Delay Notice

Please don’t hate me!

Anyway tomorrows chapter is delayed from Friday to Sunday.

The reason for this is simple. My week has been a little difficult with my job. I am a painter and well, I paint people’s houses, big surprise right?

Basically since on Monday I started a job that was supposed to take 2 – 3 days. Go in, quick easy job, and leave…. If only! Walls falling apart, paint is going to take more work than they ever thought it would need.

Anyway every day this week I have left home at 7am and got home 9pm I do what I can for the novel and I have written half of it but the full copy won’t be done until Sunday 😦

Sorry guys will be up soon enough! Still going to update some of the pages, mainly the weekly update and game info page. Also the donation page will be getting a revamp soon.

I have contacted an illustrator with the most beautiful work to do work for my novel but haven’t heard anything back from then as if yet 😦

That is all ^.^ So, so tired at the moments.


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