Eternal Anime War: Chapter 11

Author’s Note: This is currently the last chapter for today. Chapter 12 is up on my Patreon for those who support me there with chapter 13 following later today.


Chapter 11: Joining the Faction

“Theodore! What is the meaning of this?!” Itsuka Kotori shouted in anger upon seeing Yatogami Tohka and Justice sitting at a small coffee house having breakfast with a stranger. “Didn’t you say she would leave and reappear in Raizen High School?”

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Meeting

Tohka refused to release Justice the next morning. Only the top of her head was visible as she clung onto him like a koala. The worst part was she has the strength the crush buildings and collapse bridges hidden in that voluptuous body of hers. If she doesn’t want to let go, there’s really nothing Justice can do.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Changes in the Second Faction

In a dark cellar beneath JGSDF HQ, five men were locked up in iron cells. One by one they were led to an interrogation room where an army Lieutenant Colonel would question them on the events that took place at the location of the space quake. When they returned to their cells, each of their bodies was beaten and bruised severely, a few of them even returned coughing up blood.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Appearance of the AST

As per the anime and Justice’s prediction, the AST arrived at the crater of the Space Quake shortly after. Five members led by Tobiichi Origami in their CR-Units, even though the captain of the team was Kusakabe Ryouko, flew in only to witness the result of a deadly gunfight between the players and were confused at what was going on.

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Eternal Anime War: Chapter 4

Author Note: For those curious, rules about revealing information on the future or player status will be restricted as of the next world.

Chapter 4: Theodore Flint

Fraxinus Command Center

“Commander, Princess’ mood meter has instantly maxed out!” Vice Commander Kyouhei Kannazuki said to Kotori, who was currently wearing black ribbons to tie her red hair into twin-tails.

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