Welcome to the new editors!

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been the past few day, others may have been wondering what I could possibly be up to that no progress has happened on even planning volume 4. Well, here I am! Terrible grammar and all!

I spent most of the weekend looking through various peoples edits and trying to decide who would be best to be my new editor. In the end the decision was incredibly hard. I mean, most of you did incredibly well. Without being able to decide on who would best fit the role, I ended up picking a couple. ^.^

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Chapter 19 – The Ghost of Eltreant

Editor: Vincent, genericIntent, Shieldbasher
Author’s Notes: We have finally finished volume 3! This volume was quite the long one, roughly 15% longer than the previous ones. But I am glad to get it done. Next, it is time to start on volume 4. ^.^
As this is a full chapter release, please do take the time to click on the following link and vote for End Online at TopWebFiction.com.
We will also be welcoming our new editor soon, whoever that will be ^.^
Editor’s notes:…

Chapter 19 – The Ghost of Eltreant (V2.0)


“Mason, I see you have revived. Did you lose many stats?” I private message him the moment he respawns back at the church in Grenton. Fortunately, he isn’t from Iceridge like I am, otherwise  it would be a catastrophe for completing this quest.

“A bit, I lost a total of ten points all around. How did everything go on your end? Did you die as well?”

“Well… I didn’t die. Which is good news.”

“So you won?”

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that I won, either…more like I escaped.”

“There were so many of them, yet how did you manage that?”

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