Volume 2 is Live!

So since finishing chapter 11 on Friday, I have worked hard to finish both Chapter 12 – Two Brothers and Chapter 8.5 – Chronix’s Fury. With these two done at a speed which even scared me, I finished all the important bits and pieces with publishing the book, and sent it off directly to amazon for deliberation.

I woke up this morning to find it not only live, but there are people who have already found it! I complete turn around from volume 1 which took nearly a week before any sales happened.

Volume 2 Cover 1 Embossed

Anyway, for all you who are interested, you can get it at both amazon and the DRM-Free copy through paypal. Once again, I do stress amazon does some messy things with the file that kind of ruins it for apple products. If you are wishing to purchase it for iPad, I recommend you purchase the DRM-Free copy.

Paypal (DRM-Free) – I will be back tonight to send all of these out.

For all those waiting for the free release, it will be available 30/1/15 at 2:00am GMT

I am off to go work for a day, I shall be back tonight to add these links to the ‘Purchase the Book’ page and do some more updating. The ‘About Me’ could do with its next instalment after all, talk a little about how I do my writing and possibly the strangest habit of writing.

It appears our viewers have settled down, but that is because the amount of new readers has slowed down. I had honestly expected this long ago, but you guys never fail to surprise me.

We are currently getting about 400 people a day, 500 on the chapter releases. Our busiest day was the day I was placed in the first page of bato.to’s first page of reccomendations with the ‘new’ tag. It was 13/1/15 That day we had 695 people come and accumulate 2935 views. That may be nothing compared to what translators get, but for a simple author like me who started off with 100 views being a good day, it is a staggering amount.

Thank you for your time ^.^


    1. Thanks sparkee93!

      It is really appreciated!
      Volume 2 may take a bit, It costs me about $200 to have the book prepared for paperback, but I should be able to arrange it once royalties from amazon come in april!



    1. I gave your question some thought and I would like to. It’s not too nice to reward the supporters then make them wait. Only I can’t due to chapter 13 is still in the writing stage! Although if I can finish it over the weekend you will see it on Sunday.
      I will keep doing bonus mini chapters in the novels as the permanent extra for supporters.



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