks and moves to be able to efficiently use that speed. High dexterity also helps as the system assist will aid your attacks to some extent.
There are some sacred arts, such as ‘Perceptual Sight’ which force the brain to temporarily work at higher functions, but that is similar to forcing the brain to work in ‘Overdrive’ and has a limit to what can safely be done.
This is possibly the most frequent question, it is brought up so much I think I need to make a T-Shirt about it.

What exactly is the difference in ‘Fighting Prowess’ and ‘Fighting Prowess + 2?
It is the same concept between a long sword and a long sword + 2.
For anyone who has not played any RPG’s that involve it. You can consider it with words such as better, stronger, upgraded. I also recommend you go play Balder’s Gate, it is such a beautiful classic.

What about when old players want to convert to other races?
This is already covered, but you will have to wait until such a time comes where it is released in the story.

Also, what’s the deal with the queen, knight, boss thing? It is something like a chess thing?
A ‘Boss Class’ is a monster that is designed to be stronger than others. It is simply the monster you need to defeat at the end of a dungeon to get all the good stuff! There are Prince > King > Emperor Class’s that are assigned to AI’s that have split off from the ‘Mother’ AI that created and governs End Online. Read the end of chapter 12! There is no knowledge about a female equivalent of this system. But we have Fen!

Who created the game? Is it an artificial intelligence or group of people or just one person?
Released in Chapter 12! It is created and managed by an AI called ‘Xilbril’.

Why does the killing blow get the vast majority of the exp share?
This is to prevent people from abusing the party system to farm exp without doing anything, while still being able to slightly help the support classes. There are obviously still ways to exploit it, but that is the same as every other system. This is merely one of my own design that I liked the best.

Won’t support classes be at a disadvantage in terms of collecting exp?
Of course, but that is the same in most games is it not. If you can’t fight you can’t collect exp.
However, each player has nine skill slots, and you can always purchase or even earn more. This means that there is technically no pure ‘support classes’ like a ‘Healer’ or ‘Enchanter’. It is still possible to fill it with skills to only support others, but anyone finding themselves in such a disadvantage is sure to change things.

How mobs die, sometimes I notice stuff like cut in two. I though blows only left red lines, this is confusing.
This only really applies to killing blows. There is still no gore or anything. It is like separating two lego blocks, only with a red cross section where they used to join.
There are also skill that can dismember limbs and such, but that only works on arms and legs.

Stats, aren’t there people who simply max them out, like every other game?
Hoh, As for people maxing out their skills, I assure you that is not possible. It would be similar to a person going to the gym and maxing out their stength in a week.
I designed my game stats this way to solely focus on preventing this. If you want to be mathematical, you could always consider the growth in any stat to be in the shape of a logarithmic graph. There are ways to overcome certain boundaries (Like how lost did with using the slow effect as a form of weight training) but there are very few players who actually discover these methods, and they tend to keep them secret for obvious reasons.

do you have plans for Lost to meet others with similar ‘op’ builds?
Of course. There are always those players that are naturally better at the game than others. As to who, how, and when. Yep, top secret ^.^

Didn’t Lost get a fang drop from when he killed fen the first time?
He did, then again I picked up a rock the other day. It could be used a crafting material to make a half decent weapon. But remember Fen is not some high end boss, hence any drops are not that great. Also, weapons crafted out of materials like bone cannot be repaired

How does armour work in conjunction to critical hits?
Armour does not effect critical hits, unless it is a shield which can completely block attacks. Armour creates a whole body armour value and merely reduces any incoming damage, as well as any bonus effects the armour piece has.

Isn’t there some builds that favour others? Like strength over speed? How does this work?
Another funny one. I do my best to balance the system but there are always players who will find ways to exploit it. Truthfully, if someone can discover a way to have an edge over someone else, they deserve to have it.
For a quick description on the pro’s / con’s of the two main builds people will consider.

– High speed attacks with blades cut through defences (Doesn’t work with shields)
– High speed attacks with blunt weapons has a small damage increase, but can also cause knockback and stun (depending on where the attack lands) This works much greater if using Strength
– Pro
–– Incredibly fast, can dodge most attacks
–– Can run away from battles more efficiently
–– Negate opponents defense
– Con
–– Self armour restrictions, wearing any medium armour will prevent sprinting. Heavy armour slowing you down to a jog
–– Some enemies are incredibly fast, inhumanly so. Especially boss’s
–– Can’t dodge or outrun most AoE spells.

– Damage bonus, depends on strength req of weapon. If you have a large sword requiring 30 str, and you have 50 str, you would get somewhat of a small – decent damage bonus. In the same situation If you have a large sword requiring 50 str, and you have 50 str, you would not get a damage bonus.
– Pro
–– Incredibly tough, wear heavy armour and can tank a lot of damage.
–– Can completely block many attacks with a shield (sometimes even a sword)
–– No matter how fast an enemy is, an attack blocked will do no damage
– Con
–– Slow
–– If an opponents attack outclasses your str rating. A blocked attack can throw you off guard, staggering you and leaving you     vulnerable to any connecting attacks
–– Can’t damage what you can’t touch

How exactly does defending against various attacks work, how are the damages calculated?
Defence is broken down to the damage type.
Physical armour is great for all physical damage, whether it be sword, mace, or even a magical rock flying at you.
Elemental resistance is gained by the Mnd stat (quite minor, I know lost felt the change with Fen’s ice attacks but that was merely his impression) but mostly any effects of equipment worn.
Mental fortitude(Resistance against confusion and other mind related negatives) generally consists about 50% mnd stat and 50% equipment effects.

Is there a blurb/description of the book?
Yes, there is. It is currently located at the top of the newly renovated ‘Chapters and Synopsis’ page.


