Somewhat steady releases

So, as of late my work life has become somewhat more manageable. I am not taking work home and struggling to do it all before bed time.

I have slowly began to get more into a schedule. Just to let you all know what to expect… I will continue writing while giving a percentage towards the next chapter in my most recent post.

As of right now, I manage to write between 10 – 20% of the standard chapter (8000 words) during weekdays. On the weekend I can generally write up to 50% if my motivation is good. I split my writing into two segments during weekdays. I am usually up at 5am and can write between 3 – 7% in the morning before work, while after work I can usually write anywhere up to 20%. I am usually quite tired though, and it isn’t unnatural for me to fall asleep in the sitting position after just a few paragraphs (I lost my glasses so reading/writing makes me incredibly tired).

As things are, I expect I can write a chapter every week or every week and a half. If my motivation is at 110%, then I could probably write a chapter in less than a week, but that is hard to do. My motivation is generally over 100% only after writing half of each chapter. (This is majorly the reason why the second half of the chapters tend to come quicker. Also, I don’t like keeping my editors waiting.)

Well, now you have a little more insight into me. I also am taking at least most of tonight off after my non stop eat, write, work, repeat. (That is a pun, in replacing sleep with writing XD dad joke 101, btw I’m not actually a dad, although my jokes say I should)

I have had a few drinks as well, so I will share a little more with me. If you feel like it, you can go have a look at my old youtube channel where I joined a group of people and made some minecraft let’s play videos for fun. I would only watch my skycraft series if I was you, it is my best work I have ever done, which is saying something. ^.^


  1. I always wanted to say this…


    On another note, please dont overexert yourself, or you start feeling that writing becomes a burden 😉



    1. Don’t worry, I don’t believe that will happen. I truly enjoy what I do. Creating stuff is what makes me the happiest. Even if all of a sudden everyone was to leave and stop reading, I would continue writing as that is what I enjoy ^.^



  2. Many thanks for your efforts and for sharing this cutthroat web novel/light novel (i’m not too sure what’s what). Looking forward to the next chapter..



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