Kickstarter is Live!

Author Note: Next chapter is scheduled for 2:00am GMT on the 9/1/15. Make sure you check your timezone to know when it is released for you!

The kickstarter has been approved and is now live!

In response to the feedback I have re uploaded the video, with a slight audio boost. Hopefully it should be enough!

I have also dropped to goal we need to achieve down to $5,000 instead of $10,000 in the aims that it will be easier to achieve.

As noted in the bonus section of the description, if we manage to raise a total of $50,000 or more, each reward will gain an extra volume of the digital and/or paperback copies. Depending on whether you have purchased a reward for the paperback copies.

Do bear in mind that this isn’t exactly possible as the less books I purchase for distribution, the more each costs me. You can follow the new and improved link to get to the live project, also you can also use it to let other people know how to get there. It is still a fresh page so it may take some time to appear in search engines if they simply go looking for it.

As for distribution onto your local bookshelves, I have been working on contacting first distributers and wholesalers within the US. The biggest issue is not having a US address that returns can be processed to. Hopefully I will be able to overcome this, and with a successful kickstarter be able to pay for a small corner in some warehouse to do that (If necessary)


(Oops, accidentally removed my thanks when I rewrote this post!)

A great big thanks to everyone who has supported me. That includes all of you who have donated, bought a copy of the ebook, reccomended me to others, gave me motivation with your positive comments and of course a thank you to all the critics who have helped me improve my writing by pointing out where I have been wrong or needing improvements. Yes, that last sentence was just for you!


  1. i love the fact that you are attempting to go worldwide with this book. Which is awesome for me being in america. so all i can say is keep up the good work and let us know when the kickstarter launches!!!



  2. Good luck on your kickstarter campaign, I hope that you will be successful.

    I personally will support you after I feel that a reasonable amount of content is released. I look forward to your first released volume.



  3. I’m no expert or anything, but I feel that you’re being a bit premature with the Kickstarter; you’d probably get much better results if you’d let your audience grow for a year or so, first.
    Well, if it works, more power to you. Just try not to get too discouraged if it doesn’t – you can try again later…



    1. Indeed, I feel that way too.
      But an author needs to eat, and whilst I am not completely confident it will succeed, it is more beneficial than doing nothing.
      It is also a great way for me to put out a video to thank everyone, and show my face to all my readers.
      In the end, whether it succeeds or fails, I think I will still be happy.



      1. I pledged (I think I am the only one) because I like where the story is going. But I also think you are being somewhat premature. Once you get 3 volumes or so out, I’m sure it will have a much better chance to succeed. Also, you should advertise around. I don’t know how much traffic you get, but I would have never even seen this if it wasn’t for an obscure post on Reddit. I’ll make sure to mention then story whenever people ask for recommendations.



        1. Thank you ^.^

          I try to advertise around, I have sent out about 10 copies to different places for reviews and such, but most of my time has been trying to organize the printing copies and getting them to your doorstep for a reasonable price.

          I see the reddit posts and people recommending me. I just try avoid a lot of “Come check out my stuff” simply because everyone does it and to me not only does it feel a little ametuer thanks to everyone having one.

          There is a small thread in the animesuki fan creations sub-forum, but population over there is on the down side. (I will be requesting to remove it in about a month)

          The only thread and such I have done that aroused interest would probably be the naughty one I had in animesuki’s manga/novel sub forum. But I got chastised for starting a thread there about my own personal work and such.

          I see when people recommend me, its a really nice feeling to have people talking about you.
          I do love occasionally dropping in and saying hello sometimes, but only if I feel it’s relevant.

          As for traffic. It is constantly increasing, Yesterday we got a new mind blowing record of 450 people and nearly 2000 views. At the rate we are going today we may even set a new record



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