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Also, some new pages on my list to add to this site now include but is not limited to ‘Information About the Characters’, ‘FAQ’, ‘Non-Chapter Posts’. There will also be a reorganization of this site to improve navigation for you all shortly!

Today, I received a parcel. Inside that parcel, was another parcel, and inside the… anyway today I received a parcel with more layers than Shrek.

After opening them all, I finally received my proof copy of End Online – Volume 1. The paperback copy!

It is such a beautiful book. Only, there were two issues with it.

The First Issue:

There was the grove line where the the machine the binds them has lifted off the pigment in the page, you can see this in the picture below. But I still cried. As it turns out there is only one fix for this, and that is to buy the premium books, where the laminated cover prevents this (Or something like that)

The only drama is that then a book is going to cost me something like $15.50 to buy, instead of $14.00

However, I am willing to do this! I make less money, but I provide you all with a nicer book.


But! I am clever!

I found a way that we can still do it our way without upgrading services! If you could please turn your attention to me for a moment.

The track line runs down about 5.2 – 5.5mm from the bind. Therefore I created a new image that is white up to 6mm from the bind, with a black border and more shading on the artwork to help it stand out. This will allow them to line up nicely on the bookshelf yet each maintain their own individuality.


It is up to you, I will let you all decide which you think is better. Even if you don’t plan on buying a copy, please add your comment down below as to which you think is better, ‘The Original’ or ‘The New’. If you want to throw in why then you are more then welcome to.

The Second Issue:

Inside the book some of the lines weren’t printed properly, getting to the point where they were illegible. The printers have told me they will get their techs on it immediately, and it should no longer be a problem, it was only in my copy as well.


But oh the font and formatting look so nice to me! I have redone the file as well, touching up a few bits in the novel, mainly the formatting, I fixed the margins (You can’t really tell unless you look for it, but it was there.

I also cleaned up the world map, trimming a little more off the edge so when it prints again the double page spread will blend together even better!


Honestly apart from those two things, the book came out perfect, it is a nice size, and I even considered reading back through my work again now that I have a paperback copy!

On another note.

The sales with amazon have been fantastic, as has the feedback. Four five star ratings, and two four star ratings. Surprisingly, the thing about those two four star comments was that my work was not as good as the Play to Live series. To be compared to such a brilliant author who has already made his name is in all honesty, an honour!

But watch out D. Rus, I’m coming for you, Volume 2 is even better than Volume 1!

Seriously, all my charts in amazon from sales to feedback has blown me away. We even seem to have made somewhat of a small name for ourselves on the charts.


We actually started of in I think it was position #3xx,xxx. And from there a few sales was all it took to get into 5 digits.

Then it happened, people started wanting my work! The rating got slower and slower the more it went up, but then we did it, we made four digits!

Honestly I doubt we will get it into the three digits, but with the release of volume 2 maybe that will be even more popular.

If this keeps up and I can continue doing it full time, I should be able to release a new volume at least every month!

Also in regards to the next chapter, it is all done! Scheduled and waiting for you to come here at 2:00am GMT on 16/1/15

Volume 2 (With the bonus mini chapter) will probably be released early on a very special day as well. the 23/1/15. That is not just the day chapter 11 is released but also my birthday!

Yes, on the 23rd of this month, I will turn 23. How about that!

Anyway, tomorrow the ‘Purchase the Book’ page will be updated. You will now be able to order the paperback copies… Well, to be more precise, for the price of $0.01 you will be able to preorder it.

The books will be 17.99AUD (That’s a little under $15USD, it is in AUD because that is what I have to pay the printers)

You will only pay $0.01 for the sole reason of saying you wish to purchase a copy, please only do this if you wish to purchase a copy. The pre orders do not have a time limit until they expire. I will keep them open indefinitely resetting my list of orders.

I do this mainly because I need to have at LEAST 10 orders to be able to post it for an acceptable cost. If it is just a single book, you need to pay for the book and then a massive postage cost on top (From what I gather it is about the cost of the book itself)

But with 10 people I can personally order them to be shipped to me, and then I can pack and post them to all of you for about $10 each. The more orders I get the cheaper it will be, so if you do order one, let others know so we can hopefully lower the cost even more. if we get a hundred orders that should at least be halved to $5 postage.

There is no bulk shipping. If you are waiting for volume 2 and then buy both at once to save on postage it won’t be able to save you any money. To explain it, I send the books as letters (This is half the reason why they are so short, only 50k words each) and to send two will put it in the next weight bracket, literally costing twice as much.

Anything more puts it into the category of a parcel and that in itself costs an arm and a leg! Talk about equivalent exchange!

That is all for now, Thank you for your time!



  1. Glad to hear that your book is doing well.
    As a side note.. i thought it would be a good idea to make some unique bookmark/s.
    That way not only would you make additional money (or not).. but also i am pretty sure people would be happy to have them. It would be a good replacement of a gadget that one might actually use while reading different books.



    1. Bookmarks? Hmm that sounds interesting actually!

      I will see what I can do, but bear in mind the things I can do, I tend to do well. But the things I can’t do, I am beyond hopeless at. Such as browsing forums.



  2. Personally, I don’t like the Play to Live series. The first book was pretty decent, but it steadily went downhill after that. The 3rd book is pretty crappy IMO. I like your series much better. Of course though, you only have about half the page count of the translated Play to Live series. It could go downhill, but I sure hope not!



  3. Keep your costs low. A white spine works great for a series, try to sell most copies on e-books. We all love books but the author keeps 70 percent of the ebook price. If you can sell more copies then a larger printing is cheaper. What city are you in? Will we seeing you at any conventions? Probably to soon for that, but you never know.

    Keep the good stuff coming please.



    1. Hmm, yes 70% is definitely good (Although there are a fair few where amazon only pays 35%)

      Yes indeed, more books decrease the price I pay for them. Although I am not greedy for profits, I will calculate the savings into the price of the books for everyone to pay for them (I will first remove the cost from postage costs). If we ended up selling a hundred books the postage could be about $4, don’t take my word on that, it is only a guestimate.

      I am in Melbourne, Australia. I would like to join some conventions but that is one of the things I am hopeless at. It is too soon, but maybe one day if I have money I will be able to attend a fair few, but it would depend on a lot of things.

      However, If I receive invites to local ones I am more than likely to go though!



  4. Does the whole continent of the end online covered in snow, or just Iceridge?
    I’m surprised that Iceridge was in the southern side of the continent.



    1. No, it is only the bottom right corner and the far eastern island.
      The kingdom of Forste is a spring kingdom, while the Kingdom of Dalbe is a summer Kingdom.
      Surprised? I take it you are from the northern hemisphere ^.^



  5. I just binged your story, quite good :). I don’t earn nearly enough to support you, although i might buy your book, so to say thanks I’m going to redirect a bit of my traffic here. Nothing amazing, i get about 120 readers a day but I’ll make it easy for them to find you.



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