Edit – So I am incredibly easily distracted. But despite all that, the next chapter is 100%!! (Finishing proofing) written. I will be busy tomorrow morning with some work stuff for a few hours but it is straight to writing from then on. I think if I can get my motivation up and running I will have it all done by 7am GMT, otherwise it could be as late at 12pm GMT. Just so you have a rough idea of when the next chapter is ^.^ Sending off what I do have to the charming Vincent right now!

Edit – Just for everyone who is checking up for the next chapter, I am expecting to have enough done to post over the weekend in the next day or two! ^.^ Unfortunately, there is no chapter this week… I am still caught up with not just work but I am moving house in two days. So therefore my entire week has been spent attempting to pack my goods. There has been some other IRL issues but not things to delay my writing. I am sad that this stuff has thrown my schedule completely off wack, I’m sure some of the regular readers will leave, but in this case my hands are tied. I wanted to post at least half of the next chapter by friday, but unfortunately that is not going to happen. Seriously, I haven’t even reached 10% of the next chapter. But I cannot bear to not let you all know. So this is the best I can do. The next chapter is still planned I just have no time to write it atm. I will keep you all updated. I move house in roughly 36 hours from now!


  1. I follow legendary moonlight sculptor, ark, zhao long, Infiniti no forecaster and several other fan fictions and I’m happy the some has start a promptly that’s established based. I thank you for books.



    1. You have a link for Infiniti no forecaster? I have nothing to read atm and need more. Already following Ark,Zhan Long, Zectas, OSO, Grimwald, Overlord, Stellar Transformation, LMS, several others, and obviously this one. I need more reading materials!!



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