End Online: Chapter 33

 Editors: genericIntent, Jack Vanatis, Scott
Author’s notes: Surprise!! This one has returned! Actually, my internet returned 5… now 6 days ago. I am guilty of loving literature and netflix so have been going back on some of my greatest hits! It’s strangely difficult to turn off! (For me, at least) Anyway, a pleasure to be back and will be getting stuck into writing! The end of volume 5 is currently at my fingertips and I am excited to keep writing. ^.^
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Editor’s notes:


Chapter 33: Sphinx


It’s late. I’m feeling strange and uncomfortable in my wheelchair after so many hours running through the sand in End Online. I reflexively attempt to curl and stretch my toes, but nothing happens except to inject some bitterness in with my discomfort.

After a brief meal and attending to personal hygiene, I turn on my computer. After an agonizingly slow start up, I open a popular search engine and input a single word: university.

The site automatically searches based on my location and prioritizes the local universities. By local, I mean the entire east section of the city I live in, Taile. I open up the top result on the web page, Saint Peter’s University.

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Chronicle of the Eternal: Chapter 1

Editors: Templar, Jack Vanatis, genericIntent
Author’s notes: It is the beginning of something new. Hopefully it is also the beginning of something good. I will most likely be out of internet for the next 1 – 3 weeks, so be prepared for a dump of chapters written by the time I return! For now, enjoy, leave your feedback and thoughts on the new story below (I still have internet on my phone so I’m not completely out of touch), and await my return. Mwahahaha *Pulls cap to cover everything below the eyes and hastily back peddles out of room while laughing sinisterly*
The chapter plan for this new story will also be available on my Patreon page for everyone who supports me there – once my internet returns and I have time to post it.
Editor’s notes:


Chapter 1: Theore

The blistering midday sun burns brightly in the sky. A few inky grey clouds hover over the horizon, bringing news of a coming rain across the cracked wasteland.

Several yellow shrubs sway in the hot breeze, excited for the water to come. Sparse vegetation and rocky surfaces extend as far as the towering mountains tens of miles away.

Mutated animals, some as small as rodents and others as large as buildings, wander the land in solitude or in packs. Several people are in combat with these creatures. The smell of gunpowder, and static from charged ions, surrounds them as they discharge their weapons at the monsters. From one person in particular, a vivid blue circular symbol full of complicated patterns and formulae materializes into the air at his command. This symbol activates immediately and emits a hazy mist of ice that slows down the creatures around the man.

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Welcome the New Editors!


I would like to thank everyone who trialled for an editor. You all did a fantastic job and left me remarkably impressed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t simply select you all. If I did, we would be following the principle of too many cooks in the kitchen.

The decision was tough, but I believe I made the right one. I would like to welcome two new editors to work with me on the new story, Chronicle of the Eternal. Templar will be the head editor of COTE while Jack Vanatis will work alongside him. I will also try have them help on End Online when they are available to help genericIntent, who is currently working as a one man army.


I also have a few words from the new editors:

Your in for a fun journey!

Jack Vanatis:
Ahem. Editing, like most things in life is a science. In this case, it’s a mad science and if there’s one thing you can trust Jack Vanatis to do, it’s science up something insane and dangerous out of ordinary objects. Like words. Words that are smashed together into a dangerous mashup of universes, quarks, and giant robot. That’s how blueprints work, and not a single person is going to tell me otherwise. With me on the job/s, I promise both effective grammar and correct levels of tense, with the occasional giant robot out of nowhere. Scratch that last one, I’ve just been informed that an editor is not allowed to mess with the plot. Vote Jack Vanatis, 2016.


Hello, I’m Jack Vanatis. I’m editor number two. Hope you like the story.


… (silence intensifies)

Thanks for choosing me.


That will be all for now, so give a big welcome to our two new editors!

I also have a few words myself to say. I am currently all packed up and will be moving house today/tomorrow. The only problem is that I will be without internet for an indefinite amount of time (Maybe between 1 week and 3 weeks)

Still, Chapter 1 of Chronicle of the Eternal should be posted tonight and even without internet, I will keep on writing! ^.^

EO: Chapter 32 – Poison and Sand

Editors: genericIntent, Scott
Author’s notes: It has been a very busy week so far, I only finished the job I was currently working on (painting an apartment) yesterday. Good news is that now I have a lot of time to get writing. I will first be writing chapter 2 of COTE and then the final two chapters of EO Volume 5! I will also shortly be going through all the old chapters and updating the previous/next chapter links. It is something I have passionately avoided for months, but now it must be done with the new tale coming.
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Editor’s notes:… [I tried to get something out of genericIntent, but apparently my torture and interrogation techniques have room for improvement]


As soon as I step off the boat and onto the sand, a notification appears.


As an explorer of a new land, you have been granted a
new title.

Desert Pilgrim
~ +20% Movement on soft and uneven terrain
~ +5 Agility
~ +5% Fire resistance

Do you wish to equip? Please note, current title will
be lost.
        Yes / No

Considering that my previous title became invalid when my identity was revealed, I immediately accept the new title.

I notice everyone else stopping momentarily as they step off the boat as well. Some people consider the message, while others are overjoyed at their fortune.

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