The Accidental Post

Next chapter completion: 100% (Now in editing – It is currently 3:22am in my time zone so I am off to bed! Have a good night everyone! I got it all written tonight so chapter should hopefully be released for you by 2:00am GMT)
We’re up to four accidental posts so far. I hate my life! Anyway, all you email readers can thank Naeko for this one ^.^

Well, I have done it again. Accidentally posting what is written for the next chapter by accident before it is done.

So, I figure I will show you exactly how I manage to do this. Below I have attached a screen shot of a new post being made. Which will now turn into the one for the next chapter.

You will see how when replying to a comment, the ‘send’ button is very… Missable. While the ‘Publish’ button is conveniently located in a position where most comment threads have their ‘send’ or ‘post comment’ button. I am sure you can now understand how I make this silly mistake.

To date, this is the second time I have done this. ^.^

Edit, it won’t let me upload the image without messing around with it. So here is the link to the image.


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