  1. I just gonna ask since I really curious and have no money to spare. So, who is Chronix? You don’t need to put a summary about that chapter since it a exclusive chapter for the book and I don’t want to make your work harder cause no one want to purchase the book. Just need to know who Chronix is and I good. And hmm, should I take the biggest post challenge?? 😏.



    1. I think we’ll get to know more about Chronix later in the series because he’s bound to meet with Lost sometime. Also, I think I will accept this biggest post challenge too~



    2. Chronix had a small introduction outside of the ‘Unknown Goblin Lair in chapter 9 (Just relalized it should be chapter 9.5!) He is the leader of the guild ‘Swords of Light’. Very arrogant, prideful and spiteful.
      Indeed. he is bound to appear again.
      Oh no, not more unnecessarily large comments XD

      Liked by 1 person


  2. What was your inspiration for this. what made you wan to write in the genre? and how on earth did you come up with these ideas. Some of them are truly fascinating. I never would have thought of an AI creating “children”, let alone it actually having a sense of humor and picking on its creators/admins. but even though that aura of false confidence debuffs the user it is still an amazing gift for parties. Now I don’t remember seeing many passive abilities in your work, unlike D.W. Jacksons work Reborn his main character Ash is accumulating the passive abilities at the Cyclic rate. Anyway the primary reasoning for this post is to see if you will be putting any Passives in place for lost to accumulate out side of the job. Please correct me if I am wrong cause I have been reading pretty much every LitRPG and sometimes its hard to keep the abilities straight for each universe.




    1. My inspiration was the love of the genre. I started reading a few litRPG’s, then moved on to more. I found however that there was a lot of works that didn’t appeal to my taste. I decided that the best way for there to be something to my taste is to write my own.
      The ideas are just things that I envision, I sit down sometimes (mainly when planning the chapters) and brainstorm about how I believe the story should progress. Each idea is grown on top of the last and this story is the result of that.
      As for putting passives in place. I am not entirely sure, I do have somewhat of an idea for some I was thinking of implementing, but it is still not something that is set in stone.



      1. i know asking for a hint of what you are going to put up for Losts’ White Warrior Job Class. and its pretty exciting. i haven’t seen what the name of the job is for the other guy i’m sorry i cant place his name the one whois the most famous player, will his class be reveled soon? I saw that lost was getting sick and couldn’t really see when he was using his speed without his hood up. do you think he will adapt or do you think Xibril will compensate this in some form?



      2. Just some ideas that have been bouncing around in my head… Feel free to use them (or not).

        What will Xilbril force ‘The Aura of False Confidence’ to upgrade to when it hits Level 35? Will it ‘Skill up’ like Aggravation did to Intimidating Aura? What sort of ‘Custom Class’ will Xilbril award Mikhail for playing? I’m sitting here laughing at the thought of Mikhail and Lost in the same party, with the enemies under the Aggro Status… Poor Enemies…

        Does the Passive Party Bonus apply to all members of a RAID or does it still only apply to the 1 Party?

        Also, why the hell didn’t they ask the Elves or Grael about HOW to get a Condensed Soul Stone? Is this going to be an item released in the Expansion?

        I was thinking that maybe you could go to the church and pay Levels for a new compact one starting at Level 100 and have the first cost 5, then 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45, and finally 50 levels…

        As for Grael telling Lost to bring him one… would that make Lost into a player able to transform into a Dragon? What would the changes to his character growth be? I was thinking something like 25-50% EXP Level speed, 1.25-1.5x Stat Gain, 1.5-2x Skill Level gain…

        With the release of The Seven Realms, and the Elves coming out of the woodwork, perhaps having the ability to learn ‘Teleport’ to go to cities you’ve already been to, OR have an Elven mage in each capital willing to Teleport players (level 50+) to another nation’s capital city?

        Are there going to be Dwarves introduced as a race (50% Leveling Speed, 2x Stat Gain Speed, bonus to Mining, Smithing, less effected by alchohol?) in The Seven Realms?



        1. Hmm, there is a lot of stuff to think about there. A lot of it also comes under ‘spoiler’ material so I can’t talk about that. But I can tell you that by the end of this book, some will be answered.

          As for Mikhail’s passive party bonus, ‘False Aura of Confidence’, it only applies to his immediate party and no others. This is partially what helps Mikhail’s party not be overshadowed by Lost’s.

          He could have asked them, but I didn’t have him do so as they would have just told him they don’t know.

          “Just go find one!” They would have said.



  3. In the new update will there be one Biome type for each continent or will there be like the old one with 3 main types of biomes and once the battle for supremacy is won (GO ice ridge) will the whole continent be trued to ice or spring or summer



  4. Not sure if you’ll still see this after the time it’s been since this chapter, but what do you use to create the skill listings? The grey background with the skill text in it? I’m rather curious, if you wouldn’t mind answering.



    1. It’s actually just a format within the WordPress editor. I can use the standard text which is called ‘paragraph’, six different sized headings, and the last one is called ‘preformatted’ which is the grey box I use. It is a little annoying that it doesn’t automatically enter new lines and is like writing in notepad, but it is simple to use once you get used to it.

      The preformatted font type may be just a part of the site theme I use, I’m no t too sure as I haven’t played around with it.



  5. Will there be an End Online Volume 7? I have read the other 6 books multiple times now because i truly enjoy the story and get sucked into reading them each time. I have been dying to know where the story goes from where it ended in Vol. 6.



    1. Yes, there will be. I am currently rereading the old volumes to catch back up to where I’m at (And doing a re edit and formatting changes as I go along) and will be getting stuck into Vol. 7 after that. Once I get started, I’m aiming to write 1 chapter a week, releasing pending editing though.



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